Sunday WatchAlong: Dhanak at 7am Chicago Time Sunday for Shahrukh Month! Unless No One Can Make It!

This weekend is super busy for me, but in a good way. Saturday is the annual “close up the lake house” day, which is a fun day outside in the crisp weather. And Sunday my friends and I made a date to go to the zoo and see the Halloween decorations and the new baby lion (so cute!). So the only time I have for a watchalong, is pre-Zoo on Sunday morning. And just a shorter film. Thus, Dhanak!


I freakin’ love this movie and I will not stop until all of you have seen it. Adorable childrens movie about children, and yes it has a happy ending and NOTHING BAD HAPPENS TO THEM. Sometimes it looks like something bad might happen, but then it doesn’t, so all of you people with parent hormones can relax and enjoy it. And the entire film is about how Shahrukh is magic and lovely and fixes things. So perfect for SRK Month.

Let me know if you are available at 7am Chicago time! I know it is mean of me to only give the one time slot option, so I totally understand if no one is free. But I hope you are! Oh,. and the movie is widely available, on Netflix and Prime and lots of places.


17 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: Dhanak at 7am Chicago Time Sunday for Shahrukh Month! Unless No One Can Make It!

  1. It will be 1:00 am UK time, so unfortunately, I will not be able to make this watchalong or the one next weekend.

    Wish me luck with traveling with a very very active and hungry (and eventually jet lagged) Baby SRK over the the next 10 days.


  2. I have no idea what is happening this weekend. My father-in-law had a heart attack last weekend, so do we go up to help him, or are “we” perhaps too stressful for him. My gut says just spouse goes, so I should be available – 5 AM CA time? I’ll set my alarm.


        • OMG – Margaret you have no idea. It is an off the grid house. Which functions just fine, but Grandpa is obsessed with running the generator every night to full up the batteries, and won’t turn on the wifi until there is sun because it might drain the batteries. And there is PLENTY of energy, but he is obssessed with always having the batteries at FULL. So if I turn on the wifi before full sun in the morning I stress him out.

          Also we’re only allowed to run the dishwasher in the middle of the day. Since Grandpa had his two strokes in 2020 Grandma has taken over the roles of wood chopping and fetching, running the generator, clearing brush, weed wacking the road, etc. – yet Grandpa has not taken on any dish doing roles. He’s a great planner though, an architect, so he is great at coming up with projects and instructing us on what to do. I love the man but it is exhausting.

          FOR TWO YEARS they have managed to stay in this off the grid house DESPITE Grandpa’s being barely able to walk. The first winter my brother-in-law stayed with them. This last winter I was sure they would come and live with us, or at least have to rent an apartment in a town, but they didn’t, they stayed in their off-the-grid house on their own. It is the only place Grandpa is happy. And Grandma is super proud of herself for making it happen.

          I am grateful that we have had these years. Grandpa assumes he will live for 10 more, and I want him to, but I admit I no longer expect it. Every weekend is a gift, even if I can’t turn on the wifi.


          • Oh my. Well, hopefully their fragile ecosystem continues as long as possible, and puts as little stress on your own fragile home ecosystem as possible. And the boys aren’t taking on too much stress.


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