Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to ONE WEEK BEFORE SRK DAY!!!!

Happy Wednesday! OMG, work has been so nutty. As you can probably tell from my not putting this post up until mid-afternoon. I even took 2 hours off in the middle of the day and ended up spending them sewing and running errands instead of blogging, Bad Margaret!

I’ll start!

Reading: This is sort of reading, in honor of Angela Lansbury I FINALLY got my housemates to start watching Murder She Wrote with me. That show really holds up! Fun and funny and great cameos and pretty decent mysteries too.

Watching: Let’s see, on the American Classic side of things, I watched The House on Haunted Hill, and Rosemary’s Baby, and The Innocents. Overall, I think Rosemary’s Baby is the scariest. Not because of the Satan stuff, but because of the “the patriarchal world sees women only as a womb” stuff. Like Pari.

Thinking: I don’t know why these past few weeks have felt so killer. Part of it is work, thank goodness we are hiring another employee. But somehow it just feels like not enough hours in the day in general. Oh! I bet it is because there AREN’T enough hours in the day! Once the sun goes down I just want to be at home and cozy, and as that comes earlier and earlier, it means I feel like I have no time to run errands or see friends or anything. Good thing Daylight saving is ending soon and at least I’ll get some morning time back.

Listening: Shahrukh Month Energy Shot!

Okay, SRK month question for you! What book/TV show/Movie have you watched recently that you want SRK to adapt and star in?

Oooo, after my journey through classic Hollywood Horror, I want to see SRK in the Vincent Price role in House on Haunted Hill! Smooth mysterious millionaire who brings together a group of strangers to spend the night in a haunted house for his own devious motives. And does a lot of campy snarky monologues to the camera.


27 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to ONE WEEK BEFORE SRK DAY!!!!

  1. Oh, I love “House on Haunted Hill”! Have you seen “House of the Long Shadows”? I’m certain it must have come up for Popka in her Christopher Lee journeys.

    Your card came : ) I have got the coloring page tacked to my desk, as a reminder.


  2. Sorry to say I don’t know if I think he’s campy enough to play any Vinny character. I will say I think he’d be great at horror comedy so he has that going for him. The only person I can think of with the right kind of feline air though is Raj Kumar and for obvious reasons he’s not an option.


  3. A new telugu rom-com, Krishna Vrinda Vihari appeared on Netflix recently. I watched it and can tell you all : be smarter than me and skip it.
    Someone called it “poor man’s Ante Sundaraniki” and it’s true but also not because it’s so regressive. Ante.. was long and messy but at least had a good message inside. This one is antiquated and has nothing to say.
    In the beggining the hero joins new job, and even before entering the buliding he falls in love with a girl. Later he sees her in her working clothes and finds out she is a cleaning lady. Of course he immediately falls out of love (I don’t know why I didn’t stop watching at that point). 20 seconds later he falls in love with another girl. This time she turns out to be his boss, her caste and class coincide with his so he continues to love her. There are so many other stupid and outdated scenes in this film (like OMG people drink alcohol, they must be all whores). I really don’t know why I watched it. It goes directly to my “Bad movies I endured for my crushes” list.

    And yesterday I watched Anoop Menon’s new film – King Fish. One critic called it “A Verbal Diarrhea Package With a Pile of Pointless Subplots”, but you know what? I enjoyed it a lot. I like Anoop’s style and I find his movies relaxing. Yes, it’s full of subplots that go nowhere, many people come and don’t return , but he also has strong female characters (even if in small roles), interesting dialogues, nice people, some unintentionally funny scenes and calm music. There is no pressure, you can watch this people come and go and relax.


      • I forgot to add that I finally finished reading “The Home and the World”. It was beautiful, but at the same time depressing because over 100 years passed and it’s still so actual. I started watching the movie now, but I’m not sure if I will finish it because it makes me sad.

        And from wholly diffrent news, I’m super obsessed with this song:


          • No. It’s about a rich bengali nobleman and his wife. He is very good husband and open minded man who doesn’t agree the women should live closed in home, separated from the world (I absolutely love this man). One day his old friend, a politican and the leader of Swadeshi movement, pays them a visit. The wife, intrigued, decides to leave her confinement and meet him and unfortunately ends developing a crush on him and his cause. She doesn’t see how dangerous and harmful his ideas are and how heartbroken her husband is. The friend is a POS and doesn’t have any respect for the host and his home.

            One day I was reading a chapter in which the politician was telling Bimala (the wife) that they should always greet people with Vande Mataram, because it’s the only right way. I closed the book, opened twitter and one of the first news I have seen was this: Say “Vande Mataram” not “Hello” on phone calls: Shinde govt.


  4. I’m watching the new season of Babylon Berlin and it reminds me how awesome it would be for Shahrukh to play a detective in film noir. Morally conflicted, with past trauma, dealing with addiction, trying to do the right thing but often failing. Ideally suited for a younger Shahrukh, but he can even do it now.


  5. I am currently obsessed with Top Gun: Maverick. Finally saw it for the first time last week and have watched it multiple times since. I have a completely uncomplicated nostalgic love for the original and the new one really does perfectly honor the first one and it’s technically and visually an even better film. There’s a movie adaptation SRK could do well. And I would like to see SRK in more military roles.

    Can’t settle on what to watch next in the Indian film realm…I’m currently rewatching Qarib Qarib Single for my rom-com list. It really is charming and unusual.


  6. Ever since I watched bengali movie Drishtikone I’ve wanted to see SRK play a lawyer. I don’t want Drishtikone remake, because the movie was odd, but something similar. Not a 100% courtroom drama, but more a thriller with him being a lawer and having some moral dillemas and family tensions. Shah rukh would be perfect in such a nuanced role, and also in those black and white suits.


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