Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While My Home is Repaired!!!!

Ugh, I am dealing with such a mess today. On the other hand, I also get to go to a five year old’s birthday, so that will be fun.

Remember how I was planning to slowly work towards a new kitchen? Part of that was getting my old horrible fridge that came with the house taken away and replaced by a nice new small energy efficient fridge. That was supposed to happen yesterday and after world’s WORST delivery experience, all my kitchen cupboards are either moved into the dining room or destroyed, and I’m dealing with a massive leak problem which has to be fixed ASAP or else it will turn into a massive mold problem. Oh, and I never did get the new fridge, they just broke the old one and left.

So while I deal with All That, or rather try to emotionally recover and find the strength to deal with All That, y’all can talk about fun stuff!

Sid M and Kiara’s Wedding video

Dips and SRK’s face care video

Theories as to why SRK is now wearing silver bracelets! Which I didn’t even realize he was doing until y’all pointed it out. I’m going on either an Ayurvedic medicine thing, or a religious/superstitious suggestion thing, and either way instead of wearing an old school silver bracelet with religious writing, he’s gonna get world’s coolest bracelets.


35 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While My Home is Repaired!!!!

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  2. I am so sorry about your kitchen – One of the reason we keep repairing our fridge that I think we discovered is from 1997 (it came with the house when we bought it 8 years ago) is because replacing it is such a logistical pain. We are rural enough that we can’t get fridge delivery here, we could order a couple kinds from local hardware stores and pay $100 shipping, but they aren’t even the kinds we want. Currently our fridge freezes our vegetables. Spouse says he can fix it, but in the meantime, I limit my fresh vegetable purchases. No more bagged salads! Those don’t recover from a freeze. Except for kale, bagged kale does just fine after getting a bit frosted.

    I’m adding a link to an article I just read from Vox – it touches on this idea I had that the government’s attack on Aryan has actually helped Pathaan at the box office.


    • In the Chicago area, there is Abt. Possibly the greatest appliance store in the world. Owned by the same family for almost 100 years, workers tend to stay with them for decades, and any time you have a bad delivery story, the response you get from people is “why didn’t you get it from Abt?” Which I have now been told by EVERY PERSON I KNOW. And yes, I am getting a refund on this fridge and I have ordered my new one from Abt. I guess I should count my blessings, I live somewhere where I can safely and easily get any appliance I want delivered, so long as I listen to the wisdom of my elders and order from Abt. Sigh.

      Non-frozen veggies was one of the things I was looking forward to with a new fridge! For me, it’s not the quality, it’s the configuration. I’ve got a stupid double door fridge so the only way I can get all my food in is to shove it way far too the back of the fridge, and then my veggies freeze. Oh well, the Abt Men will save me.

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  3. well this is not related to the post itself but recently i was going through some posts on instagram and realised how much hate dips has been recieveing for the past year or so. while there are some political issues there no doubt i dont think its just that. idk man it just saddens me that even after doing so much hardwork for these many years she has to face so many filthy comments about her movies, roles marriage or even clothing choices these days. what are ur thoughts on it?


  4. well this is not related to the post itself but recently i was going through some posts on instagram and realised how much hate dips has been recieveing for the past year or so. while there are some political issues there no doubt i dont think its just that. idk man it just saddens me that even after doing so much hardwork for these many years she has to face so many filthy comments about her movies, roles marriage or even clothing choices these days. what are ur thoughts on it?


    • Is the hate coming from men or other women? I had noticed on Washington Post articles about India, if the author was a woman there would be a lot of misogynostic comments about her in the comments section. The articles could have multiple authors, but only the woman would be picked on. So it seemed like within a certain group, successful women were an open target. (To get an article in the Washington Post you have to be successful.)


  5. So sorry to hear about your fridge and kitchen problems. That sounds awful! Please let us know when you’re able to have it fixed, I’m wondering how things work here in the US (I’m New here), that just sounds messed up.

    Btw I’m all ready to watch Fan. I think I’ll be watching interviews about Fan after I watch Fan.


    • Ugh I wish I could watch Fan with y’all! Unfortunately I’m working tonight. If only it had been next month. I could literally watch Fan on repeat and never get bored. Aryan Khanna is my favorite performance of Shah Rukh’s and second favorite character. Also, full disclosure, drop dead gorgeous imo. No beard so I can actually see his beautiful face, perfect length hair, and with all the nice makeup and lighting and polish that comes with a movie. Uff… Now I’m gushing.
      Anyway, I love analyzing and dissecting those characters. They have so many layers and can be seen from so many perspectives. I hope you guys have fun!

