Sunday WatchAlong: Pathaan! 8am Chicago Time! Join Me!

Pathaan!!!!! Normally I’d say “if no one shows up in 15 minutes, I’ll cancel”. But I’ve been looking forward to watching this, so I don’t care if no one shows up, I’ll just happily watch by myself.


It’s on Prime, it’s got SRK, it is everything happy and good in the world.

At 8am Chicago time, I will put up an “and PLAY!” comment and we will all comment along from there!


146 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: Pathaan! 8am Chicago Time! Join Me!

  1. This sequence is Amazing!!! I love that this is his big hero thing, saving kids by risking himself, not taking down the bad guy.


  2. It’s always green liquid. I assume because it reads well on camera, but also that’s RIDICULOUS. Why is everything dangerous in the world green liquid?

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  3. I don;’t like this new thing where everyone speaks English with American accents. I prefer when foriegn movie English was Vaguely British. now I keep thinking I should recognice the acter as American.

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    • Or maybe people from other countries learn English in different ways, and thus the accent being American just means that is how the person learned how to speak English with that accent, Margaret. I am not American, but I do slip into an American or Posh British accent when speaking English depending on the situation

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  4. It’s a great speech, but I don’t like the pox on her face. They could have said “it’s a new strain, no visible sign” and she could give this speech looking pretty.

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  6. I had a friend point out that this means John really truly never planned on anything besides revenge on the World. Before the negotiation scene, before getting payment from the General, he had already put the virus on the plane heading for an International Airport and set to go off right before it lands. So it would manage to infect not just the people on the plane, but everyone at the airport before they got on their planes.

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  7. I was thinking, the Tiger-Zoya love story is about them running off together so they can builda life blah blah. But Pathaan-Rubai seems to be about “we really don’t care about building a life together, we are just going to have secret meetups a few times a year and not change our lives otherwise”.

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    • I think one might be Hrithik, but otherwise feels like they and we, too, know that the new lot isn’t going to threaten them in the slightest in terms of superstardom and even the ones that are called ‘superstars’ are manufactured words, but not really have such a devoted following for years like these two have

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    • When I was watching it for the 10th time yesterday in honor of the watchalong, I was thinking that what they are saying is kind of reflecting what I think as audience. When a new actor comes along I have interest and I’m questioning whether I can love them like Shahrukh and pretty soon I’m like naah

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