Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to the Day that PATHAAN IS ON PRIME???

HAPPY PATHAAN DAY!!!! It’s on PRIME!!! I’m so happy. Now I can make everyone I know who didn’t see it in theaters, see it on streaming.

I’ll start!

Reading: Information about kitchens. This has turned into a whole project, now I’m getting a new sink and blah and blech.

Watching: With the kitchen stress, I’ve been binging soothing British shows about murder in small towns. Started the “Madame Blanc” series, which is in a small French town filled with British ex-pats, and is very sunny and nice.

Thinking: Do I get the floor fixed before or after the new sink? After, right? Because then it can work around the sink?

Listening: PATHAAN!

32 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to the Day that PATHAAN IS ON PRIME???

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  2. I just saw that Pathaan is on Prime and I am so excited!!! Do I NOT go back country skiing on the one day I’m not working and there isn’t a blizzard to watch it? No. I’ll probably turn it on tonight for all to see. SO EXCITED!!! MIL will be excited too, she read his biography and saw DDLJ.

    RRR played in my house TWICE yesterday!! FIL watched it while MIL lay sick in bed and then she came out for the last 20 minutes and then wanted to see it from the beginning. Then spouse came home and turned on a recording of the Springstien play and I frankly wanted to hide from all sound.

    I read Twinkle Khanna’s Pajama’s are Forgiving and it was a meditation on how people continue to love those who cheat on them. It was not amazing, or particularly funny, and the ending was rushed, but it did give me insight into the mentality of enduring love after pain, and more pain, and pain continual.

    My parents were watching a mystery show based on an island with British policeofficer in the lead, a new officer every season. They loved it. I should figure out what it is called. My family loves Only Murders in the Building on Hulu too.

    MIL is watching Pathaan while I type this! But I gotta go while I have the chance / I feel too much guilt watching movies during the day… Stupid guilt.


    • Watch Pathaan again tonight with the whooooooooooooooooooole family!!!! And the island show is Death in Paradise and it is delightfully brainless. I watched all 12 seasons last winter while doing puzzles.


    • I’ve read all of Twinkle’s books and I think she’s a decent writer, too (not great). I thought that one might have tapped into some real life experiences!

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  4. I’m in the middle of very stressful medical stuff. I had to do some tests and was super anxious , thanks God it seems that everything is ok, but I must do some others too. In the meantime I had to go to an E. R with my son and it looks like he is asthmatic but we never knew. I still can’t believe it and I think it’s an allergy and not asthma. But man it’s a lot of stuff to digest and few doctors to visit.
    To relax I wathed 2 telugu movies: Ori Devuda (a remake of Oh My Kadavule; it’s not bad but not as good as the original) and Sammathame (I’ve never seen a movie with the two halfs so different in quality. The first half was cute and the second a torture, not recommended).


    • Oh Angie!!!! Ugh. I wish I had something to cheer you up and distract you.

      Whatever it is, you will get through it and figure it out. And I trust your instincts as a Mom.

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  5. Hiya! Been out of commission for awhile because of sad family-related things, but I am getting back into the swing of things. I thought I saw that the Amazon Prime version of Pathaan was extended…have you figured out the added scene yet?! I will definitely be watching it again this weekend!

    I haven’t checked in in a month or so, but not much to report…I saw An Action Hero (liked it, but have forgotten most of it already). Same with Kuttey (similar style of movie and sadly pretty forgettable, too). Tabu stole the show. Arjun was perfectly fine. Watched Saroj Ka Rishta with Sanah Kapur who I am kind of rooting for since I really liked her in Shaandaar and nepo kids don’t bother me that much. Sadly, the movie had a lot of potential but was also very disappointing. Her character became obnoxiously obtuse and juvenile, but I did like the hero and her father (played by Kumud Mishra – also great in Kuttey). The message was fine, but a bit of an (unbelievable) fairy tale.

    Loved The Romantics, of course, and I’m still thinking about how I miss more frequent YRF romantic films. I enjoy the new Spy Universe stuff, but I need more rom-coms (as usual). KJo’s next can’t get here fast enough.

    Non-Indian films…loved Everything, Everywhere, All At Once (deserved the wins…except for Jamie Lee Curtis…one of the worst “career” Oscars ever give out). Really enjoyed Jon Hamm in Confess, Fletch…fun time pass. Also watched The Gray Man and I was surprised and not surprised that Dhanush’s cameo was the best part (after I’d heard mixed things about the movie as a whole). Even my brother thought his character was cool. He kind of has a quick but critical moment in the plot. The Netflix spy movies that are being churned out are a bit meh, so I am concerned that the Alia Bhatt role in Heart of Stone will be very similar to Dhanush’s. It’s just Netflix bringing in the Indian views and it’s a bit obvious. Hopefully, it’s an actual supporting role, but not holding my breath.


