Saturday Small Talk: Things to Talk About While I Drive Around!

Hello hello! Happy Saturday! I’m gonna do my volunteer deliveries, then pick up a new work phone from my boss (current phone has stopped accepting incoming calls which is actually kind of AWESOME, but no good things can last), then get gas, then come home. And in the meantime, y’all get to talk amongst yourself.

Things to Talk About!

I’m gonna see Rocky Horror for the first time tomorrow night!!!! I’ve had a friend’s who are members of the local Shadow Cast for over a decade, but midnight is just so late, I’ve never gotten around to going. But this year my housemates planned it and bought the tickets so I have NO EXCUSE. Anyway, what’s it like? Is it a good movie? Does anyone here know about it?

Shahrukh Month thing to talk about, Long Hair or Short Hair, which is better? I am STRONGLY for short hair.

Oh, and what are your Halloween plans, if any? I’m going to Rocky Horror tomorrow night, then taking Monday off to recover. And about 2:30 I’m gonna start sitting on my front stoop in a witche’s hat with a bowl of candy waiting for adorable children to come and say “Trick or Treat” to me. And if no adorable children come, I will be VERY UPSET.


28 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Things to Talk About While I Drive Around!

  1. Oh Rocky Horror. I saw it only once but liked it because it’s so strange.

    Things to talk about: Telugu remake of Oh My Kadavule with Vishvak Sen released few days ago. I usually don’t like remakes but this one looks very good. I was surprised and felt like watching the movie even if I already know and love the story.

    Also Sivakarthikeyan had his Diwali release. The trailer is bad, but it’s Indian boy – white girl story so I think I’ll watch it (or at least I’ll try, because the girl’s accent is horrible and I’m not sure I can stand it for 2 hours)


    • I’ve seen Oh My Kadavule but I also ended up seeing Ori Devuda. It’s basically the same movie, no major changes but I really enjoyed the remake. Maybe because it’s in Telugu or maybe because I’m very fond of both Vishwak Sen and Mithila Palkar. I defintely think it’s worth a watch once it’s streaming. I also really liked the Telugu soundtrack while the original one didn’t really register for me.

      Prince flopped but I’m curious about it as well because it’s directed by the guy that directed Jathi Ratnalu. I thought that movie was really funny and apparently this movie is also in that kind of similar comedic style.


      • Ori Devuda looks like a perfect remake. It’s familiar and safe, but at the same time fresh. But maybe I’m biased because everytime I see Vishwak I’m all smiles. On the contrary Kannada Oh My Kadavule remake looks bad. It lacks charm. The only interesting part is the presence of Puneeth, but everything else is just boring and predicable.

        I’m not surprised Prince flopped.I mean, who would pay for listening to this terrible accent?


        • Yup! It’s safe and familiar but also fresh because Viswak and Mithila have their own charms 🙂

          Prince ended up clashing with Karthi’s spy thriller, Sardar, which ended up being the Diwali release that worked.


  2. Other news: I just learn that Siddharth and Aditi Rao Hydari are dating and OMG I haven’t seen a couple that beautiful since Sofia Vergara and Joe Mangianello . They should marry and make lovely babies asap.

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    • I like them as a couple! I’m always trying to figure out how to get into more Siddharth movies since I like his look. Aditi is one of the most beautiful people on the planet and I wish she got better opportunities and more praise in general.

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      • I love Siddharth and would love to watch his movies more often but he chooses such a odd films: horrors, futuristic fictions, political thrillers ; not my cup of tea at all! I grew up watching his telugu rom-coms and want him in a romantic role again. I was so excited for Maha Samudram and watched it as soon as it was available. Have you seen it? It’s not a perfect story, but visually it’s stunning and now when I know that Sid and Aditi fell in love while during the filming, I feel like rewatching it.


  3. I am very partial towards Rocky Horror because I saw it freshman year of college and basically every friend I have now from college has either been a direct or indirect result of that show. They’re some of my best friends now, so even though the movie itself is really weird, I have fond memories of the experience. If they do the virgin humiliation, it could be fun depending on how many people are called up. For me, it was half the theater, so I could blend in and not get totally humiliated. It’s great to go with people in a big group and dance. Have fun! Hope you enjoy!

    Did anyone mention the first Bhediya song released yesterday? The song itself is okay, but I love the video. The costumes are bright, the choreo is really creative but not awkward, the expressions are classic mass. I love Varun and Kriti together. And special surprise cameo at the end that makes me even more excited for this movie and universe! Which I’m not spoiling to get you to click on it!

    Also idk if Shahrukh’s JHMS/Raees hair counts as long or short, but that’s my vote.


