Very SRK Valentines: Outfit Competition! Offscreen Casual Category

Get ready for a whole bunch of t-shirts and jeans! His off-screen casual isn’t really that exciting, but it is also quite quite attractive.

AIB Podcast Filming


Fondling Car



Holey Jeans

Stupid Hover Board


17 thoughts on “Very SRK Valentines: Outfit Competition! Offscreen Casual Category

  1. I am assuming we are allowed unlimited votes, like the songs? If so, fondling car and bandana, even if it is to cover up his roots. The man is 57! He’s allowed the odd cover-up hairstyle. Hoverboard also not bad.

    But if I have to choose one, then fondling car.

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    • Not sure when I first noticed Shah Rukh wearing kada bracelet. I think it was EID (May 2022). He wore it solo for some months and now has added several more. For Punjab men, kada has spiritual significance. Just as his necklace has Muslim significance. He donned it after performing Umrah in Mecca in Dec 2022.


    • (Strap in. This is about to be way more than you asked for but I’ve been dying to talk about this for weeks lol) I like the bracelets. Both aesthetically and as a fun little thing to keep track of as a fan. In all of the thousands of pictures and videos I’ve seen of him I’ve only ever really noticed him wearing watches before. These silver bracelets started showing up about a year ago as far as I can tell and I’ve seen four different ones. Three from Cartier (one that’s shaped like a nail, one that’s threaded like a bolt with nuts on it and a flexible one made of little spikey links) and one from Louis Vuitton. Recently he’s been wearing the three from Cartier along with another bracelet that has a couple woven leather bands. Now, my favorite thing to do is look for the one that’s threaded and see how far the nuts have moved. They’re different almost every time and I can’t help but imagine him playing with it like a fidget toy. I know I would if I had a bracelet like that. Also I noticed in the pictures from the Pathaan press meet that he had cuffed his right sleeve so it wouldn’t interfere with the bracelets. I’m compelled to wonder if there’s a story behind them but I doubt we’ll ever know.

      Side note – that blue watch is quite the statement.

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      • I had NO IDEA the bracelets were a new thing!!!! I need to spend more time obsessively tracking his candid photos.

        My guess would be that a) he likes playing with new toys and is into them now, and b) they have some life significance for him because otherwise he wouldn’t make such a commitment. Maybe a slightly superstitious religious vow? Maybe for good luck? I know Salman wears a bracelet always that (I think) his father gave to him, and considers it part of what made his life better in recent years. Could be something like that? Someone told SRK to wear silver on his wrist for good luck/good health/something? Silver/other metal bracelets are a big part of Ayurvedic medicine, could be for that too? Being SRK, if he’s wearing a silver bracelet because a Guru suggested it, or an Ayurvedic doctor, or he made a vow to wear it in gratitude to God, he’s gonna go out and find the most expensive stylish option of Silver Bracelet! It’s not just gonna be some thin disc with a prayer printed on it like anyone else would do.


  2. Hover Board
    One time he said the best fashion advice he ever got was to wear a light white shirt with an open neck and I very much agree.


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    • Distressed denim is indeed a fashion thing. My mom grew up poor and she had basically the same reaction as you did when I tore up my new jeans in middle school “why would you wear torn clothes if you don’t have to???”. Although in his case the jeans probably came that way and cost more than you want to know.


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