Monday Morning Questions Post: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Week Ponniyin Selvan Releases????

Woot! Ponniyin Selvan release week FINALLY. It’s been soooooooooo long that Ratnam has been promising this movie.

Here is where you get to ask me anything you want from “Who is Mani Ratnam?” to “when and where are you seeing Ponniyin Selvan?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of questions!

Now, question for you! What is your favorite Ratnam-Rahman song?

“Dil Se Re”, 100%


9 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions Post: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Week Ponniyin Selvan Releases????

  1. What’s your favorite song from the Ponniyin Selvan soundtrack so far? I always listen to the Telugu versions of Ratnam-Rahman soundtracks and for PS1, my favorite is Alanai Neekai because it sounds so peaceful. But I do think that Rahman is always a slowburn so I’m curious about what songs I’ll like after seeing the movie.

    My all time favorite Ratnam-Rahman song has to be Pachandanamey!


    • I haven’t listened to the soundtrack at all! Normally I would try to rush out and listen, but now I am kind of looking forward to seeing/hearing the songs cold on the big screen.


      • Lol, that’s basically what I did last week because I didn’t realize so many of the songs had dropped. I listened to them all once and decided to just see them on the big screen.

        Tbh I’m kinda worried about this movie because there’s been very little buzz about PS1 in my corner of Telugu movie fandom, even with the stacked cast. I just want Mani Sir to do really well and make an amazing movie again.


  2. Ultimate favorite? Wow! That is a hard one. I will just go ‘Usure Poghudhey’ from Raavanan because it combines all my love of Rahman songs: slight rock sound with guitar, a bit classical, and lyrics that haunt you forever.

    And from the Ponniyin Selvan soundtrack, is a tie between Chola Chola, Ponni Nandhi and Devaralan Attam. I cannot choose! All have that “rocking, catchy lyrics and stays in your head forever” quality, with Devaralam Attam becoming such a TRIPPY song by the end. Yea, I like the Tamil versions, because they are technically the originals and the Tamil language is so beautiful.


    • Tamil is so pretty! Years and years ago someone (who was probably Tamilian) told me that Tamil is the most melodic language because of all the vowels. And it’s true!

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      • Yea, it flows along with the music so well, and so easily, with words flowing together far faster than in for example Hindi with its many pauses. I guess it reminds me of Finnish a bit in that way, since we also have LONG sentences and words but string them together in a song, and it is like water with words that seem neverending coming together.


  3. I listened to the first episode of What the Hell Navya (which is a hilarious title). Besides the very jarring reference to Candace Cameron Bure in the intro, it was fine, but not earth shattering. I hope the next episodes will get better. Already, I love listening to Jaya be a boss and the shade that they gave to Aishwarya (there was one brief comment about how they give Abhishek and Aishwarya more of a hard time than others in the household). Which relates to the PS-1 interview that I watched with Ratnam, Rahman, and Aishwarya. She always comes across as so vapid and artificial to me. Like she thinks she’s saying really intelligent things, but she doesn’t say anything at all.

    However, my favorite Ratnam-Rahman song off the topic of my head is also Usure Poghudhey because it’s incredibly beautiful and visuals are stunning.

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