2022 Best of Awards! Worst Movie of the Year!

This is really Brahmastra‘s to lose, but I want to be fair and at least make it a competition.

Radhe Shyam

Our hero has the power to see the future by reading palms!

Heropanti 2

Our hero is a master hacker or maybe he is not and sometimes he is with gangster and sometimes not?



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34 thoughts on “2022 Best of Awards! Worst Movie of the Year!

  1. I think Liger deserves to be on the list.

    It’s very hard to chose between Heropanti 2 and Radhe Shyam. In both there is absolutly no acting and logic and both plots suck. But at least Radhe Shyam has beautiful cinematography and looks little less messy. But it also cost 5 times more, and I hold a personal gruge agains it. We have so little romances nowadays. If this movie worked there could be so many nice movies funded. Over 300 crores thrown on “Einstein of palmistry” 😦 Heropanti 2 was just another Tiger movie, Radhe Shyam could be a change, that’s why I think it’s the worst (+Tiger’s face wasn’t photoshoped/cgi’ed, and I appreciate it in a movie)

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      • I vote Radhe Shyam also because I haven’t seen Liger.
        I read a lot about the latter and it really seems like a bad idea and movie, and I haven’t met a person who liked it. If we add all the trouble, money lost and police questionings I think it deserves to be on the list. If not the worst it’s definitely the most messed up film of 2022.


        • I actually like Ananya and Vijay and yet the movie was just terrible!!! And the worst part of it is that it didn’t have to be terrible. I completely blame the director. It would have taken minor tweaks do make it an awesome underdog story that we could all root for.


        • Yupp. I started the movie thinking it wasn’t bad and then it went downhill fast! I am so mad because sports movies with an underdog is my catnip. And I liked all the actors in it too so I should have been more forgiving. But nope. The director just made a mess out of it.


          • Sports movies are NOT my catnip – but I liked the idea of the stuttering boxer, and the girlfriend so clueless she doesn’t even realize he stutters. I just liked the idea of his character, I’m a sucker for the perfect human as a protector, but then not ALL PERFECT. Main Hoon Na style. Maybe I will try to finish it to create a real opinion!


  2. I agree with Angie.
    Thumbs down on all of them. I don’t like Kapoor and never expect much from Tiger. But what is going on with my darling Prabhas? Saaho and Radhe Shyam were busts despite their budgets and the Adipurush trailer is meh .
    Salaar? Project K? One can only hope.

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  3. I hated Hey Sinamika with Dulquer, Kajal, and Aditi Rao Hydari. But if we’re talking movies that released in Hindi, then I’ve got to probably say Liger.


    • Hey Sinamika is another “Who needs good plot and acting if we just can put pretty people in pretty clothes” film. Dulquer was cute as a house husband so I didn’t hate it, but yes, it was kinda forgettable.

      And for Love Today , I really liked it. I’m surprised you hate it.


      • Tbh with Hey Sinamika, the acting gave me such a headache. And Dulquer wasn’t even pretty enough with the long hair!

        I’ll admit that Love Today was well directed and had good music but I hated the writing choices so much more.


  4. I didn’t hate Radhe Shyam that much. The cinematography was beautiful; too beautiful, granted, and a giant waste of money, but there must have been worse this year. The palm-reading thing was daft, but at least it was original, I think. The budget was the real problem. I don’t how they ever thought they’d recoup that 300 (:o) crore.

    I haven’t seen the others, though. I’m on a lifetime Ranbir boycott, and I object to watching 2s before originals, and I’m not going to watch Heropanti. I’ll check out how terrible Liger is tonight!


  5. Here’s the thing, Brahmastra had redeeming qualities – the songs, the background score, the SRK cameo, and genuinely good VFX.

    Radhe Shyam had none. So it has to go to Radhe Shyam.

    Heropanti 2 was a complete, total and utter mess, but it managed to be so damn bad that it is worth watching to make fun of all the implausibilities.

    Radhe Shyam neither has redeeming qualities, nor does it go into the “so bad its watchable” territory. It is just bad.


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