Random Discussion Questions: From SRK’s Twitter, My Neighbor’s Kitchen, and My Tummy

Let’s chat! Be social! Enjoy each other! And possibly, solve some of the Great Questions of the Universe.

First Question:

SRK dodged answering this question on twitter, I think because it is so controversial:

I think obviously an elephant sized rabbit, right? So you can sleep with it in the garden.

Next question, washing a Cast Iron Skillet

My neighbor had to wash her cast iron skillet, which involved us going to The Internet and having conflicting advice. Do you not use ANY soap? Do you use a little soap? Do you put oil on after and if so when and what? How do you store it?

Next Question, tips for heartburn!

My whole “house is destroyed” thing over the past week has given me severe heartburn for the first time in my life EVER. SO unfair. I didn’t even realize what was happening for days. Anyway, heartburn tips! What have you got for me?


15 thoughts on “Random Discussion Questions: From SRK’s Twitter, My Neighbor’s Kitchen, and My Tummy

  1. I cook my breakfast in a cast iron skillet every morning and completely ignore all the advice on line. If you cook with oil, that’s good enough to keep in seasoned. I scrub it with lots of dish soap and a scouring pad.

    The only different/important thing is to completely dry it right after you rinse it. I do not oil it afterwards — it just makes it sticky.

    I do go through the “seasoning” process with a new pan, but only before the first use. After that, I just scrub it and dry it and put it away.

    Good luck!

    Re: Heartburn — Get the big bottle of generic “Antacid Tablets” (peppermint is my favorite). Chew ’em when you need ’em.

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  2. Noo, a rabbit-sized elephant! Think of the CUTENESS! Baby elephant cuteness times 1000! 😮 ❤
    I have no opinion on cast iron personally, but I'm pretty sure my mother just washes hers the same as her other pans, and nothing seems to have gone wrong yet?

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  4. My mother never uses oil and so never lets soap touch her cast iron pan. My Uncle heats his until it is hot then puts some water in and wipes out the water with paper towels to clean it. My husband and I use cast iron pans as our ONLY pans and we use oil and we just wash them with soap, or wipe them clean if they aren’t too dirty.

    Heartburn = TUMS I don’t get it often but when I do I am astounded how fast TUMS works. Go calcium go!

    Definitely a rabbit sized elephant! I don’t want to think of the damage from an elephant sized rabbit. Can you imagine the jumping through the neighborhood?

    Question for you! Most of us love JHMS. Why is it so hard to find others online who do? Am I using the wrong search questions? And when I search, why do YOUR posts not show up for at least the first four pages? (okay I haven’t actually looked past three pages, I have not found your posts showing up for anything JHMS. And I actually discovered your blog in 2018? when searching for reviews on Zamaana Deewana – I still feel your review of that movie is one of your best reviews ever!)

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  5. I use the same method as Genevieve’s uncle. Get the pan really really hot, put some water and wipe it with a paper towel. Works like a charm.

    I have had lots and lots of experience with heartburn. I’ve had anxiety related heartburn since I was a kid. My entire family has it. And on man, my heartburn was terrible when I was pregnant. Initially, I started off using either Tums or Alka Seltzer heartburn relief chews. For some reason when I was pregnant, I couldn’t stand the chalky taste of Tums but didn’t mind the Alka Seltzer chewables.

    When it got worse and I was worried my son would be born with a tooth like I was because of too much calcium, so my doctor switched me to Pepcid. It’s also what I give Theo the dog when his stomach is upset or he’s a bit anxious and I’m worried he’s going to throw up.

    Finally, if nothing else works, take Prilosec or Nexium. Works like a charm!

    Happy to answer any heartburn related questions you may have. ☺️

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  6. For heartburn, what I do is I try to eat something every two hours. Usually in small portions I find that that is sightly helpful. I had really bad heartburn as a kid and I still have an extremely sensitive stomach. So be careful with what you eat, as if it’s something like too oily, too spicy it will aggravate it.


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  8. Elephant/Rabbit: DEFINITELY rabbit sized elephant. I’m a huge fan of all miniatures of big things, which is why I love watching videos of miniature cooking.

    Cast Iron Skillet: Hubby says just water as the pan needs to remain well-seasoned.

    Heartburn: Antacid!

    I’m beginning to seriously consider the JHMS fanfic thing…what kind of sites do you prefer to read fanfic? I’ve been used to doing it for other fandoms on Tumblr but I’ve also heard good things about ao3. There’s practically no JHMS fanfic out there besides yours and I’d love it make some at least so that if a future fan comes along searching for fan content like I did, they’ll find it.

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  9. First question: that depends. Can I ride the elephant-sized rabbit? And can he be my queen size bed at night? Will he know not to demolish the house by thumping his feet in it? If not, I will either choose the adorably small elephant, or live in the forest with my giant bun. Tough choice.

    Second: most of my cookware is cast iron, some of it really old, and I wash it with detergent when needed or hot water when not, scrub it with anything and generally abuse it in ways no other surface would stand, and it only gets better with age. Just make sure you dry it really well every time you use soap on it; I put mine on the element for a minute.

    Third: I have zero experience here, but it sounds sucky and I hope you feel better soon 💙

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