2022 Best of Awards! Best WatchAlong!

I’m being scientific here, and just pulling the watchalongs with the top number of comments. Highly recommend you skim through all the comments on all the posts and then place your pick! Just click on the name of the movie to find the post.


My favorite comment:

(Shelomit) “Always with the splintery pieces of wood!”


Favorite Comment:

Kainaat: “Nirupa you’re sending your sons to their death to save your scumbag husband :(“


Favorite Comment:

Popka: “Listen, sometimes you just wanna cause weird bath orgies”


Favorite Comment

Kirre: “Akshay, ruining the mood, as per usual”

Love Love Love

Favorite Comment

Genevieve: “oooh – and now the whole rape is worse than death thing that always pisses me off – also watch the bad guy worship Juhi’s groin.”

Happy New Year

Favorite Comment

Elin Star: “THANK YOU FARAH Because Sonu cant undo giant plumbing pipes in a sewer without stripping off, we all appreciate that”


Favorite Comment:

Elin Star: “Hush girls, he’s ACTING”

Satyamev Jayate 2

Favorite Comment:

Filmikudhi: “Nope. They were born out of the womb with a sixpack.”

18 thoughts on “2022 Best of Awards! Best WatchAlong!

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  2. We had some good times, didn’t we ( ; For me it’s got to be “Aarzoo.” I had NO CLUE what was coming in that movie. Seeing it unfold while you-all internet-screamed in real time, and while I was also screaming on the internet and frequently in real life, was one of the most compellingly strange experiences I’ve had this year.

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  3. I’m gonna say that Rajkumar was such an amazing eye-opener of a film. Indian Robin hood with double roles and everything. And wasn’t that the movie with the rubberband fight in an arena? I would not have seen it if it hadn’t been for the watch a long, and I am SO GLAD I saw it. And just to highlight some of the fabulous comments:

    Oh shit there’s Danny he’s chained up why isn’t this the whole movie – Popka

    Ooooo, Naseerji changed capes to visit Aruna Irani-The Witch.-Margaret
    Only the best for our lady ( ; – Shelomit

    Oh, poor Farida, your son is dead. But maybe you and Danny will have a thingy thing? -Margaret

    We all need to rethink our bath techniques. -Margaret

    this dialogue! I want to kill you, I want to sex you! -Filmikudhi

    Wait, they jumped out of a tower and landed perfectly on their horses? HOW???? -Margaret
    And more importantly without hurting the family jewels!-Filmikudhi
    Or breaking their horses’ backs : / -Shelomit

    Wait, Naseerji Twin ISN’T gay? My world is rocked. -Margaret
    He’s gay! He just doesn’t know it. -Filmikudhi
    overcompensating -Popka
    Here is what we’d call camp straight – Kirre

    I love that they make fun of Anil’s hairyness! -Filmikudhi
    And that it turns Naseerji on -Margaret
    Exactly. Definitely gay! -Filmikudhi

    Wait, now did Naseerji see through his disguise of a slightly different mustache on top of his normal mustache! -Margaret

    Where the heck are they hiding out????? -Margaret
    Somewhere where they can have sex. -Filmikudhi
    You are actually applying logic to this movie? -Kirre
    Ancient Egypt? -Popka
    An abandoned ship next to an abandoned swimming pool. -Me
    Scrolling down on this list of responses (all very reasonable answers to the question posed!) was a gift. -Shelomit

    It just hit me that they are giving Madhuri all these magical reasons to be overcome with desire around Anil, and for Anil the reason is just “it’s freakin’ Madhuri!” -Margaret

    Fie on you! -Popka

    Oh, great Toxic Mom suicide threats. -Lily

    DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR SWORD! Sheesh, it’s like fighting 101 -Margaret

    I could watch Danny slap people all day -Popka

    Whoa! Has Aruni always had laser powers? -Margaret
    Yes she used them to scare Naseer earlier -Popka
    Then why is she wasting her time selling love potions???? -Margaret
    Listen, sometimes you just wanna cause weird bath orgies -Popka
    The comment of the day ⬆️ -Angie

    Wait, Gay Naseerji is their buddy now? -Margaret
    But wearing a normal collar, so we can tell that he’s reformed. -Shelomit

    So the kids started watching at the giant rubber-band in a cage kick-fight – The 7-year-old said it would only be fun if he was the one doing the smashing. The um 16 year old pointed out that Madhuri’s stomach went over her dress in her possession dance – which is just problematic. The 10-year-old niece also got into the watching which was awesome. A giant fight broke out about who was the better actor, Shah Rukh Khan or Dwayne The Rock Johnson, and now the niece wants to know who Shah Rukh Khan is. I see Don in our future. The niece is much more sofisticated than her same age cousin – she doesnt actually think The Rock is a great actor. She prefers John Cena.

    Thanks for the watch-a-long! -Me

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  4. I am torn between Rajkumar and SMJ2, although I don’t think my comment was even close to being the best comment during that watchalong.

    I think I’ll land on Rajkumar. Seeing other people watch and comment on Rajkumar for the first time was amazing. It’s such a campy joyful movie!


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