Saturday WatchAlong: Dangerous Ishq! 8am Chicago Time!

Woot! A big silly Karisma Kapoor movie! It’s been so long. I hope y’all are looking forward to this as much as I am.

Dangerous Ishq is on Prime for rent, and also other places. Up to you where you find it!

In a few minutes, at 8am, I will put up an “and PLAY!” comment and we will go along from there!


140 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong: Dangerous Ishq! 8am Chicago Time!

  1. I’ve never actually watched a karishma film. I like that she’s taken on the female solo lead in a film that isn’t a romance, a social message movie, or a kick ass action hero. Just competent heroine in a typical ’80s style movie.

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    • When the tantrik was complaining later on about Main Villain busting up her house with accidental Krishna power or w/e, I was left wondering about the pots. She doesn’t seem to be using them for magic or anything. Does she have a second career as a potter for seasons when the curse business is going slowly?


  2. Ack I missed it! I woke up and started working. Hopefully I can watch it and read all your fabulous comments later this week. Happy Saturday, I’m going to go back to work now.

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  3. As one could infer, I wound up having to be unexpectedly out of town for this watchalong ) : I got the chance to watch the film this week, though, and look forward to reading everybody’s comments!


  4. A few things that I couldn’t figure out how/where to fit into the previous comments:

    –How did Divya get caught up in this same series of births? She wasn’t part of the curse OR Meerabai’s blessing. I guess the universe knows you need a friend.
    –Jimmy needs to stop gesturing with his gun.
    –The Partition-era hangout spot has a random spike wall. No place should have a spike wall! If you’re hanging out somewhere that does have one, you should first REMOVE the spike wall.


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