Shahrukh Month: SRK Co-Stars Post! Bracket Time Again!

Woot, I have an excuse to look up awesome images again/some more! I’m not gonna try to do every co-star ever, just the best ones. But I’m also throwing in a Wild Card for any awesome jodi I may have forgotten.

Bracket 1



Bracket 2



Bracket 3



Bracket 4



Bracket 5

Manisha Koirala

Preity Zinta

Bracket 6

Sushmita Sen

Aishwarya Rai

Bracket 7

Alia Bhatt

Wild Card

Bracket 8

Mahira Khan

Wild Card

Oh, and obviously the winner of the last bracket contest was BLUE


15 thoughts on “Shahrukh Month: SRK Co-Stars Post! Bracket Time Again!

  1. 1.Kajol (I mean duh! I can really see you don’t like Priyanka with the tough pairing)
    3. Anushka
    5. Preity (I like Manisha+SRK pairing more however the movie is not romantic so context matters)
    6. Aishwarya Rai
    7.Gayatri Joshi (I love Alia+SRK’s chemistry however the age diff is icky and Gaytri+him had great chemistry)
    8.Mahira Khan


  2. 1. Kajol – thank you for the ability to crush Priyanka asap
    2. Juhi
    3. Anushka
    4. Deepika
    5. Preity
    6. Aishwarya
    7. Alia for the exact reason Anon dislikes it
    8. Can I use a wildcard space to add anyone back in? If so, Madhuri. If not, Urmila Matondkar.


  3. 1. Kajol (you knew this)
    2. Um. UM. Screw it, I’ll go against the crowd and vote Rani.
    3. Anushka
    4. Deepika, as much as I hate that
    5. Preity, I guess, just because there were more movies there.
    6. Sushmita
    7. Adding Juhi back in! HAHA!
    8. Karan or Saif (think DDLJ or KHNH)! I enjoy SRK’s friendships as well!


  4. 1. Kajol
    2. Rani (Paheli gets her over the line)
    3. Anushka
    4. Deepika
    5. Preity
    6. neither
    7. Madhuri back in
    8. Mahira ( I think she was the best of them all!)


  5. Wait, did you put Kajol & Priyanka in the same bracket so you would never have to think about Priyanka again?

    1. Kajol
    2. Juhi
    3. Anushka
    4. Deepika
    5. Manisha
    6. Aishwarya
    7. Wild Card – I don’t have a person, anyone else
    8. Mahira


  6. 1: Kajol (I see this is a safe space)
    2: Rani
    3: Anushka… but that feels terribly unfair because JHMS is the definition of chemistry.
    4: Deepika
    5: Preity
    6: Aish
    7: Gimme Madhuri back. She’s my favorite actress and because Chandramukhi. Also… I mean… SRK calls Alia “little one” on twitter.
    8: Mahira – She’s such a sweetheart


  7. 1. Kajol
    2. Juhi
    3. Madhuri
    4. Deepika
    5. There should be a rule that brackets can’t come from the same movie! They were chosen to be foils for each other! That said, Manisha, I guess.
    6. Aish
    7. Gayatri
    8 Mahira


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