Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Do Fall Cleaning!

Woot, Saturday chores! Gonna clean up my yard for fall, put all the plants in the compost and maybe do a final lawn mow. Then gonna rearrange stuff inside, maybe set up my space heater/fake fire, get all cozy.

Things to talk about!

Thank you Kirre for keeping me up to date on trailers, I know I am bad about it:

Goodbye Trailer

Naane Varuvean Teaser

New Madhuri Song!


23 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Do Fall Cleaning!

  1. I think Akshay has no brains or doesn’t use them when signing scripts. I just watched Jigarthanda (2014), and cannot for the life of me understand why anyone who even watched 10 minutes of the movie would sign a Hindi remake with Farhad Samji as the director. Like please just watch 10 mins of a movie before signing remakes blindly. It makes no sense why Akshay is determined perfectly good south Indian movie. First, it was jigarthanda, then ratsasan and now 777 charlie. Why are you doing this to us Akshay?


    • Akshay will be doing 777 Charlie? I didn’t know about this deal. Oh, but he is also working on Driving Licence remake.

      You know what annoys me the most with all those remakes? Hindi industry suffers lack of good ideas or lack of faith in fresh scriptwriters and so they buy proven scripts in the South. I don’t mind it, but for God’s sake respect those scripts and make good movies with good promotions! Ratsasan was a big hit in Tamil Nadu, Akshay took it and then in the last minutes the title has been changed and the movie went to Hotstar.
      Nikkamma – the remake of Nani’s MCA Middle Class Abbayi. Almost no promotions or buzz, terrible reviews.
      Dear Dia – remake od Dia. I think it’s hard to find a person more interested in this remake than me, and still I missed when it released and thought we are still waiting for the premiere.
      There are others. At least Vikram Vedha gets a lot of publicity, I think more than the original movie.


      • I suspect, Money! As in, the southern producers are ready to sell the rights cheap and quick. Vikram Vedha has the same producer as Saala Khadoos, he wasn’t going to mess around and sell quick, he held out for someone who was really interested in the film.


  2. Ok, Netflix India released SO MANY NEW TRAILERS. I will need to put them in separate comments to get them all working with one click.

    Ek Zindagi Vide: How far would you go to make it big? Are you ready to face the good, the ugly and the extremely ugly on the way?

    Rana Naidu: The real-life uncle and nephew duo pair up in reel-life to showcase the lives of Mumbai’s go-to fixers that take care of the dirty problems celebrities have.

    Khufiya: The mystery of the unknown and the road that leads to the solving of the said mystery, both are waiting.


    • Rana Naidu interests me the most of this batch! It’s a Ray Donovan remake and I liked the original. And while, I, like many here thought his last movie with Sai Pallavi was a bit of a letdown, I could be up for this because he gets to be a bit sexy and gritty.


  3. Class: What unfolds in the posh lanes of a Delhi school? Where will their lives take them? The questions, for now, are unanswered, but they will be answered real soon.

    Scoop: A journalist’s life takes a 360 because of the very system that made her who she is. Will she fight or will she concede?

    Kathal: A manhunt for a fruit? Is this real life or just fantasy? How will this bizarre case unfold? We can’t wait to witness it.


    • Oooh! Thanks for posting this. Class has to be the Indian remake of Elite right? I’m curious how this is going to pan out. Especially because there is A LOT of sex and drugs in Elite. Are they going to tame the sex and the drugs? Is it going to be banned in India?


    • Kathal looks pretty fun! I really hope the comedy translates well for those of us that don’t get the Hindi language specific humor. Sanya has replaced Radhika as the new Netflix queen.


  4. Soup: What’s the secret ingredient of this soup? Is it love? Is it revenge? Whatever it is, we can’t wait to see what’s cooking.

    CAT: What happens when your love for a brother makes you go down a dark path you thought you had left behind?

    Qala: A daughter and a mother’s love is sacred but complicated at the same time. How far will a daughter go to seek her matriarch’s love?


    • All three of these interest me! Soup because Konkona and Manoj being wacky and dark…yes please!

      Randeep Hooda has always fascinated me. And rarely does he get roles that work for him. This one looks good though.

      And Qala is apparently the movie where Irrfan Khan’s son debuts. Looks like an interesting period piece. There aren’t enough period dramas in Indian cinema beyond the epics. Like I always thought Parineeta and Bombay Velvet were interesting because of their slightly unusual settings.


  5. Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga: A heist that takes place 40,000 feet above the ground. What could possibly go wrong?

