Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me on Sid and Kiara’s Wedding Week????

Happy Monday!!! And thank you Filmikudhi for sending me messages to make sure I know about Sid and Kiara’s wedding. So nice for them!

Here is where you can ask me anything you want from “what is the Kiara-Salman connection?” to “Why do you love Sid M so much?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions!!!

Now, question for you!!! Yesterday was Abhishek’s birthday, what is your favorite Abhishek role/Film?

Ooooo, this is tricky! I think favorite Abhishek role is Bunty, but favorite film is Guru. No wait!!! Kuch Na Kaho!!! I loooooooooooooooooooooove Kuch Na Kaho.


58 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me on Sid and Kiara’s Wedding Week????

  1. First, to answer your question, you already know that I LOOOOOOVE Kuch na Kaho. So that is probably my favorite Abhi film but I also love him in Bluffmaster so that may be a close second.

    Also, YAY for the Sid-Kiara wedding! Kirre and I have both been following it. Important update: Juhi has arrived looking amazing as usual! I will assume that Salman will show up at the wedding/reception?

    Here is a cute video of Sid and Kiara dancing at the pre festivities:


        • I am STRONGLY tempted to do either A Gentleman or Baar Baar Dekho again in honor of Sid. I know we’ve already watchalonged them, but I love them.



          • You could even do Jabariya Jodi and laugh at how misguided it was. I will say though that Parineeti is styled really fun and it has it’s moments!

            I don’t have a favorite Kiara movie yet, but she was interesting in Indoo Ki Jawani and very good in Lust Stories. Of course, Good Newzz and Kabir Singh were both good performances, but not rewatches for sure. I really liked her in Govinda Mera Naam but I fast forwarded through most of it. Just didn’t click but the attempt was interesting.


  2. Rikki Thukral from Jhoom Barabar Jhoom!

    My question is whether Anurag Kashyap’s time is over? Apparently he had a movie called Almost Pyaar With DJ Mohabbat come out last weekend and I have heard no buzz about it. I know I’m not keeping up with the Hindi film industry the way that I used to but I feel like an Anurag Kashyap directorial would have generated more hype. Anyway, here’s the trailer and I’m not really sure what to make of it…


    • Ooo, good question! I saw another Anurag thing recently that didn’t get much coverage. Could just be because he got rid of his production house? Maybe he doesn’t have the PR team and all that other backend support he used to have?


    • Almost Pyaar had a premiere on some Italian Film Festival few months ago and since then I was following the news and waiting for the release. The trailer is not good, I admit, but I will try to watch it as soon as it will be available for Anurag and Alaya. I think the little buzz is because Pathaan has all our attention now.


      • That’s a good point too about Pathaan. But I was under the impression that Anurag Kashyap had a strong niche following so it wouldn’t matter much.


  3. Also it looks like all the Dharma movies are leaving Netflix at the end of this month. Is their deal ending and where do you think the Dharma catalog will land next?


    • I think Dharma went from Netflix to Prime and then back again. My guess is either they swing back to Prime, or spend a wee while sitting on youtube for rent before deciding where to make their home next. I just really REALLY hope they don’t land in either Hulu/Hotstar or Zee5 purgatory. But I’m worried they might head for Hulu/Hotstar since that’s where Brahmastra is.


      • I am also hearing that Jio is coming out with a new movie app. This is why some movies like Bhediya and Vikram Vedha have not been released on any streaming platform yet. I really hope Dharma doesn’t go there! UGH!

        I agree with you though that I think Dharma is going to Hulu/Hotstar.


        • Oof, I really hope they don’t take the hulu/hotstar only route; it makes it impossible to watch things legally in my country (and lots of much bigger ones too).


          • Agreed. It’s marginally better here in the US but many of the movies don’t have subtitles, which is incredibly frustrating.

            I’m also really worried about it going to Zee or Jio.


          • Agree! I hate Hotstar. Zee5 is terrible, but at least it’s avaiable in all continents (or almost), if you subscribe and have a lot of patience you can watch it, while hotstar is like a dog in the manger.


      • Hmm, I never realized how bad Hulu/Hotstar was in other countries…

        Yeah, I hope they do go back to Prime. Especially since YRF is already there.


  4. I am honestly still a bit indifferent about the Sid-Kiara wedding lol like the wedding of Katrina and Vicky had me in tears but the Sid-Kiara thing almost feels like a weird, polished PR gig orchestrated by some Bollywood biggies. But we’ll,they do look quite beautiful together.. Anyways, I love Abhishek a lot and it felt good to read all the heartwarming messages he’s gotten on his birthday. I’ll definitely say that Kuch Naa Kaho is my favorite film he’s done with Aishwarya; so fun, light and moving! But my favorite performances overall of him might be him in Dostana, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna or (random pick) Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon!!


