Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me In the Middle of Shahrukh Month???

We are exactly halfway through Shahrukh Month! It goes so fast…. At least I have Halloween and then Christmas and Thanksgiving to look forward to. Oh, and my trip to visit my California friend that I haven’t seen since pre-pandemic.

Here is where you get to ask me anything from “why is this Shahrukh month?” to “where was Shahrukh born?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions!

Now, question for you. SRK themed, obviously. A simple poll:


Or No Beard?


25 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me In the Middle of Shahrukh Month???

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  2. I want to know where in California you’ll be because I would love to see you in person!

    Also, what do you think of the fact that many of us love Shah Rukh even more now as he’s aging but often don’t apply the same ‘looking even better now’ standard to women? Will this internal anti-feminist stance always be at odds with our hormones? Said as a bisexual person.


    • Bay Area, which is I think very very far away from you?

      I think we do apply the “looking even better now” rule to women, it’s just less acceptable to say so. That is, there is a small subset of men and women who truly get sexier as they get older. But we are pressured to apply the rule to all men, and to pretend it isn’t true for women. Rekha, for instance, absolutely peaked in her 40s-50s. And on the other hand, Salman is not getting better year by year. But we can’t straight up say that about Rekha, or Salman.


  3. What about a film-fiction-story about a mature love-story with SRK and Tabu (with twists)…like:
    SRK is a famous surgeon, meeting Tabu (who pretends to being a free-lance journalist wanting to do a portrait of him) during a medical congress. SRK is a widower having lost wife and two children in an accident many years ago. During talks with Tabu, SRK starts to falling in love with Tabu. Tabu also has lost someone she had loved (her fiancé). As they live in the same area, they gradually get closer and closer and gradually, Tabu also falls in love with SRK. On a journey they do together, SRK proposes to Tabu and she agrees. During the journey, they meet another couple (in Tabu’s age, distant aquantance of Tabu) in a restaurant and get into talks. Something said during the conversation, strikes SRK as strange. He phones a friend where he lives and asks him to check on Tabu (first twist). Tabu feels that there is something that preoccupies SRK and wants to push the marriage forward but SRK gets reluctant. Than some weird things happen (still during the journey) that could have cost SRK’s life. The last of these incidents puts him in a hospital (we, but not SRK) learn that the manager of the hospital is a relative of Tabu (second twist). Then there is an incident in the hospital and SRK almost dies. The nurse who was appointed to watch over him, openes a letter that SRK had given her when his condition got worse and then makes a phone call (third twist). She tells SRK the information he got (we don’t get to know the info). SRK and Tabu return to where they live and SRK agrees that Tabu lives with him to take care until he will be fine enough for the marriage.
    Well…should I tell the next twists or should I let it open for discussion?


    • Oh oh! I know what I want to happen! I love it when Tabu is evil. I want Tabu to turn out to be evil, and Nurse who Called Someone to turn out to be good. My vote is, Tabu’s son’s heart was broken by SRK’s daughter. Like a Drishyam thing, her son was actually unstable and creepy and bad and SRK’s daughter was within her rights to avoid him. But the version he told Tabu was all self-pitying and stuff. So Tabu is burning for vengeance against the family and decides to try to destroy SRK to balance the scales.

      I would make the nurse Juhi or Rani, she is sweet and overlooked and divorced her husband and has to live with her parents and just sort of blames herself for everything. She takes a risk and breaks the rules for the first time when she sneaks the letter out of SRK’s room under TAbu’s nose and then slips him the message. SRK is fabulously wealthy so he gives Juhi a big big check which could change her life (like, let her pay her debts and get her own place), but she is honest and so tracks him down to give the check back. He says he still owes her so they make a deal that he will pay her to be his private nurse, in the house with him and Tabu.

      Pretty good, right? We get the good one-bad one dynamic with Juhi and Tabu doing spy versus spy as SRK is trapped sick in bed.


      • Well, my thought was about evil Tabu, but not because of SRK’s daughter…and she is not really evil-evil, still there is, indeed, a wish in her to harm SRK…to killing him softly now…and it has to do with a vow she took because of her son.


  4. The trailer for Bhediya is out! I wasn’t sure about the movie based on the posters they released so far but I really enjoyed the trailer. It looks like a fun addition to the Stree universe.

    Also is it just me or did they stop putting english subs on trailers again? It feels like 2015 again whenever I try to watch a Hindi trailer…


  5. I changed my wordpress image. Another poster had an image of themselves, just real, in front of a white door, and I thought, why am I trying to hide behind a toy mosasaur? I use my real name, sorta (It isn’t my legal name but I can deposit checks with it). So I tried to create a goofy real image. But it ended up kinda scary. But it’s Halloween month, so I left it, for now.


    • Years ago when I was working at the movie theater, my Grandma fell down (the way old people do) and got a black eye and a scrapped nose and cheek and the whole deal. She took a close up picture of her face to show us the injuries, and I blew it up and printed it out and made it part of the movie theater Halloween Decorations. People would go “AAA! That’s terrifying! Where did you find that witchy zombie picture?” and I would say “It’s my grandmother” and they would think I was joking.

      In other news, my SRK photo follows me from WordPress to some other sites, and I actually feel more revealed and personal with that displaying than I would my actual face. Like, that’s my Soul, my face is just my face.


      • The idea of a your soul being in a photo gave me food for thought. My thoughts went like this:
        1. I could put up pictures of my kids as my sould but the 10 year old wouldn’t like it.
        2. Everyone puts up pictures of their kids. Kids are life but are they soul? Nah they have their own souls.
        3. What image would my soul be? The Fernsehterm (Berlin TV tower) probably? But it isn’t my soul it is a piece of me. Why? It is a hidden part of me that is significant but that other’s can’t see looking at me. And it means more than it is. Not only a piece of my history (living in Berlin), but my growth, learning to grow past the cold war I grew up in. Finding pieces of and from communism that I loved. Shades of gray personified and in a spot where history is rampant and ever changing. The image is my own representation of my willingness to challenge myself, a skill I am proud of. But it isn’t my soul. But it is a piece of my soul.
        4. I bet SRK isn’t Margaret’s soul. He can be a piece of her sould but most likely only she can know how and why and what his photo says about her.
        5. Meanwhile the 7 year old thinks I’m talking to SRK while I’m watching movies.


        • You are ABSOLUTELY talking to SRK when you talk to me. Like, the SRK in your MIND. Represented by the image of him. I am but a carrier for God, like a Catholic Priest.

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    • So I got this awesome card in the mail that came with the best illustration! The 13 year old loved the fish. The 10 year old loved the swear word. I didn’t show it to the 7 year old. I found looking at my comical/scary face kinda jarring so I changed the photo to the fish. Thank you!


      • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! So glad it arrived and wasn’t too bad language-y to be enjoyed by all. I got a new swear words coloring book, and I thought the fish one was appropriate for the 13 year old and the message would be good for the 10 year old.


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