    • One of the few times I was excited to see Shraddha! This movie may be one of only a couple where I can deal with Varun (Humpty and Kalank being the only two movies I liked him in…and I guess SOTY). Kriti is a new favorite so looking forward to this one.


  4. Oh man you can’t just ask me if I’ve seen RHPS and if it’s good. It’s a campy glamrock parody of everything I like (i.e. glamrock itself, bubblegum pop from the 50s/60s, beefcake stuff from the 50s, those weird homoerotic biker movies from the 50s/60s, various types of horror movies such as 50s creature features and Hammer and Universal monster movies).

    Even a lot of huge fans don’t properly appreciate it I think because it goes SO DEEP with the cultural references. When I watched Scars of Dracula for the first time last year I immediately recognised a couple of shots they entirely copied from it. It’s insane. Since you know a lot about movies and 50s/60s pop culture you’ll probably enjoy parts of it other people cannot.

    But if it’s a first time watch, enjoy the jokes and the atmosphere and the songs!


    • This is my concern! I’m gonna be at a midnight show as the designated driver going “ssssssssshhhhhh! Everyone be quiet and let me watch the movie!!!!”


      • Haha, yeah, I really recommend watching it a bunch of times before going to a screening because it will be more fun if you know what’s coming, but too late now. If you like it at all you can always watch it quietly once or a few times to get all the references afterwards I suppose.


  5. Rocky Horror is great, great fun. I’ve only seen it on DVD and as a play, but a real midnight screening is bound to be an amazing experience.


  6. I went multiple times as a teenager in Berkeley. It is fun – absolutely amazing and fantastic, no. But people are dancing in the ailses doing the time warp, a community experience. Don’t get your hopes up super high, but let down your guard and enjoy yourself.


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  8. I’m not a big fan of Halloween generally and I live in an apartment building, so no trick or treaters. I was thinking about watching Practical Magic this weekend, but instead I randomly watched Batla House and Late Night instead!

    Batla House- John Abraham’s acting was a bit horrific (but he tried really hard so half points!) and I did really like Mrunal Thakur in it. I had high hopes because I did find the true story interesting and Nikhil Advani is one of the directors I’m most fascinated by (especially because D-Day is one of my all time faves). I suppose this comes close to a D-Day type story but I wish that someone else had played the lead. Arjun Rampal, Ajay Devgn, Manoj Bajpayee, or SRK all would have been much more interesting in the role.

    Late Night – the one with Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson…a very forgettable story that reminded me of Morning Glory with Rachel McAdams (which was a much better movie) I do like Mindy Kaling though and always interested in what she’s doing or producing.


    • Hi, FilmiLibrarian! I actually really enjoyed Late Night more than Morning Glory, which is interesting. I think Mindy is so clever and there is so many layers to her movies and shows. I enjoyed both movies though!

      Also, did you end up watching Vikram Vedha??? It’s Hrithik and Saif… which is like a goldmine for you, right? I can’t wait until it is streaming.


      • Hi! I think the problem with Late Night was that it had no spark to it. Even though it had great actors like Thompson and what’s his name playing her husband. Hugh Dancy also just doesn’t do it for me (he has such a punchable face…lol), but I guess that suited his character. The love interest for Mindy (don’t know his name but he played a very similar role in Veep) was OK. I just thought it was all to predictable and too low budget as well.

        Nope, haven’t seen Vikram Vedha (and still deciding if I want to watch the original first). I can’t wait to see it on streaming, too! Hrithik and Saif are my first Bollywood loves and I like a gritty story if it’s done well, so still high hopes.

        What I’m also wondering about is when Tara vs. Bilal will get to streaming. Seems to have dropped in theatres this past weekend with little to no fanfare! But I think I’ll probably love it.

        My movie theater buddy and I haven’t planned any outings beyond seeing Black Panther but I’d love to talk her into seeing Bhediya with me, though she’ll probably want to see Uunchai more. Also wouldn’t mind seeing Phone Bhoot and Double XL in the theaters this weekend, but not completely sure I want to spend the money.


        • Well, thank you for mentioning Tara vs. Bilal. I just looked up the trailer and now I can’t wait to watch it also!

          There are so many movies that I want to see in the theater but silly work and a baby seem to keep getting in the way – so annoying! But I am hoping to catch up on all of them when they are streaming. The one I am most looking forward to is Legend of Maula Jatt. I adore Fawad so much and Margaret’s scene by scene analysis has been even more excited.


          • Yes, me, too! Can’t wait to see Legend of Maula Jatt. It was only playing in New Jersey theatres somewhat near to me so wasn’t able to see that either.


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