Dilip Kumar Early Birthday Post! Pick a Prop!

Silly post, but if Dharmendra got one his “big brother” Dilip should get one too. Also, I suspect there is SOMEONE out there who has an attractiveness to Dilip.

Dilip Baseline! Charming eyes, tall, thick hair, graceful, cane

Dilip with Whip

With Hoe

With bling

Dilip with scarf

Dilip with Finger

Dilip with Dev Anand

With Yarmulke

With Saira Banu

With Vest

With Piano, Nargis, and Raj

And finally, with SRK!!!!





My choices, Dilip with Whip!

And SRK 3


10 thoughts on “Dilip Kumar Early Birthday Post! Pick a Prop!

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  2. He seems to me an actor you would have to see in action, because the still show a giant head on sticks. Of course that is an exaggeration, but keep in mind, I’ve never seen him in action.

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