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    • I should really count my blessings, it’s working fabulous. I mean, horrible people destroyed my house. But Wonderful People showed up literally within hours and fixed everything. And it didn’t cost extra or anything like that, this is their job and they were happy to help. Also, fingers crossed, my home owners insurance should cover the full cost. So really, I shouldn’t even complain.

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  6. Side note, the products in Deepika’s skin care range are not very “clean”. I was looking to buy the sunscreen but I’m so sensitive to chemicals and started to search each chemical and came up to hormone disruptors in it. So I’ve decided not to buy anything there 🤷🏻‍♀️


      • Two of the bracelts are from Cartier, so I don’t think black magic is involved. You may have discussed this elsewhere but what are the theories about the wedding ring ( on the other hand as it used to be ) being back?


        • Oh good, it’s not just me who saw the wedding ring! The explanation I always heard for it being gone is that SRK was afraid he would lose it taking it on and off for film shoots, so he just left it at home. Maybe it’s as simple that after 4 years not working, he’s used to wearing it all the time again?


  7. Question – late next month I will need to buy a TV. I’m wondering if you have any tips on which ones have best sound quality for watching movies at home? Or do you use a sound bar? If yes which one?
    Want a good setup for movie watching 😉


    • Last year my family bought a 72 inch Hisense from Amazon because it was onsale and Amazon actually had delivery to our rural area. The sound is kinda awesome and it doesn’t neeed a sound bar. Sometimes I wish we had Roku for their programming, but other than that it is great. The first one arrived damaged, so Amazon replaced it. That was a pain, and took a bunch of phone calls, but ultimately it worked. (we also bought the insurance) We went from watching movies on individual chromebooks to a giant TV this a huge step up that of course I think is great!


    • Shoot, I’m not the person to ask! I watch almost everything super low volume and with subtitles. I got used to it when I was living in crowded apartment buildings, and now I don’t know any other way.


  8. Ooof, my sympathies on the kitchen 😦 Problems like that are so demoralising and I wish I was closer to come lend a hand 💙

    The skincare video is amazeballs, such adorable!! I love them.

    Also love the bracelets, and the tasbeeh he’s wearing in that new vid. (Sidenote I do NOT love the watch, so much eww at the price of it.)
    I live in a bunch of heavy bangles because they’re the only thing that helps this crappy circulation problem my hands have (sounds like pseudoscience, I was doubtful, but they really work amazing) but since I started wearing them I’ve grown very fond of their other qualities too. (They jingle! Can shake them to music! Always right there to fidget with! Can rotate them endlessly!) So it would not surprise me if he started wearing a few for some purpose and then found himself picking up more because they are awesome lol.

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      • My hands have something called cold hypersensitivity – they have zero heat of their own and are icy cold all the time, vampire-style. If I do nothing to protect them then during the ten months of the year that it’s not completely swelteringly hot they get so cold I can’t use them properly and covered in frostburn blisters. I used to wear gloves, which helped but not enough and is such a hassle.

        Then someone said, “Silly white lady, you need to buy these bangles, the mystical vibrations yadda yadda” and I was like, “Yes I am desperate, please take my money.”
        AND IT WORKS! Like, amazingly. The only time I’ve had blisters show up on my fingers since is when I stopped wearing them on one hand for a few days (it was summer, I thought it would be fine, it was not).

        I think it’s a combination of the weight and friction of them passively stimulating the nerves in my wrists, the heat made by the friction, and the fact that they shield that much skin from the cold. And whenever my hands do start getting cold I can shake them for instant warm. And I shake them lots for the jingle 😅

        I was told to wear glass ones, and they are the most jingly, but I’d break them too often taking them off and on to play the guitar. So I have a bunch of random metal ones on my right hand and they work just as well.
        So yes try it! Maybe it’ll help, maybe not, but I wish someone had suggested it to me years earlier because it’s so simple and effective.

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  9. I think I am narrowing down the kinds of Indian movies the Indian American youth of today like. It seems to be mostly masala entertainers and historical epics. This week, I got recommendations for all of the following:
    – Baahubali
    – K3G
    – Krrish
    – Padmaavaat
    – Bajirao Mastani
    – And of course, the usual, 3 Idiots
    Always think this is interesting to report.

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  10. Started watching Cinema Mart Dum Tak documentary series and it is so interesting! Love how these documentaries on Indian cinema are getting made and with The Romantics being released on Valentine’s Day too. So wonderful!


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