Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me 16 Days Before Pathaan?

Happy Pathaan trailer release day!!!! Not that I expect it to be a huge surprise in any way, SRK is a spy, Dips is a spy, John Abraham is evil, action-action-action. But still, fun to see more SRK, right?

Here is where you ask me anything from “what is your Pathaan plan?” to “what should I expect opening night of a new SRK movie?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions!

Now, question for you! It’s Farah and Farhan’s shared birthday! Between the two cousins, who do you prefer as a director?

This is a REALLY HARD question!!!! I like them both so very much. But I think I will give the edge to Farah just barely because her films make me happier than Farhan’s. Although of course the best of all worlds is when they work together.


20 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me 16 Days Before Pathaan?

  1. Question: Has Ayushmann Khuranna ever played a nice person / not an asshole? I started Doctor G few days ago and he, as usuall, plays a jerk. Is there a movie where he plays a good friend, supportive boyfriend or a kind son?

    From other news – the much awaited Shakuntalam trailer dropped today. It looks so bad, but I would watch it First Day First Show if I could for Dev Mohan and those fake peacocks.


    • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I love Shakuntala!!! And the best answer I can come up with for Ayushman is Article 15. He’s not his usual lame person, he’s a different kind of person.


    • Don’t mind the fake peacocks. Mohan’s muscles are REAL!

      SRK’s Insta/Pathaan posts are dreamy. The body rips are real, but his face is 20 years younger. A little snip and tuck?

      I find Farah’s work stunning and perfect; Farhan’s is uneven and full of surprises. Genius or hack, one never know what to expect and like that better.


  2. Farhan is the better director but Farah makes me happier. So I also pick Farah.

    My question for you is what is the best female fantasy film? Mostly because I want to watch a female fantasy.


  3. Watched Tasra Vs Bilal, and I CANNOT RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH!! So so good! So Queer friendly, and the romance is just so so cute! It’s on Netflix.

    And I choose Farah because her movies make me happy, and I rewatch them more.

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    • Oh yes. Tara vs Bilal has so many good things we like and are sadly not very common : good chemistry, a lot of emotions, muslim hero who is just a normal guy, gay relationship. Let’s keep recommending it, because I want Margaret to watch it and write a review. Saira, Filmikudhi and me are already in the fan club.

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  4. I love Farhan’s movies and for a while I had a huge crush on him so I am going with Farhan! But I also adore Farah, so I will say her song and dance sequences are so much fun and better than Farhan’s.


  5. Farah and Farhan are cousins? I had no idea. Zoya is better than both, but I’ll go Farah before Farhan and they are all amazing and I love them and want them to keep working forever.

    My question, what is colder, rain or snow? I vote rain. Rain is @#$!^% freezing. And in places that aren’t used it it so annoying. I subbed a second grade class today, and needed to walk them to the bus. But the bus was late and there was NO COVERED spot to wait, just me and second graders in sweatshirts getting soaked. So lame. I want snow.


    • Agree! Rain is both wetter and heavier than snow.

      Farah and Farhan lived together for a bit as kids! After Farhan’s Mom left his Dad, she moved in with her sister for a while.


        • His Mom left his Dad. Farhan’s Dad Javed is a recovering alcoholic, his mom Honey left him and took the kids because of the drinking, fighting, general badness. And then after she left, he got sober and married Shabana. He and Farhan’s Mom are still great friends to this day. His Mom is also a very difficult woman, everyone acknowledges that including herself. So she was the “good” stable safe parent while his Dad was drinking, but now that Dad is sober and remarried, suddenly Dad and Shabana are the “good” stable supportive parents and his Mom is just a bit hard to be around. I find this whole dynamic fascinating. Especially once you throw in that Farah’s parents broke up too. So for a while they had a household of 4 kids and 2 single parents, plus their single aunt Daisy Irani.

          Daisy was a child star, worked hard from age 6, and was abused and assaulted as a child. She kept her younger sisters from child acting, but Honey went on to be a character actress as an adult and met and married scriptwriter Javed Akhtar (despite all their friends saying it was a bad idea because they were too alike and fought all the time). The third sister never acted and married a producer. He went bankrupt and left her and her kids, Honey left her husband for the drinking and moved in with her sister, Daisy kept acting and helped support them, Honey started writing scripts to help pay the bills, and then Farah (the oldest of the kids) started a dance troupe for extra money while she was in high school/college and went on to be the top choreographer in the industry. Meanwhile Javed got cleaned up and back in his kids life and Zoya and Farhan got to have a privileged teen/college years and support to pursue to do whatever they wanted in their careers.

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          • Very cool! I knew that Javed’s kids seemed to get along well with Shabana, and that explains it.

            Oh! That’s why Farah Khan is a Parsi! (I guess she’s a Parsi? At least she’s Parsi-adjacent) Even though her name is Khan.


          • Yes! Farah’s Mom is an Irani. And with her Dad leaving and growing up with her Mom and her aunts, the Parsi identity is most prominent.


  6. Have to go with Farhan for the Dons.

    Q: What do you think is behind the RRR craze? I’m delighted for the movie, just surprised that it’s crossed over so much more than any other Indian action epic. And looking at this series of posts, it kinda feels like a real deal Oscar campaign driving press coverage?
    (Side note: thank god the new generation US entertainment reporters have gotten much better at writing about films from other industries. I actually learned things from both Variety articles.)

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    • I think the RRR craze is a pandemic/streaming effect. Streaming numbers are incontrovertible and equal access(so long as a film is actually dubbed/subbed and on a major service). RRR is on a major service, and with the pandemic the full audience is online (desi and non-desi Americans), so for once we have a clear impossible to ignore example of “this movie is a movie people are more interested in than American films”.

      You don’t have to deal with “can it get released in enough theaters to compete?” or “will the non-traditional audience be able to find it?” I’m really excited about this trend! I’ve been watching the way Korean shows have taken off and wondering if Hindi movies will get the same advantages. Like Hindi films, Korean shows have been popular and around for AGES, but they were slightly hard to find and didn’t get the boost from the streaming service recommending them, or making the dubs and subs easily available. Once they got a little publicity and were readily available, big big hit!!!! And yaaaaaay, RRR seems to be a test case for giving Hindi cinema the same treatment.

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  7. I will go with Farah as well, happy films with dancing.

    Maybe for his birthday, Netflix Japan just suddenly has a bunch of Farhan’s films (as an actor, director, and producer). So, ZNMD, Luck by Chance, Karthik Calling Karthik, Dil Chahta Hai, Talaash, and Honeymoon Travels are all up now! Looking forward to rewatches and a first watch of Honeymoon Travels! Did that happen in the US or just Japan?

    Another question: anyone else’s Einthusan acting weird? I paid my 25 dollars, but there are now pauses for commercials although there are no commercials. (So it plays the little wheel-like scrubbing thingie and it says “commercial” but then gets back to the film after about 2 seconds). I don’t remember this happening before. Does it happen for everyone?


    • Oooo, I just checked and it looks like Netflix US has some nice Farhan picks too. I haven’t had any einthusan issues, but I also haven’t used it in a while.


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