Ayan Mukherjee Gives Us All a Good Laugh!!!

First, I am so grateful that y’all alerted me to this. Second, I love the DCIB community in which an Ayan Mukherjee film release date has a very specific hilarious meaning.

Ayan’s announcement! Which is charming, but too wordy, and not to the point, and announced with much greater importance than it actually has. Oh, and doesn’t in fact remember to include the release date announcement. So, perfectly representative of an Ayan creative product.

Moments of laughter for me:

“I have been focusing on the Vision for Parts Two and Three”. The VISION!?!?! You don’t even have a vision yet???? Oh Ayan

“I have decided we will make the two films…Together!” Like no one has thought of this ever before. Like that’s not how Bahubali was made in India, or LOTR in New Zealand/America, or really anything that is announced and planned as a trilogy rather than a standalone that turns into a trilogy.

“I have a timeline in place to achieve this,” I feel like this is what Ayan used to say to his parents when they asked if he had started his homework yet.

“So I can do my best and contribute to that one thing that matters most to me…” Did anyone else mentally finish this sentence “Ranbir Kapoor”? And kind of feel like he is lying by NOT finishing “Ranbir Kapoor”?


17 thoughts on “Ayan Mukherjee Gives Us All a Good Laugh!!!

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  2. can’t believe my first comment here (after quietly stalking most of the DCIB archives) is going to be on a Ranbir-related project of all things, but i saw this and had the exact same thoughts that you did, and started laughing. and then i saw the Bollywood Hungama article saying that Ayan is (supposedly) taking over the directing of War 3 (the movie he mentioned the Universe giving him the opportunity to, i guess?), and stopped laughing. (hopefully Adi already has enough material planned so we do not end up pushing the release date into ’25 bc of Ayan, rip)


      • i would seriously think of dropping the franchise then and there if it wasn’t for the possibility of more Shah Rukh in the future, unless they compromise for the suffering i will inevitably go through and make Ranbir the villain. (although with Ayan that seems…. very unlikely XD) also i meant War 2 in my original comment, not War 3. then again i did just come from reading the Wikipedia article for Tiger 3, so that may have had something to do with it


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  4. Ayan clearly lives in his own metaverse and doesn’t understand life, but why Karan keeps giving money? That’s what I don’t understand. Nobody really knows how much the first Brahmastra cost, and now Ayan wants something bigger. Like the guy had some little idea and he was given infinite money and time. But will Karan allow this kind of unprofesionality again? I hope not. I wish I was a fly in Karan’s office when he discuss it with Ayan. And I must admit, this is my favourite piece of filmi news and gossip.


    • I suspect Karan sees himself in Ayan, and he succeeded due to indulgence (from his father, from his actor friends, etc.). But Ayan just isn’t as talented as Karan! Also, Karan’s Dad died. which is terrible, but it meant he was forced to stand on his own two feet way WAY younger than Ayan is now.


  5. So Aditya Chopra landed Jr. NTR to play the villain(?) in War 2. I’m kinda shocked that Jr. NTR is the first Telugu star to do a YRF movie because of all those YRF-Prabhas rumors since Baahubali. I guess it makes sense why Jr. NTR was the chief guest for Brahmastra’s Telugu pre-release event. He and Ayan were probably discussing this for a while. Idk how I feel about this overall, he’s a really good actor but physically I don’t feel like he’s gonna match up to Hrithik the way that Tiger was.



      • Yes! That’s what I mean, they are so different that idk how it’ll play out. But you’re right, they’ll probably make that part of the characters.

        One thing I am excited about is the potential dance number(s) with the two of them!

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  6. This announcement just makes me so angry! Not like I’m dying to see the rest of the trilogy but there is absolutely no reason that it needs to take this long. He really does live in his own world like Angie said! And it’s up his own you know what!


    • Yeah, not even having a VISION is crazy. I could see taking time to write the scripts, maybe needing to recast, adjust to the current environment, whatever. But he should at least have a sense of what he wants to say with these films!


      • The way he’s been touting this project from the beginning made it seem like he already had the vision in place. I know he was thrown by the critiques of the first film, but it’s very possible he is taking them too much to heart and is second-guessing himself too much. It could just be getting dates and recasting (and I suspect adding characters since everyone will want to jump on board because the 1st film was in the end a big hit). But if he really is struggling to finalize the scripts or something he needs to get his act together. He totally thinks he’s James Cameron and I have no tolerance for filmmakers like that. It’s just a movie, dudes.


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