Sunday WatchAlong: Double XXL? Tara and Bilal? Some Other Movie I Should Watch?

I was gonna get better this week about watching and reviewing new movies, and then literally half the staff at work got sick (’tis the season for colds, apparently), so I barely have time to write this post. WatchAlong now looks like my best bet for seeing some of the cool films y’all are recommending!

Double XXL

We almost watched it, until Kirre reminded us of her BIRTHDAY last week so she got to pick. You are telling me it is cute, friendship, supportive guys.

Tara and Bilal

After Sanam Teri Kasam last week, are we in the mood for more Harsh?

Some Other Movie

I’ve watched almost nothing new for months, so there’s lots I’ve missed. And Netflix just bought a bunch of Telugu things I’ve never seen. What’s out there that we should try?


14 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: Double XXL? Tara and Bilal? Some Other Movie I Should Watch?

    • But also, the family is irritating! On hte other hand, apparently the Mom is irritating in Double XXL. We need more movies where parents get told off and ignored forever.


      • No, if you watch the film, you’ll see that the family is actually really sweet+supportive. They’re not perfect but they’re not irritating. It’s really such a happy serotonin film and has such cute LGBTQ representation. You must watch it.

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  1. Kirre I love you, but your beloved birthday movie had a young girl abandoned by her father and then dead of a brain tumor. So I am now suspicious of all “great” Harsh movies. Thus my vote is anti Harsh and for Double XXL.


  2. This is hard for me. T v. B probably has the less irritating family but the more problematic hero. However, I can’t help but compare this movie to Hasee Toh Phasee because despite the problematic premise, the chemistry makes much of it forgivable.

    The mother in Doubke XL is terrible IMO but I do LOVE the female friendship in the movie and I actually didn’t mind the styles because the women acted so confidently and the clothes were so brightly colored and fun.

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  3. As filmikudhi said, both movies are fun and have something nice. It depends on what do you want to watch more: a love story or friendship story.


  4. I watched both recently, and could happily tolerate either again, although Tara vs Bilal was my favourite of the two. I am a bit blinded by Harshvardhan’s beauty, so it may not be completely objective!


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