Shahrukh Month: SRK Co-Stars Brackets Round 2!

Woot! Round 2! I’m excited! Now that we have gotten rid of the less popular options, this should be a real challenge. Or not, because I am cowardly avoiding putting the most popular head to head. We’ll do that next round!

Bracket 1



Bracket 2



Bracket 3



Bracket 4




19 thoughts on “Shahrukh Month: SRK Co-Stars Brackets Round 2!

  1. 1. Kajol
    2. Juhi
    3. Aishwarya
    4. Mahira

    To all the Aish haters – come on, their chemistry was SIZZLING! But I will admit Anushka is a better actor.


    • I have a feeling that the next bracket will be Kajol vs Juhi and then Anushka vs Mahira. Then Kajol vs Anushka. And then I think Kajol might win? or Juhi vs Anushka and then Kajol vs Juhi…and Kajol wins again. Kajol-SRK are KAJOL and SRK. There’s a youtube clip they made about it!


  2. I missed voting in the 1st round, but almost all my choices ended up winning except I’d have picked Sush over Ash and put in Gayatri Joshi as a wild card.

    1. Kajol
    2. Juhi
    3. Anushka
    4. Madhuri (so sorry for Mahira)


  3. 1. Kajol
    2. Juhi
    3. Aishwarya. It was about equal, but picked Aish because of, yeah, the age thing.
    4. Mahira. OK, she’s young too. I don’t know.


  4. To be honest, I’m not happy to have to make choices by “eliminating” those, I like very much, too… (I missed the 1st part because of that…sorry)
    ShahRukh gives such a good feeling with almost all his heroines.


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