Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to the Day Before Thanksgiving???

Happy Wednesday!!! And Happy Day Before Thanksgiving! I am so excited to have a day off work. I’m gonna make Christmas presents and cook and get things out of the storage unit and all kinds of good things. Oh, and then go over to my parents to actually celebrate Thanksgiving, that too.

I’ll start!

Reading: I just started “The Lymond Chronicles” by Dorothy Dunnett. SO GOOD! So very very good! I’m trying to get a friend to be a book club with me, she’s read them already and I need someone to talk with and make sure I am following all the plot twists. Oh, and also finishing Kim.

Watching: I watched my first terrible Holiday movie of the year! Falling for Christmas with Lindsay Lohan. It’s pleasant and fine, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, it has an actor I vaguely recognized and then looked him up and he was in Jootha Hi Sahi!!!! So there is someone out there in the world who co-starred with both John Abraham and Lindsay Lohan.

Thinking: My livingroom is 62 degrees. Maybe I should put on a sweater? Nah, it’s not that bad.

Listening: CHRISTMAS MUSIC TIME!!! Like this song, which if you listen to the lyrics is about Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers having a one night stand:

Now, question for you! Vital question, you can only pick one for the rest of your life, Eggnog or Chai?

Eggnog is A Lot, I can really only take that richness for one month out of the year. Whereas Chai is delicious and could be drunk every day. On the other hand, I think I would take one month of eggnog over a whole year of Chai. So I’m going with Eggnog.


61 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to the Day Before Thanksgiving???

  1. I’m just a bit blah today due to starting the day with coffee. Which I love, but has a terrible effect on me.

    Reading: a book on community building

    Watching and thinking: all empty

    Listening: baby it’s cold outside!

    Chai or Eggnog? Chai 😦 but I’ll miss eggnog. Eggnog is amazing.


  2. Yes! Wednesday Watching is back. I watched some interesting films and wanted share 😀

    First thing – I’m officialy #RX100 super fan because after Tadap, I also watched kannada remake- Shiva 143 (terrible title for this film, but would be perfect for Brahmastra, don’t you think?). Kannada version looks like a very very poor cousin of hindi one but IMO it was better, because more faithful to the original, and has no Tara Sutaria .

    Than I watched Tovino Thamos Thallumaala, and it was awesome! So colorful, so fun, so stylish and very modern. Filmed like a comics. The costumes are great. Tovi looks like a million dollars in some of them. A must watch.

    From the most colorful movie of the year I jumped to black and white classic – Madhumati . It was lovely. My favourite old hindi movie now (yes, I watched like 5 but still)

    Rorschach – Mammootty’s newest film. A different kind of revenge thriller. Very interesting, very malayalam but at the same time very international. Worth watching.

    To complete this odd selection I watched Pa.Ranjith’s Natchathiram Nagargiradhu about caste and theatre artists.
    I’m proud , because I left my comfort zone and it was all worth. All except the film I saw yesterday – Anoop Menon’s Padma. OMG it was so embarassing. The perfect example that a one man shouldn’t be responsable of all the things. He wrote, directed and produced the movie and it was blatant that he needed someone who will tell him “you shouldn’t put this or that in the movie”. It’s sad because deep inside it could be a nice film.

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  3. I returned to movies because I ran out of TV and also because I need to beef up my end of year list with stuff that doesn’t have Christopher Lee in it. Does anyone have recs for stuff, especially from this and last year, I should watch?

    I did watch some new Hindi movies but they made so little impression I cannot for the life of me remember what they were.


  4. Watching/Watched: Both the Malayalam Drishyan movies with Mohanlal and Malayalam film Helen, Allu Arjun movie Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo, Hindi (Japanese novel adaptation) movie on Netflix with Rajkummar Rao Monica , O My Darling…
    Reading: novels of the Italian Gianrico Carofiglio (I adore well-written judicial novels)
    Listening: to the kid’s playlists and their singing and song-games
    Thinking: That I’m happy to have again some only me-time!


  5. Talking about Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo – yesterday the trailer of hindi remake released, and , it’s strange, because I don’t like remakes, Kartik and Rohit Dhavan, but I liked the trailer. It doesn’t look like a poor imitation of southern movie and that’s a lot.


    • Yes, I’m interested, too (although it still irritates me a bit that in times of streaming services with subtitled movies Hindi Cinema relates so much on remakes).
      I’m curious about Karthik’s performance.


  6. Watching – so many streaming services! Recently watched – on Prime – season 3 of Four More Shots Please, Hush Hush & Ponniyin Selvan 1.

    Currently watching – Netflix – Indian Predator: Murder in a Courtroom
    – Prime – Crash Course, Breathe: Into the Shadows (2)
    – Zee 5 – Dance India Dance Supermoms (yay it has subtitles), Mukhbir: The Story of a Spy
    YuppTV – SonyLiv things – Indian Idol 2022 – supposed to have subtitles but doesn’t always which is annoying, Tanaav (based on the Israeli drama Fauda) – first episode had subtitles but the second didn’t, sort of followed it but lack of subs is annoying.

    I have so many things on ‘to watch’ lists it isn’t funny.


  7. Watched: Lootera for the first time. Absolutely a beautiful film that has thankfully become a cult classic.

    Listening: Qala soundtrack. Beautiful and never seen a film so capture both the essence and tone of the music of that period so perfectly before, from the light hits to the calm songs. Not even SLB I feel captured it compeltely in Gangubai, since the soundtrack is SO him, but this is just authentic in its tone and lyrics that it feels like it has been picked straight from that time from some lost archive.

    Also found out that Aishwarya was in a small cameo in aTelugu film and the song is a bop. It presents her so well!

    And Chai over Eggnog always!