    • I don’t know why I didn’t fully connect with KNK or KANK. They’re both very good films, but I do also have a soft spot for Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon. Abhishek has such a good record when it comes to second leads, extended appearances, and cameos. Probably one of my favorites to see randomly pop up in something.


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  6. I think Sid and Kiara are cute! Kind of bland, but in a sweet way. Made me randomly list all of the filmi couples that exist today (with kind of a rule that at least one has to be an on-screen person and the other the same or in the industry). Here are the ones I could think of off the top of my head: Amitabh-Jaya, Dharmendra-Hema, Akshay-Twinkle (depends on if you include retired people), Ajay-Kajol, Saif-Kareena, Abhishek-Aishwarya, Ranveer-Deepika, Ranbir-Alia, Sid-Kiara, Vicky-Kat, Arjun-Malaika, Ali-Richa, Sunny-Dimple (we think!), Naseerudin-Ratna, Pankaj-Supriya, Zoya-Reema (broke my rules here but I really like them), Rajkumar-Patralekha…so who am I missing? I’m just picking living couples. That’s still a lot! It’s just the percentage of working actors/actresses that are coupled up with other actors/actresses/big filmi celebrities is just really high, even compared to other industries, including Hollywood, right?! It really is it’s own little incestuous, nepotistic world and I don’t mind at all! It’s part of the charm.

    My favorite Abhishek film: so hard to choose since after Saif and Hrithik, he completes the trifecta of my early fandom faves (and are all about the same age/my age!). I think I’ll pick Delhi-6. But my favorite role is definitely Robbie in Manmarziyaan.

    My other Abhishek films/roles would be Bol Bachchan, Dostana, Ludo, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, and Dasvi with Laaga Chunari Mein Daag and Salaam Namaste (for favorite cameo/extended appearance). Weird, that I don’t like the “K” movies! I’ve been thinking lately about my hall of fame movies for my favorite actors/actresses and it’s kind of fun to think about which are the movies/performances of theirs you couldn’t live without.


    • I started to try to think of couples for you, and then I realized it’s easier to think of film people who AREN’T married within the industry. It’s very much the norm to marry within. On the other hand, in addition to nepotism, I also think of it as kind of outsiders marrying outsiders going on. Like, Saif and Kareena both have such complicated public family histories and relationship histories, I don’t know if they could find anyone outside of the industry who could accept and understand that. Especially with actresses, if they want to keep working after marriage they sort of HAVE to marry within the industry because I don’t know if a husband outside of it would really understand what they do? That is, within the Indian wealthy upperclass blah blah specific society.


      • I think I covered most of the major ones in my list! No more have popped in my head, but I’m sure I’m missing some couples. If I had to put money on the next couple to marry, it might be on Aditya Roy Kapur and Kriti Sanon (aren’t they flirting or dating or something?). Who else is dating now that could marry?

        True about the outsider thing…look at Juhi Chawla for example. I think that’s why so many actresses that marry outside end up quitting acting permanently or temporarily. I’ve always thought Varun and Shahid (and Imran back in the day) were interesting for marrying outside the industry, but I think it really has to do with ego for the first two. Neither of them could handle having a more successful wife from the industry.

        If I had to chose between filmi royalty and real royalty (or Hollywood royalty) I would pick filmi royalty every time. The lineages and intermarrying and gossip are just as entertaining, plus you have the added bonus of watching their actual work on screen. After a very brief obsession with the English royals a while back, I find them incredibly boring lately (especially Harry and Meghan). The only way I want to see royals is in scripted film and tv like The Crown.


        • I heard a gossip that Kriti dates Prabhas. She denied, but also Sid and Kiara were denying only few weeks ago. BTW I find those lies annoying. Yes, it’s no one’s business who are you dating, but if you’re buying wedding clothes already , just admit you have a boyriend.


        • Heard speculation that Vijay Devrakonda and Rashmika Mandanna are dating. No idea if I spelled their names right, but maybe they’re next? They seem alright.


          • I think Vijay and Rashmika are dating because they posted photos from the same vacation resort some time ago. I’m a little sad because I wanted him to marry his white girlfriend but seems that they broke up few months ago,


  7. Question and ramble: have you read Shrayana Bhattacharya’s Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh? Because I was thinking about gender representation in Pathaan the other day, and then the chart Shrayana did of the % of dialogue in various hit films which is spoken by women, and wondering exactly how Pathaan compares to Tiger Zinda Hai (when before watching I’d expected more women speaky in TZH and less in Pathaan) and yeah then I had to go and attempt to measure it.

