Saturday WatchAlong: Signature Move! 8:30am Chicago Time! For Shabana!

Happy Saturday! We get to have a nice coffee and breakfast morning and watch a nice movie together.

Woo! Indie Lesbian Wrestling Rom-Com with Shabanaji! Signature Move, it’s on youtube and Prime and places, and it’s fairly short. I say that because I haven’t seen it yet so if it’s bad, you won’t be unhappy for that long.

At 8:30am Chicago time, I will put up an “And PLAY” comment on this post and we will all comment along from there!


158 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong: Signature Move! 8:30am Chicago Time! For Shabana!

  1. The 10 year old just told the 13 year old to get over the fact that they are gay. But in fairness the 13 year old just woke up and is highly uncomfortable with any form of romance or kissing, hetero and gay.


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  3. I’ve been either in or adjacent to so many of these situations. . . I’m always the one/on the side of the person who would rather stay in the closet than screw up nonromantic relationships. I get how that looks cowardly from the outside.


  4. I’m also sad because the 13 year old left the house too late and now I have to go to the store to get gatorades for their team even though I did it last week and because my husband is the coach when no one steps up we have to do it.


  5. This is surprising to me. At least in my lifetime, luchadoras have gotten as much press and as big of audience as luchadoros. There’s also a lot of support for female boxers in the Mexican/Mexican-American communities.


  6. Jsut did a quick google, yes there are a gabillion Lucha Libre events in Chicago. Huh! I should go to one of these! Except that it would mean being out after dark, yuch.


  7. I took a commenting break but kept watching. It was a cute movie, and I hope they do get back together eventually. I really like the TV talking to the mother as she realizes her daughter wouldn’t be happy being a wife and mother.

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