  8. I’ve been traveling for a bit and haven’t been posting, but have been watching. I hope I can remember something.

    Most importantly, I saw RRR! In the theater! It’s now in its fourth week, I think, and I hope I can see it again on the weekend. I don’t quite like it as much as Bahubali. It seems a lot more gratuitously violent, and I found the Bahubali story more compelling. Also, the white ladies’ dresses are frustratingly ahistorical. I would get caught up in the story and then notice that everyone looked like they were going to prom in the 70s and it would all be ruined.

    On the plane to Bangladesh I watched 20 minutes of Hum Do Humare Do and fell asleep and couldn’t decide whether or not to finish it. I still have not finished it, although it was still on the plane on my way back from Bangladesh.

    I watched a bit of something with John Abraham. Could it have been Mumbai Saga? Starts off with him refusing to pay protection money and then beating people up? I lost interest very fast. I’ve liked John in a number of things but he was anesthetized in this. Also there’s a scene where he’s basically punching a guy in the crotch.

    (All these movies were on the plane)

    Then I saw Article 15 in its entirety, which I liked and I liked Ayushmann in it! His small-town-boy-with-erectile-disfunction persona is getting really mannered, but in this movie I completely forgot it was him. The only thing I disliked was the post-credit music, which is more appropriate for a Rohit Shetty movie than a fairly dark and complex treatment of caste issues. And I really liked Manoj Pahwa. At times I wanted to smack his smug face off, and then he makes you really feel for the policeman trapped in his situation.

    Right now I’m dealing with Internet issues at home and I haven’t watched anything for a while, but I’m hoping these will eventually be over and then I’m looking forward to two whole Rajkummar movies on Netflix and also Ek Villain Returns and all kinds of stuff.


    • Rajkummar…oh yes!!! It will be “Hit” and “Monica”, I guess. Thrill, both.
      Although “Hit” is a remake from the Telugu movie, I chose to watch the one with Rajkummar (in general, I try to watch the original, but it’s the same director as for the Telugu “Hit”…and I love to watch Rajkummar performing). “Monica” is a class apart (and an adaptation of a Japanese novel!)…a treat to watch if one likes dark humour movies.


      • Oh, forgot… I would like Ayushmann doing more movies like Andhadhun or Article 15… Maybe Margaret could make a portrait of him … and Rajkummar, too (or did she already…have to take a search-look).


    • I loved RRR, but never made it through Bahubali. No kids in Bahubali, kids being torn from their families definitely keep me interested. Also, I think RRR was a world I recognized more, so could appreciate the over the topness of it. The unclear right and wrong of seeing the clear hero leap into the crowd to bring in a man innocent of all but throwing a rock at a photo. Throw me some shades of gray and I’m hooked. Maybe one day I’ll actually see all of Bahubali.


      • Oooo, I made you watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan didn’t I? I find that movie so smart because the makers said “what is the one group that isn’t into Salman Khan? Older mother types! what will suck them in? World’s cutest little child in danger!”


  9. I watched the Lindsay Lohan movie – you know, Overboard in the snow, but instead of dirty rowdy boys there is a sweet girl with perma joy on her face (yeah her mom is dead but Christmas is just JOYFUL – ALWAYS), and no one swears and everything is very very clean, supa clean, and money is an issue but NOT when it comes to Christmas decorations – poor lowly resorts can put up decorations that put Marriots and Hiltons to shame.

    A clean Christmas Overboard without an ounce of chemistry and not a single 3 dimensional character, well actually Lindsay’s dad actually seemed to have the most angles to him, I guess he is a good actor. Also the main characters, were not likeable. Did I like the supposidly perfect dad and struggling resort owner? Nah, it would be like liking a paper cut-out. Did I like Lindsay? I’m not sure what there was to like? When the kiss actually came it felt like I was watching siblings go at it, who (thankfully) really didn’t want to. I will say both actors did give good longing looks to the camera, just not eachother in any actual scene.

    And yet I watched the whole thing. I like fancy Christmas decorations.

    Later I saw The Christmas Prince movie, it’s decorations were so LAME! And the Royal Party looked like it took place in a cafeteria. But the chemistry was much better between the lovers, and the brother. Loved the brother. And one of the nurses. NO set budget, but better actors (or a better director & writers).

    But ONE more rant about the Lohan movie and it’s cleanliness. The Characters were sitting on a chair in the lobby, making paper snowflakes (which they clearly weren’t going to hang anywhere or put up because it would totally diminish the major money decoration effect they had going) – anyway making the paper snowflakes NOT on a table, or even over a bowl on their lap, but just over the rug. As if they didn’t KNOW there would by tiny little pieces of paper ALL OVER their lobby with just ONE single snowflake. Almost as if they had NEVER actually made paper snowflakes before, or certainly had never cleaned up after other people made paper snowflakes. Also when they had hot chocolate they tossed little marshmallows all over the floor, a floor with carpets, with guests walking back and forth. But you know there were money issues so I guess there were no guests, and they assumed they weren’t going to step on any and create perma marshamallow carpet spots?


    • Oh! For my tree, I made paper snowflakes for the first time since I was maybe 8. And it took me halfway through to realize I should be doing it over something, and then to vaguely remember that Mom used to do something strange and mom-like, like taping newspaper to the kitchen table, before we did our Christmas crafts. Never made sense to me, and now it does!

      Also, remember when you’d put so much glue and glitter on the snowflakes that they break under the weight when you pick them up?


      • Oh yes, glue weight is death to computer paper. This is the BEST less expensive art paper – though it is more expensive now than it was when I purchased it in 2021. It won’t crumble under glue, and can do water color and tempura paint. In fact I just re-ordered it because we ran out. That said, it is too thick for snowflakes. Snowflakes like cheap paper- or wax paper – or parchment paper.


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