Sunday WatchAlong: Hum Hain Rahe Pyar Ke! For Shelomit! 12:30pm Chicago Time!

Happy Sunday! We are watching this perfectly pleasant 90s movie that, somehow, is a beloved favorite of many of you. But, WHY??? I understand liking it, I like it myself, but a favorite? Oh well, I live to serve, so y’all get to have a nice watchalong with me.

Hum Hain Rahe Pyar Ke is all over the place, on einthusan and for rent on youtube and maybe for free with no subs on youtube too. Seems like it’s mostly the same length in all those places too, so it won’t matter much which you choose. Pick one and join us!

At 12:30pm Chicago time, I will put up an “and PLAY” comment and we will go from there!


310 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: Hum Hain Rahe Pyar Ke! For Shelomit! 12:30pm Chicago Time!

  1. You’ll be shocked, but I only just now realized this is the same movie as One 2 Ka 4. Partly because her sweet but sexy understanding talk with Aamir is the same vibe as her talks with Shahrukh.

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  2. So I just looked up the American original to check my memory, and it is backstage drama worthy of the Indian film industry! Betsy Drake wrote the story for her husband Cary Grant, but then before they went into production he had an affair with Sophia Loren and their marriage fell apart. Sophia was cast as his heroine, but by the time they started filming Sophia had moved on already and he was trying to win her back. So messy!

    Anyway, what I was trying to remember is if there was Death and Trauma in the original, and there was. Cary Grant was the estranged father of 3 kids, his wife died and he came home to take care of them. So the kids are all messed up and clinging to New Fun Person Sophia, but Cary Grant is coming from a different place than Aamir, it’s not that he is too young to be a father figure, it’s that he has been this distant figure and now has to spend real time with them and build a connection.


  3. I love love love the romance in this movie. It is one of teenage dreams. From Aamir being a sweet, serious boy, hard worker, and takes care of kids. Juhi being adorable, and fun, perceptive, and just wonderfully emotionally intelligent. They bring out the BEST in each other.

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  4. Just had a thought, modern day gender flipped version, wouldn’t it be a great Ranveer-Dips movie? Or Alia-Varun? Any couple where the woman seems more mature and sensitive and the dude more fun and playful.


    • I love the idea of a modern day take on this but but not sure I would like it gender flipped. What I love about this movie is that it is the normal take on the woman being the responsible one that takes care of the children, and struggling with work etc. I like that the dude is the overly serious one who is taking care of the kids and the household and Juhi is the fun and carefree one who continues to be that way. Juhi doesn’t change. Aamir learns to lighten up more. I am not sure if the genders were flipped, I would feel the same way about the movie.

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      • **What I love about this movie is that it is NOT the normal take on the woman being the responsible one that takes care of the children, and struggling with work etc.


      • I was thinking of emphasizing other gendered aspects. Like, our heroine can be great at her job and at a loss with the kids. And the hero can be a Magic Pixie Dream Boy who teaches her to be playful and bond with the kids and do the Emotional Labor. And the happy ending is him being a house husband forever and her being able to work without worrying about the kids.

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    • Party pooper ( ; We’re aiming for something like equilibrium between responsibility and playfulness, I think. (Had it been my choice, I would have tried to get Maya and Dalip out onto the porch first, though, for ease of cleaning.)

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  5. I love the flipped gender roles here again! Usually, it’s the poor girl who falls in love with a guy who ends up being rich and comes to the rescue. But here, Aamir is poor, falls for Juhi, and she happens to be rich and wants to fix his problems for him! And best part, in the end, they end up fixing the problem together! Equal partners!

    This is one of the best movie EVER!

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  6. Albie Dog is bugging me too much, taking him on quick walk, y’all have to catch me up when I get back. Tell me if Juhi ever wears NOT puffed sleeves in the next 10 min

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      • Yes! And I give it to all the actors. It just feels so vulnerable, and real, and everyone has tears in their eyes. It is just an earnest, heartfelt scene. Nothing especially special about the scene yet it is so memorable to me because of the emotions.

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  7. This same thing happened to my dad about four years ago, by the way. He was rolling down the highway, when he suddenly noticed his right front wheel rolling AHEAD of the car, having broken completely off the axle.


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