    So in case anyone’s interested in my rather unscientific analysis (no scripts online to wordcount, had to measure time spent physically talking instead), here’s the numbers.
    – Of a total 45:06 minutes spoken dialogue, about 32.02m is spoken by men, 13.04 by women; 71% to 29%
    – I *think* there are 10 male and 4 female characters who both speak and have a name in the film; roughly 71 to 29% again. But the nameless characters with spoken lines are almost all men (not just fighty goon people either; newsreader, doctor, hotel boy etc vs… just Ms Boobles?)
    – Assuming the numbers are about the same in text format (and really it felt like the dudes were often talking much slower than the women), then yes that’s more soundspace given to women’s voices than TZH’s 76 to 24%.

    – All of which really means nothing, except that I think it’s important to consider and have data on when talking about films. Especially when a strict character count by gender would include Jim’s nameless voiceless fridged wife.


    • Oooo, and if you really want to get fancy, you can also count non-spoken moments of audience connection. To jump off from your point a bit, I thought it was SO important that Deepika was cast as the lead in Pathaan. She brings her own star power and so on, but she also brings a great ability to connect with the audience and convey a message based on very little. The producer’s choice to cast her said “we want this character to feel like a real person, with complex layers”. And Dips delivered! Setting aside pure time spent speaking, I would also be interested in time she had in close ups, time we spent watching her face react to her emotions.


      • Yes! And Deepika’s eyes hold the camera so intensely and say so much. (Idc if they’re lava or oceans, just let me keep drowning in them please)

        That whole scene with her getting the handprint off mr sleazy says so much without words, wonderfully done. As do so many other moments.


  8. Okay a question for my all knowing and understanding of Indian film friends as well as general human kind – why when I see pictures of Sidharth and Kiara do I have an immediate feeling of disgust. I have never disliked Sidharth in the past, in fact I have quite liked him in a few films and was generally neutral towards the man in others. I do not know that I have ever seen Kiara in a film, I should have no reason to dislike her. But I definitely dislike her, and now I kinda dislike Sidaharth for being with her. It just feels so “fake”. But I don’t know enough to really judge this, I don’t really know enough to have these feelings. Yet after this last week I can’t pretend these feelings don’t exist. So all knowing friends – why do I feel this way?


    • Huh. IT could be your influence, but I just google imaged the photos and I also find them gross strangely. I love both people in the couple, Sid M of course is a favorite because he works hard and keeps his head down. Kiara I picked out as something special all the way in one of her early movies, Dhoni, when she was the second heroine and didn’t get much as a role. She is really extremely talented. But yeah, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad wedding photos. They give me a vibe of “look how cute we are” more than “look how cute you are, I love you.”

      Maybe it’s because they kept their relationship so private? Like, they aren’t used to being photographed or something, so they fell back on fake mannerisms? Or just a bad photographer? I don’t know, but there’s a vibe of “here we are, floating above everything on a big cloud of perfection”.

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  9. Question: Despite having seen Pathaan, I have not overcome my RRR kick. What suggestions do you (or anyone else on the blog) have for other Ram Charam or Jr. NTR movies that I would like? I don’t think I’ve seen any other project of theirs besides RRR and when I skimmed most of Magadheera. Temper looks kind of dumb, and I thought Simmba was just okay, so not sure if it’s even worth it. But any other suggestions would be appreciated!

    And if this is the Sid/Kiara wedding discussion post, can we talk about this video that was posted this morning???

    I watched it at 5:45 am, before I had done anything to get ready for work, and I cried. I’d been a fan of their jodi since Shershaah promotions started, let alone since the movie came out, and this sealed it for me. You can tell how playful they are with each other, and sweet, and they are so so in love. And they rewrote Ranjha just for the wedding! I melted. I am so unbelievably happy for them.


    • I would recommend Rangasthalam and Dhruva for Ram Charan. He’s had an weird career where he’s done a bunch of cliche Telugu action entertainers which were hits but his performances were not really memorable. But then suddenly he came out of nowhere with Rangasthalam and gave a career best performance and then topped it with RRR.

      I know a lot of people don’t like it but my favorite movie and performance of Jr NTR’s is Aravindha Sametha Veera Raghava. It’s not as entertaining as Trivikram’s movies tend to be but I really love the drama and the dialogues in it. Brindaavanam is also one of my favorites of Jr NTR but it’s also a cliche Telugu family masala movie with good songs.


      • Thanks! Do you know too where I can stream them? I wanted to check out Dhruva, and it’s on Hulu and Einthusan, but no subs. I know Rangasthalam is also on Einthusan, but something in the subs seemed to get lost in translation and felt off when I started watching it. I have Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+.


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