Shahrukh Month: Update of Most Popular Post Ever! Reasons SRK is a Vampire!!!

Oh yeah! Halloween time, time for the SRK is a Vampire proof post! We can pretend he isn’t but we all know the truth.


Dresses in Black

Goes Out Mostly at Night

Has biting canine tooth

Irrisistable to Animals

Irrisistable to Children

Irrisistable to Women

Does not Age

Most recent photos! I know there is botox and fillers, but really, he’s supernatural

Obsession with Necks


6 thoughts on “Shahrukh Month: Update of Most Popular Post Ever! Reasons SRK is a Vampire!!!

  1. Men aren’t immune to him either. I made a trade agreement with a guy a few months ago where I watch early 2000s Degrassi with him and he watches SRK movies with me so we both have someone to talk to about our ‘niche’ interests. He has now seen most of the greatest hits, and while we were watching JTHJ the other day he surprised me by saying “I think I’m starting to get why you like him so much… I mean I’m not gay, but like, I get it.”

    I swear, anyone who looks at him long enough falls under a spell.

    And by the way, after reading the original post I’m totally convinced. It’s too good not to be true.

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