Pathaan Trailer! I Stayed Up Late To Watch It!

This message comes to you from The Past. I wrote a post so I could just slam the link to the trailer into it once it releases and I could go to bed, perchance to sleep.

My guess is that the trailer will give us a little more information on the plot of the film while still holding back a few twists. Either it will appear that SRK might be a double agent (but really he is gonna be just PRETENDING to be a double agent), or we will have hints of a mysterious past but no details (and then the film will have a flashback). John Abraham will get a big build up as the Big Bad, Dips will get a big build up as Sexy Action Star, and SRK will get a lot of cool one liners and stuff to introduce us to his character. It’s gonna be fast and flashy and action-packed and not a lot of romance or deep relationship sort of moments.

But of course, it’s a trailer. The idea is to give you a feel of what the film will be like, the vibe of it, more than anything else. There will be more plot that we have to watch the movie to see, surprise character revelations, and probably a few cameo moments and other fun sort of Easter eggs that they are holding on to for the full movie.

Okay, now I’ve seen the actual trailer! More patriotic than I expected, no hint of a twist after all, otherwise pretty much as predicted. And now, I get to go to bed!!!!

What do you think?


26 thoughts on “Pathaan Trailer! I Stayed Up Late To Watch It!

  1. Ack! I meant to watch the premier (2:30 pm my time) but got distracted by work and stuff.

    I love a movie in which someone says “Jai Hind” in tones of restrained menace.

    I know we’re all mostly looking at SRK, but is John aging like a fine wine or what? I think he looks fantastic. He looks leaner, like he’s stopped overdeveloping his upper back.

    I hope the actual movie has less of the crunchy bone-breaking sound effect that’s become so popular of late.

    I hope it comes out in theaters here.

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  2. I think it’s a good trailer. The movie looks like something SRK needed, very Jai Hind and stuff. I have my fingers crossed it will be a big hit. But personally I didn’t love it, because it’s not my kind of movie at all. If not for Shah Rukh I wouldn’t watch it. I’m more like “two people walks in the woods and talk about the feelings” person, and here there are too many explosions and helicopters. also I didn’t like that it seems like another “the country in in danger so we must call the guy we fired eons ago” plot.
    If it arrive here, I will go, but if not I won’t cry.

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  3. Yay he looks good!!! Was worried for a minute there after the songs.

    So who’s gonna double-cross whom? I think Deepika might be the one. And John might not be the bad guy?


      • I’m projecting based on War, it could also be as straightforward as shown in the trailer. SRK certainly isn’t the bad guy.

        I just realized – has any other movie featured as many dimples? The 3 leads + Dimple Kapadia, it’s insane!

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        • HA! Maybe it will turn out all the characters are SRK in disguise and he can change everything about his appearance except the dimples. Or else, John and Dips are the same person with the same Dimples.

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          • Ooh fun! Dimples are the bane of his existence, the reason he got caught was because he couldn’t hide them! And now, as if the fates are mocking him, his arch enemy also possesses them. More than John, he hates his dimples. As another test, his superspy partner, who may or may betray him, also has gorgeous dimples! Can he resist them?


  4. My kind of movie! Pure escapism with gorgeous people. And SRK! Whether it’s a blockbuster or it stinks up the joint, I’m going to love it.


  5. This movie only interests me for the stars and the Yash Raj polish. I liked War, but I didn’t love it as an actual story. John Abraham does look very good and surprisingly well-cast as this kind of villain. SRK is having fun and that’s what makes him spark on screen. Deepika clearly has a couple of great moments…that snarky expression was fun right before her name popped up. I really hope there are more than two songs though like in War!

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    • And I do think that I will be seeing it in the theaters. My Indian film buddy and I are back going at least once a month and she will want to see it. We are going to see Kuttey this weekend and I kind of can’t wait! I’ve been enjoying the Arjun and group interviews for the movie so far. Fingers crossed that his performance is well-received because this is the genre for him, I think. I was looking at wikipedia last night and someone had been messing with the Kuttey page and making fun of Arjun by editing the page and calling him an aloo paratha with butter! Poor guy…I know he’s a nepo baby, but he’s my favorite nepo baby! I feel terrible, but I did notice he’s looking a little rounder again in recent interviews. I certainly don’t mind, but I wonder if that and the long hair are for a part and which one? Would love to see the long hair down not pulled back on him…SRK may be starting a delicious trend!


  6. Awwww – SO BUMMED I live in the middle of nowhere! Who knows when I will be able to see it. It looks so good. Most excited about Dips character, it looks real, not arm candy and as her whole persona in the trailer is different from my perceptions of her in other roles, I feel like she is turning into an amazing actress.

    Also the whole YRF spy universe at the beginnning, like a Marvel franchise is fun, and makes me look forward to the future. And the relief of a Muslim Indian hero is … God I hope the movie is a hit.

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    • Good news is, it definitely looks like the kind of movie your boys would enjoy! So you can watch it streaming at home as many times as you want.


  7. SRK looks great (the hair!!) and so does Deepika. I’m not keen on flying and…whatever that rocket thing they were zooming around on towards the end was. They look superhero-filmy to me and make me think it’s not my kind of film, but I’m still praying for it to come to a cinema within a decent travelling distance of my little town (and am repeatedly refreshing cinema chain pages to check). Laal Singh Chadda was shown in the cinema here, I’m guessing due to Khan-comeback expectations, so I’m hoping Pathaan will be too.

    I hope we get a -little- romance, too.


  8. Idk, this felt like it was trying too hard to be an indian Mission Impossible movie. But I wasn’t really a fan of the War trailer either and then ended up enjoying the movie a lot so I still plan on seeing Pathaan.


  9. Agree with Miss Braganza about John as a villain, he looks perfect. A good villain is essential in these stories if the plot is going to hold up at all.

    Curious how Deepika will do in a full action role with fight scenes and everything. I feel like they swapped out Priyanka’s character from the Dons and swapped in Deepika. She looks fantastic though, and she does the sardonic edge better. Also she’s physically bigger, which helps with fighting and looking imposing. Hoping for enough shared screentime with SRK to develop an actual relationship arc instead of leaning on their charisma and comfort with each other.

    SRK…phew. Happy to see you back, sir!

    The action looks War-style totally over the top, intentionally scaled way past real. Like no normal guns, everything is a rocket propelled grenade or a helicopter mounted mega gun. Not just a motorcycle chase, a motorcycle chase ON ICE, with EXPLOSIONS.

    Definitely seeing it in the theater with my friend and my kids. My husband thinks he’s not coming but we’ll see.


  10. Honestly, the trailer slightly disappointed me only cuz there was no plot, just vibes. That being said, it didn’t damper my excitement for the movie at all. Dips looks great, looks like a meaty role for a woman in this type of film, the action looks War-esque, which is gonna be great, and of course, SRK is perfect. My dad and I have been counting down the days until when we can go to the theater for it.


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