Pathaan Week Brackets: Most Manly SRK, Penultimate Round!!!!

Woot! I am thrilled that I have judged my DCIBers correctly. Don, dumped in round 1. Feminist calm unemotional hockey coach Kabir, could make it all the way!

Round 1


Major Ram

Round 2

Mohan (this was a squeaker!)

Real Life SRK

11 thoughts on “Pathaan Week Brackets: Most Manly SRK, Penultimate Round!!!!

  1. 1, Kabir
    2, real life

    (OMG have you seen Pathaan yet when does your review go up how long do I have to bite my tongue what am I supposed to *do* with all of this excitement and thoughts and feelings arghhh)


  2. Kabir
    Real SRK (he has always taken care of his sister, I think. I guess I don’t really know about those early poverty years. Well what ever, he didn’t come looking for her after he found success lonesome. I guess I dislike that aspect of the Mohan character more than the unknown of SRK).


    • If Mohan’s big issue is not taking care of family, then SRK for real is the guy for you! Takes care of his sister, his wife, his kids, and now his mother-in-law too since his father-in0-aw died.

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