Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Day Before Paczki Day???

Planned ahead this year!!! Ordered a full dozen in advance for pick up at 8am. So I’ll still have to wait in line festively, but not for nearly as long, and I won’t be stuck taking whatever is left.

Here is where you get to ask me anything you want from “isn’t it actually called Fat Tuesday?” to “why haven’t you reviewed any new movies?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions!!!!

Now, question for you!!! Which movie star is most like a Paczki? I think Madhuri, she is just so rich and indulgent. And round.


22 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Day Before Paczki Day???

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  3. Oh man I need a good Paczek. I told my husband to order some for Fat Thursday in the new, famous bakery we have here. He did, but when I opened the packet later, instead of paczki, there was 3 sad and hard donuts, sliced and spreaded with very sweet apricot jam. What a disappointment! I ate mine, but it was not good. Italians suck when it comes to cakes and sweets. Like everything has only one taste: sugar three squared. I miss polish bakeries 😦


  4. I finished watching The Romantics. It’s an extremely interesting and well made show. However, what struck me the most is after finishing the show was how useless the Kapoor family was and still is at protecting their legacy (aka RK Studios). I think what came off the most in the show was how grateful everyone was to Adi for protecting YRF and continuing his father’s legacy. Even Uday, you could see had a lot of familial duty and if Adi wasn’t the head he would’ve taken the lead. However I find it extremely frustrating to see how the Kapoor family especially the Kapoor boys seemed to have very less responsibility on protecting RK studios. Raj Kapoor was a lot of things but he was undeniably a genius creator who was the basis of so many Hindi films.


    • Oh yes. Kapoors are always there putting air and graces like they are Bollywood’s aristocracy, while they are just actors, who destroyed all their legacy drinking, and now have to work for others.


  5. Question: Do I please my mother and buy a new New-to-Me jacket with a working zipper or do I add Toggles, that don’t match, to a poofy purple columbia jacket because the zipper broke and it costs too much to fix.

    Background the jacket was only $15, purchased used from ThredUp so that I would have a warm jacket that wasn’t covered in stains. Replacing the zipper costs $35. I have a great warm jacket, but it is 17 years old and looks it. My mother doesn’t like my 17 year old jacket, and indeed it is so stained that I get embarrased when I wear to non camping events. I could buy another used jacket, but then I’m adding to the landfill and the broken zipper jacket is perfectly good except for the zipper. I could put toggles on it, but that might look silly, I might then be embarrassed to wear it around my mother. Or I could just plan to wear it always open? This could work for the Bay but would be pretty useless where I live. I don’t like the jacket enough to spend the $35 to fix the zipper, if I really liked it I probably would.

    And not a question, but a random related thing to share – I bought some discount sunblock moisturizer today at the grocery store and thought of Deepika.


    • Can you give Broken Zipper jacket to someone who might like it and then buy a new/old non broken jacket conscious clear?

      Or, could you just take one of your mother’s old jackets and make everyone happy?


      • My mother gave me a super thin patogonia jacket (that she bought for herself and didn’t like) and I wear it and it makes her happy, but it isn’t warm at all. Honestly sometimes I think a windbreaker would be warmer. Whatever. If I’m cold I’ll wear my stained jacket. Unfortunately I know no one who wants a jacket with a broken zipper. I think I’m going to toggle it. Maybe it won’t look that bad and I can get toggles for $5.99. Way too much thought put into a jacket.


    • Hahahahahahaha, no. Big hole in the ceiling of the basement, hole in the floor of my kitchen, fridge is broken, and there is still a massive cabinet sitting in the middle of my dining room. Maybe in a month?

      And thanks for asking!


  6. Thinking of Madhuri I just read this article about her:
    And towards the bottom there is a picture of her family around a cake, and the youngest son is cringing away from the family. I just adore the fact that she chose to share that photo to her instagram ANYWAY. Sometimes you just can’t get kids to pose.


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