Very SRK Valentine! Top Jodi Films Versus Each Other (SRKajol is listed twice)

Okay, you had your chance to rank the top films for each major Jodi, now they are going head to head! Which fictional couple is most SMOKING SEXY???

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Rahul and Anjali

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Rahul and Anjali

One 2 Ka 4, Arun and Geeta

Paheli, Ghost and Lachchi

Om Shanti Om, Om and Sandy/Shanti

Jab Harry Met Sejal, Harry and Sejal

Who’s the winner for you????

24 thoughts on “Very SRK Valentine! Top Jodi Films Versus Each Other (SRKajol is listed twice)

  1. Is this ranking or do we choose one?

    1. K3G (I am nothing if not predictable)
    2. 1 2 Ka 4
    3. Jab Harry
    4. KKHH (as I’ve stated before, I CANNOT with Kajol’s turned on face. Please just own your sexuality, it works so much better for her!!)
    5. OSO, mostly because they weren’t together.


  2. Probably Rani and SRK in Paheli out of these choices, followed closely by Kajol and SRK in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. If Dilwale was on this final list I may have picked that one.

    However, I think he had much better chemistry with Preity in Veer-Zaara and in the song in Dil Se than a lot of the other combos in this and the last post:)

    Also, part of me thinks he may have had the best chemistry with Shilpa Shukla in Chak De India in one scene than in any other moment in these films:)

    I’m kind of just stirring the pot, but I also kind of think that I will truly only really think SRK is sexy when he sets aside the aw, shucks romantic lead and brings the zaddy potential he showed in Chak De India and Dear Zindagi and to a certain extent in Pathaan. I enjoyed Jab Harry Met Sejal but the rewatch didn’t hit for me in that area like it did for others here. I’m still holding out for a SRK hero that brings the sexual chemistry and the character sophistication and doesn’t rely on the SRK “brand.” Of his generation, Ajay is the only one that has ever actually brought the sex appeal for me in multiple roles. (But I do suppose it’s less about his chemistry with his female leads since I can’t name a favorite pairing of his, and more about his brooding magnetism.) But of the younger generations, occasionally Hrithik and Abhishek, and then sometimes Shahid, Ranbir, and Ranveer have ever truly created sexual chemistry with their love interests. Arjun for me combines both innate sex appeal and the ability to create sexual tension with his co-stars in a way that no other actor in the Hindi film industry has. I may lose credibility here on that last statement (except with Angie!), but think about it…his brooding macho teddy bear thing (very similar to Ajay and I guess I have a type) plus his ability to have some pretty sexy scenes with Parineeti, Alia, Sonakshi, Kareena, Deepika, and the chick in Aurangzeb (sorry can’t remember the actress’s name)…it’s actually pretty unprecedented:)

    Back to SRK, I hope that mature romance we all want him to do someday really lands in the sexual chemistry department. I don’t think it will work with any of the actresses we’ve mentioned so far…it’s got to be a Tabu or a Vidya(!) or someone like that.

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  3. JHMS until my dying day 🔥💘
    And an honorable mention to Paheli.

    Also I fricken love that there’s so many choices and so many different opinions on them, we are most deliciously spoilt. Desire in a hundred flavours 💙


  4. My ranking would be:

    1.) KKHH- I am sucker for romances where they start out as best friends. Plus, the whole second-chance-at-luck is also really beautiful so they’ll forever win. The gazebo-scene also still has my heart racing like crazy!

    2.) K3G- It’s giving Romeo and Juliet but only one side of the family is behaving like an asshole. But just the relationship as a whole is incredibly wholesome as a whole and encapsulates in my opinion the chemistry of Shah and Kajol the best.

    3.) JHMS- I’ll never forget how you called this in a Yt video Shah’s Most “sexiest role” and I kind of agree. His chemistry with Anushka is just sizzling to watch. Plus, a good May/December romance always gets me good.

    4.) OSO- It would probably would be ranked higher if Deepika und Shah would’ve been able to explore their romance more. I do love the whole sacrificial part of it all though. Also some of the most magical “longing gazes” in modern Hindi film history!

    5.) Paheli- Unfortunately my least favorite Shah/Rani movie but nonetheless a unique paranormal romance. Their chemistry is always a treat to watch; love how they can go from innocent to sexy real quick.

    6.) One2K4- My favorite Shah/Juhi movie as I actually don’t really like any of the movies they did together (sorry). This is the only film that made me believe in their sexual chemistry; as they usually felt more like good friends than lovers to me. Have to rank their romance in this list the lowest though as he gets a bit physical with her ugh


  5. KKHH Rahul and Anjali!!! Because pyar dosti hai (love is friendship) and it was smoldering even after 8 years when both parties had matured and lived through heartbreak and grief.
    To be fair, I’m not even paying attention to Kajol, since I read your the post about the gazebo scene, I’m obsessed with SRK in it. Hahaha.


  6. Smoking hot ranking would be:
    1. JHMS
    2. KKHH
    3. One 2 Ka 4 (I’m a Juhi fan and I remember them getting a little spicy? it’s been a while since I watched)
    4. Paheli
    5. K3G (I think the problem is I like older Rahul better but they’re not really sexy in the London part)
    6. OSO (hot but not bc of the jodi)


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