    Nayanthara: Beyond The Fairy Tale: The love for her knows no bounds and all we do is quietly bow down in her honor. The fire, the fierce and everything in between: Nayanthara 👑¨

    Guns & Gulaabs: The charm of the 90s and the misfits that land themselves in a world of crime, still keeping their love and innocence intact. Where will their paths lead them?


  6. Selvaraghavan’s films are not my cup of tea. Naane Varuvean also looks strange. It’s creepy, off-putting and interesting at the same time.

    I was interested in Qala, but now after having seen the teaser I’m not sure if I still like it. Too artsy for me.

    I also want to share a trailer. Ashok Salvan’s next movie Nitham Oru Vaanam. Looks romantic and cute. Can’t wait.


  7. Thanks Kirre for compiling all the trailers. I had watched the ones that looked interesting. Khufiya and Qala are the top ones for me. Khufiya obviously for the espionage plot with VB and Tabu. Qala is the Bulbbul team of Anvita and Tripti in a period setting again and I’m looking forward to seeing Irrfan’s son Babil. I’ll also check out Guns & Gulaabs because of Raj & DK. Is the Nayanthara one a documentary? I’m curious.

    Margaret, have you seen the latest KwK with Gauri, Maheep and Bhavana? Kind of a companion piece to Bollywood Wives. Voice cameos by Suhana and Shahrukh. This is the first time I heard Suhana speak and I was pleasantly surprised! After I heard Ananya and Shanaya’s conversation in Bollywood Wives in that peculiar ‘rich kids of Bombay’ inflection, I was expecting something similar. But she sounds different and kind of mature. SRK spoke like two sentences and managed to flirt with Gauri all the same, so cute!


    • I agree totally that Suhana had so much more presence and maturity then I expected in just a voice appearance!

      I have much higher hopes for her than Ananya and Shanaya.

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  8. I just came across a clip of Ranbir talking about ‘two great new actors’ in the roles of Dev and Amrita for Brahmastra and that has got me excited! The buzz was that he would play Dev too and I wasn’t keen on it, but this seems like a confirmation to the contrary. We all want Ranveer yes?

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  9. Yes! to Ranveer as Dev. I like him.
    What I don’t like is the idea of him playing young Don(?) to ShahRukh’s middle aged and Amitabh’s old Don. Did I get that right for Farhan Akhtar’s idea for Don 3.? Worst one I’ve heard in ages, if it’s true.

    I saw Brahmastra last week. Fun but silly, nonsense script and bland acting – except srk of course. He and the vfx were worth watching for. If I start poking holes in it I won’t stop, so I won’t.


  10. I’m excited about seeing Goodbye, looks like a great ensemble cast with solid performances by both Amitabh and Neena Gupta. Rashmika Mandana is going to be breaking big in the Hindi industry, with this one and next year with Animal with Ranbir.

    And also this movie I’d never heard about dropped a teaser! Parineeti in a spy movie is super exciting, but it’s the Girl on the Train filmmakers which worries me because that got bad reviews.

    Also Double XL also released a teaser…hoping this one will be good but the “Blockbuster” video that Sonakshi just released with her new boyfriend and co-star in this, Zaheer Iqbal was absolutely terrible. Like so bad I won’t even link it here because no one should be subjected to it. But here’s the Double XL teaser…fingers crossed…Huma and Sonakshi both deserve a hit.


  11. Nostalgic post.

    Bobby Deol’s Barsaat has been my guilty pleasure for years. Recently I learnt that Akshay was supposed to be the protagonist (it makes much more sense now). He started filming but there were some rumors about the affair between him and Priyanka and he had to leave the project. A few weeks ago, a song they made was uploaded on youtube. I watched it now and I felt like it’s 2005 again. Such a good times when I was looking forward to and love every Akshay Kumar movie – Dhadkan, Aitraaz, Deewane Huye Paagal…
    I was thinking about Barsaat and imo it should be remade now. A young guy is forced to marry a family friend before he leaves to study in U.S. He isn’t happy but does it because otherwise the family won’t let him go. After a few years there, he meets a nice girl he wants to marry, but first he must divorce his first wife. So he returns and finds her absolutely irresistible (or because, just like in the original, she is a beautiful and sanskaari businesswoman, or because she is someone like Parineeti in Hasee toh Phasee. I like the latter more).

    This is Akshay version (kind of violent and animalistic)

    And this is how it looks with Bobby

    I need to watch an early 2000 hindi movie asap


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