M.M. Keeravani Post: How Does DCIB Know the New Golden Globe Winner?

Thanks to a suggestion from Kainaat, I’m doing a quick dive into Keeravani, especially his Hindi soundtracks that I knew and loved without knowing they were him.

Who is M. M. Keeravani??? He’s born into a multi-generation film family (Nepotism! EVIL! Or, you know, not). The family includes directors, producers, writers, and composers. His cousin is Rajamouli, and his uncle is V. Vijayandra Prasad (Rajamouli’s Dad, who wrote the screenplay for his films, and for other films we love like Bajrangi Bhaijaan). His career story is pretty familiar to those of us who follow Indian film, trained through apprenticeship to other music directors, got a chance to write his own stuff fairly young, slowly made his way up the heirarchy of music directors in Telugu cinema, did a few gigs for Hindi films for producers looking for different sounds, had his stuff dubbed into Tamil and got popular through out the south, is now solidly at the top of the industry with more Hindi jobs although he sticks pretty close to Telugu most of the time.

DCIB knows him mostly through his work with Rajamouli, he did Eega and Magadheera and Bahubali 1 and 2. And Chatrapati and Yamadonga and other Rajamouli stuff that DCIB doesn’t love as much.

In Hindi, drumroll please, he did PAHELI!!!!! Our beloved Paheli! An all time DCIB fave, particularly for the music!

Oh, and also Jism. Which is a personal song video fave for me, even though I’ve never seen the movie. John and Bips are so hot, and the songs are so catchy.

Okay, I’m gonna put in a bunch of song videos, but be warned that youtube is mean so the links may not display:


“Magadheera”, super cute love song “Naa Kosam”

Bahubali, “Dhivara”

Bahubali 2 Swan Boat song! “Hamsa Naava”

Jism! Which, yes, means, exactly what you think it means. Check out Bips seducing John in “Chalo”!

And finally, Paheli!!!! Obviously “Dheere Jalna”

And that’s Keeravani! Which song is your favorite?


8 thoughts on “M.M. Keeravani Post: How Does DCIB Know the New Golden Globe Winner?

  1. Other favorites – the Krishna lullaby from BB2, Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai from Jism.

    As Manasi said above, Tu Mile Dil Khile and Gali Mein Chand were favorites growing up (weirdly both feature Nagarjuna, I’ve never seen any of his films)

    The Dhokha soundtrack is pretty good, especially Anjaana with KK

    Also Khoobsurat from Rog (remake of Laura with Irrfan, pretty meh!)


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