Monday Morning Questions: Happy Shahrukh Month Week 2!

Happy Monday! I went to bed super early last night (sooooooooooo tired, very long weekend) and woke up super early today which is nice. I was able to make bread and reply to all your comments and have coffee before I even had to start work.

Here is where you get to ask me anything you want from “does SRK dye his hair?” to “What is your favorite SRK haircut?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new (SRK related) questions!

Now, Shahrukh Month appropriate question! How do you spell his first name?

I spell it “Shahrukh” which is wrong in many ways. When I first found him, somehow the first few materials I saw spelled it like that so that’s how I’ve always thought of it in my own brain. I keep writing it this way because I know it’s not wrong-wrong, it is a barely acceptable way of writing it, and it’s a little personal nod to my relationship with him and how I’ve always thought of him.

More and more in interviews with friends/co-workers people are referring to him as “Shah Sir” or “Shah Bhai”, so I guess in regular life he just goes by “Shah”. And “SRK” as initials seems to imply that the “Rukh” is a middle name separate to itself. Plus it just makes more sense that way as a name, they are two separate words as they are usually used “King” and “Face”, his parents just combined them as a cool first/middle combo. So Shah Rukh Khan is probably how I would tell someone to write his name if they just wanted the correct way. But I will stick with “Shahrukh” because that’s my special Margaret way. And really, about 25% of the time, that is how it is written. And since the name itself is intended to be written in non-English script, there isn’t exactly a 100% “right” way to write it in English script.


8 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: Happy Shahrukh Month Week 2!

  1. Which of his upcoming releases in 2023 will be the biggest hit? And do you think Gauri is doing more on-camera things to pay the bills because of his break? She was on Bollywood Wives and now has a series of room makeovers on Mirchi Plus. I watched the latest one with Malaika Arora and Gauri is still getting used to being on camera and it shows with the way she reads the teleprompter and is too formal. However, she is very regal and you can see she’s powerful behind the scenes for sure. Malaika looked incredible in that episode and comes across as very warm and normal despite her glamourous image…does make me more interested in seeing her reality show with her sister.


    • I think Pathan or Jawan has the best chance to hit. I think the audience is over the whole social message thing, so his Hirani film might flop. But both the Pathan and JAwan directors are really really good at action and just Masala good time, which seems to be where the audience is at right now.

      I don’t know if Gauri is doing stuff to pay the bills, or maybe to keep the name out there? Or maybe she just feels more free/interested/excited about exploring being on camera herself when SRK isn’t at the same time. Maybe he is hanging out at home helping her run lines and prepare? I like to think that.


      • Hirani is not one of my faves, so I’m thinking that could be a big flop, too. I think Pathan has the better shot at doing well than Jawan but not sure why. Maybe because it’s part of that new universe and that’s the one I want to see the most.

        Maybe Gauri’s also got more time on her hands now that Suhana is launching and their son is out of trouble and she only has the younger son at home.


  2. Shah Rukh, because that is how I first saw it, and seems to be how it is in most opening credits for new films. But I write SRK because I am a typo queen and I have less a chance of screwing that up.


  3. The amount of time I spent on google trying to figure out how his name is “supposed” to be spelled…

    I usually write SRK publicly because I somehow don’t feel like I have the right to be informal and I’m not about to type out Shah Rukh Khan every time. In my head, though, it’s Shahrukh and I can’t pinpoint a reason why.

    I wonder if the brandability of the initials ‘SRK’ ever crossed his mind in the early days and maybe factored into how he wrote his name. Kind of like how they talk about names in OSO and then Om Kapoor ends up going by ‘OK’.


    • Hmm, I hadn’t thought about brandability. I believe it though! Not that he sat down and envisioned the whole thing, but at some point while signing autographs he realized “SRK” looks really cool and leaned into it.


  4. When did ‘SRK’ first appear I wonder.
    I’m inconsistent with my spelling though I prefer Shah Rukh as that’s what his signature is . srk is just easier, though it does sound very informal. I’m sure he won’t mind.


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