Shahrukh Month Re-Reviews: Pick Movies for Me to Re-Review!!!! And Yes, I am Willing to Try Zero Again

Shahrukh Month continues! And my nostalgia is growing. Oh SRK! I love you so and you make me so happy at all times. I should think more about your movies and all that you have given us. So, pick a movie for me to re-review!

I was gonna do brackets or voting or something. But nah, too complicated. Just put in the comments what movie you want me to take another look at, and why. And based on if your comment makes me go “oo yeah, that is interesting, I wanna look at that” or alternatively makes everyone else say “Yes! Please Margaret do that!”, I’ll do it.


15 thoughts on “Shahrukh Month Re-Reviews: Pick Movies for Me to Re-Review!!!! And Yes, I am Willing to Try Zero Again

  1. I do want you to take a second look at Zero. I think it is a really good movie – a little crazy with sending him to space, but still a great movie. And also Ram Jaane – because I think it is, or really SRK’s cartoon character is awesome and doesn’t get enough love.


      • Maybe it is not a joke and it is possible to watch different ZERO if you would see the (European) Netflix version – I’ve seen ZERO for the first time on DVD and, hmm… didn’t like it very much.
        The exposition was too long and the hero was little bit too unpleasant, not only for his father, that would be understandable, but also for friends and other people. So I didn’t like him enough for reading this story as a love story, and I didn’t believe in his feelings for anyone, including Anushka.
        BUT this summer, I have seen ZERO the second time, on Netflix in Germany (there is no ZERO on Netflix in my country) and it was TOTALLY DIFFERENT movie.
        This cut is slightly shorter, just enough to skip maybe 9 minutes (I cannot compare these versions precisely having DVD in one country and Netflix in other) of unnecessary scenes in the beginning and focus more on feelings of the hero, not his actions.
        And it was a huge difference. This time I have seen a love story- little bit wired and twisted, but real love story – I believe him when he doesn’t want to believe that love is possible, especially love for a such unworthy person like himself. And finally this silent balcony scene, one of the best Shahrukh’s scene ever, now is shining like a true gem, as it deserves.


        • YES! This is also true with the American Netflix! I didn’t rewatch it straight through on Netflix after the theaters, but I did see that the opening was totally different. So odd, I wonder if the Netflix cut is the one they intended, but the theatrical cut was the one they thought would be more of a crowd pleaser?


    • I saw an einthusan version first, and then the Netflix version. One of the things I really loved about it, second time round, was how it was a love story for imperfect people. Imperfect physically, but also emotionally. There aren’t any “good guys” in Zero.


      • I saw Zero three times in theatres when it released in Germany, but not yet on Netflix (it’s just 2 weeks that I subscribed). So, my positive impression came from the theatrical version. Now I’ll rewatch it on Netflix to see the difference.
        Did you notice that also Bauua’s Friend Guddu is physically imperfect and it’s not only about love but also friendship…and there were many moments where my heart was smiling.
        I know that many had issues with the space angle…however the space was such an important part of Bauua, that – for me – it’s completely logical that he had to do a space travel following (proving?) his love for a space scientist. Oh, I could go on and on about all the things/layers I discovered in this movie…and I was deeply saddened when this intelligent and emotional movie was rejected (and thinking how ShahRukh and all the others involved may have felt, I was double sad).


  2. I second Ra.One and Zero, but I think I would be happy with every movie, one of us or youself wish.
    I love Zero very much (despite the pistol-scene, which is, imo, the only faux pas I see) and was somehow sad that you could not see what I saw. Another review with discussion would only make a sense when you get impressions you didn`t get before…maybe (or maybe not) a second view could bring changes….Btw, do you know Baradwaj Rangan’s review “Zero – This very literal flight of fancy is the year’s most audacious love story “?


      • Ah, gotcha!

        “Is there any movie that Shahrukh was supposed to do and it never happened or got made with others that you feel he missed out on? Or something that you felt would have been even better or worse had he actually done that project?” This could be a fun post idea if you haven’t done something similar to this before?


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