2022 Best Of Awards! Best Deepika Song Released in 2022!

Yes, this does include Pathaan! Because the songs came out this year. I know, we didn’t really like them, but if you are an SRK TruFan, you can still vote for them.

“Besheram Rang”





My favorite as a Music video visual, “Current”. Super fun!

My favorite as a song, “Gehraiyaan”. It’s so dreamy and translike.


16 thoughts on “2022 Best Of Awards! Best Deepika Song Released in 2022!

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  2. “Current”!

    I had heard the Tamil equivalent of “Jhoome Jo” since that’s what Angie had initially posted here. I find I like the Hindi version much better as a song, though it’s still not particularly Deepika-y.


  3. She looks like she is having the most fun in Current, but it bothers me a bit now when they speed up dance moves. I mean, if it is too fast for even the professionals how can the plebs try and immitate it? It isn’t fair. (I noticed this first in RRR and it has been bothering me ever since).

    My favorite is Jhoome Jo Pathaan, I like the city setting, but I wish there was more of SRK actually dancing. I love Deepika’s outfit.

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  4. 1. Jhoome de Pathaan
    2. Doobey (the song is dreamy and I love how beautiful Deepika is in her simple, casual clothes. She doesn’t need those trashy swimsuits from Besharam Rang)


  5. Doobey as a song, it’s catchy and chill, feels like a vibe a lot of songs are going for at the moment. I liked Jhoome Jo Pathaan when I watched the video, but when it came up in my playlist it grated a bit. For dancing, Cirkus.

    Why do you think they had her in so many straight up pop songs this year? Just a coincidence or is that the way the music trends are blowing? Feels like either historical epic or all modern.


    • I’d say either very pop sounding, or retro. Cirkus was all about retro sounds and looks and stuff, very nostalgia and “see how great things were back then!” vibe. And then Pathaan and Gehraiyaan are all modern pop sounding things. I guess new songs with the big classical film music treatment aren’t “cool”? You have to make it retro to get away with it?


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