TGIFF: Shahrukh at KIFF! Just a Bunch of Pictures!

TGIFF! Another very stressful work week, end of year tasks are the WORST, so I am going to reward myself with a nice SRK post inspired by the links Angie posted to his speech at the Calcutta film festival.

Shahrukh and Rani

Shahrukh being Thinky

Shahrukh being Charming

Shahrukh being Serious

Shahrukh being Respectful

Shahrukh Carressing the Microphone

And of course, Shahrukh being thoughtful and intelligent

And if you really wanna crush on him, check out this list of his Top Ten Quotes:


10 thoughts on “TGIFF: Shahrukh at KIFF! Just a Bunch of Pictures!

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  2. Oh man. Missed his presence.

    “It [cinema] allows us to know each other better, in a way it is best placed to sustain a collective counter-narrative that speaks to the larger nature of humankind, a narrative that brings to the fore humanity’s immense capacity for compassion, unity and brotherhood.”

    How’s that for a mission statement?

    And also:

    “Meeting the world at the world of cinema is the call of the day, not just meeting, but also using the power of cinema as a vehicle for people of different culture, colour, caste and religion to better understand each other.”

    Yes, please. All of this.

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  3. Intelligent, charming, and sweet as always. I have to limit myself to three adjectives or I would just gush about him all day. How anyone can not love him is beyond me. Everything he said was absolutely true, and also the classiest possible response to the boycott gang and all his other haters. In fact, his whole demeanor throughout the event reminded me of the “unbothered. moisturized. happy. in my lane. focused. flourishing.” meme. I’m just so glad that his light is back in the world.

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