    • Ugh, I’m gonna have to watch Pathaan with a magnifying glass to try to find those extra scenes! And they probably won’t be worth it πŸ™‚

      The new Ranbir movie is a surprisingly cute rom-com, if you can get past the Ranbirness of it. Oh, and De De Pyaar De is also a cute rom-com type thing and on Hulu.


      • I will definitely watch the Ranbir movie when it gets to streaming…surprisingly good reviews but I wonder if it’s just because we are all starving for any halfway decent romantic film.

        I saw De De Pyaar De a while back and I didn’t hate it. Of course, I thought he had much better chemistry with Tabu and wanted their HEA instead.


  6. Yeah, Pathaan is not on Prime here, which is actually good because it means it will release in theaters, but is bad because it will take literally years.

    Did no watching except for finishing Honeymoon Travels, which was very fun and pleasant, although one does wonder about the decision to cast Vikram Chatwal, aptly described by Wikipedia as “an American hotelier and actor.” And especially to give him one of the more emotionally complex roles, when Abhay Deol and Kay Kay Menon are in the same movie. But I did like Kay Kay letting lose and dancing and not playing the usual dour evil guy.


    • I love Honeymoon Travels. So few people know about it and its such a nice film to watch again and again. I did also love Abhay’s magical role and Kay Kay bringing the complexity but yet warmth to a slightly difficult role. I would recommend watching Tu Hai Mera Sunday which is very different plot wise and thematically but is also a lovely film to watch to de stress.


  7. Watching – Pathaan and Nope, both of which debuted on Prime USA today. So much hair-ography for SRK! So much eye f*cking the camera by both Deepika and John. What fun!
    Thinking – how would Pathaan be if John and SRK had switched roles? John has classic movie star handsome looks and presence, whereas SRK can play both ugly and hot with equal ease. and the Jim character & backstory was more layered and poignant than Pathaan. With SRK’s superior acting chops, he could have made Jim the star ala Heath Ledger in Dark Knight.


    • I was thinking the character of Pathaan had an unusually short recent backstory compared to the Jim character. No wife, no past romantic interests, ALL WORK and a cute village to go to for Eid.


  8. Watching – pathaan & nope, both of which released on Prime USA today. All the hairography for SRK would make a great drinking game! πŸ˜‰ also love Salman slaying with a coffee cup in one hand. How Instagram of him! Finally, the fight scenes really show off SRK’s agility and easy athleticism.

    Thinking – I’m toying with the idea that this would have been an even better movie if John and SRK had switched roles. The Jim character is so richly drawn that it deserves to be essayed by SRK’s superior acting skills instead of John’s limited range. Meanwhile, John really has classic leading man looks, but SRK can play ugly as easily as hot. The movie could be called Parsi (a nod to John’s ancestry). Or maybe it would still be called Pathaan but named after the villain (SRK). It would be like heath ledger’s turn as Joker in Dark Knight.

    Reading – Call the Midwife, by Jennifer Worth, for my book & film club. We will watch the BBC series too, probably just the first season.


    • YES! Someone to talk about Call the Midwife with me! I read the book and watched up until the most recent few seasons. The first few are really spectacular.


  9. I started watching Pathaan with my husband today (there are italian subs, yay!), and when Besharam Rang started I was ready to hear him praising Deepika’s beauty, but instead he said:
    – WoW, look at SRK’s physique, AMAZING!


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  10. Sorry for post under post.

    I’m absolutely in love with Swara Bhaskar last wedding dress. I lost count how many diffrent wedding looks of her I already saw, but this Walima lengha is so beautiful. Pastel colour like the other new brides, but richer and so in her style. Finally not another boring Manish Malhotra πŸ˜€

    Aslo her Sangeet outfit was gorgeous. I love bottle green colour.


  11. Please don’t hate me y’all but I finished Pathaan and I didn’t like it much. I mean, I’m happy it was a success and and made money but I thought it would be better. SRK was great and hot and everything but there was too many flashbacks, bombs and fights for me. Not my kind of film.


    • I hate you!!!! No, that makes total sense. It’s a big dumb action movie, and you are more of a soft quiet romance kind of person.


    • I thought I would love it more than I did. In both Zero and JHMS, his cinematic failures, SRK was a KING of an actor. Amazing. This movie basically didn’t have acting, it had a ton of charm though. So I saw it as a gift to his fans.


      • You’re right, there isn’t much acting in Pathaan. But what disappointed me the most is that the action isn’t spectacular. I’m , as Margaret said, soft quiet romance kind of person, but I can also appreciate good action and VFX . I saw the movie the other day and today I don’t remember even one fight, while I still remember some scenes from 2.0 I watched years ago, or ridiculousy over the top fights in Akhanda from 2021.


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