I Made a Gingerbread House!!!

I invited a friend over last night to make a Gingerbread House!!! My sister got me a kit and I knew it might be tricky so I should have another set of hands. And it was tricky, but also fun, and then I raided my dollhouse for additional props.

I should say, my friend is a semi-professional theater costume/set/make-up artist. And also a wee bit snarky, thus her request to put a surprise in the back yard of the house.





Close up on Surprise

5 thoughts on “I Made a Gingerbread House!!!

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  2. Mid Century Modern Christmas House! I always look at MCM stuff and try to like it because it is the style of my house, but my house is not the best of the style. That said, my fake wood panelled walls are now “cool” in my mind because they are 1956 orginals!


    • I discovered, while building a gingerbread house, that mid century modern is REALLY easy to build. No wonder it was so popular!!! It’s just a series of planes laying on top of each other, way easier than building a victorian gingerbread house or even a current modern style gingerbread house.


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