Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the First Week of April???

Happy Monday!!!! I had a lovely lazy weekend helped along by a lowgrade migraine, and now I am ready to hit the ground running! Unfortunately, that means running with work-work, not blog-work. Booooo to work-work! BOOOOOO!

Here is where you get to ask me anything you want from “what is your favorite spring movie?” to “what spring festivals do they have in India?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions!

Now, question for you! Yesterday was my parents wedding anniversary (yaaaaay!), who is your favorite married couple in the Indian film world? Fictional or non-fictional or both?

Non-fictional, I love Naseerji and Ratna Pathak. They just seem really happy together.

Fictional, this is an obscure one, but I think Mandira Bedi and Akshaye Khanna in Mom!


69 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the First Week of April???

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  2. Thank you!

    Anyway I looked at pictures of the Ambani gala and Arjun Kapoor has a giant floofy mullet now and it’s great and I needed to scream about it somewhere. He also looks like he kind of went back to being a sexy ham slab which would be good.

    In case anyone wondered what happened to me, real life got very busy and then I unsurprisingly got Covid and was ill for weeks. But I’m almost recovered now.


    • Sorry to hear about covid. Hope you are better now.

      And yes, you know that here you will always find a person willing to discuss Arjun’s hair . His hair is great now, but there is something in his look I didn’t like. I think it’s the beard. Usually when I see Arjun , I’m absolutely in love and can’t take my eyes of him. But this time I was like: Oh, Arjun, cool, and I swiped to watch the clothes of the actresses. There were so many gorgeous dresses, so many colours and fabrics. Unfortunately there were also 2 outfits I hated : Gigi Hadid and Tammannah. OMG, when I saw Tammannah’s dress I wanted to take the scissors and cut it all in pieces. Doesn’t she have a mirror? Internet says it’s Manish Malhotra. Why I’m not surprised?

      Gigi was slighty better – I didn’t want to cut it, but I didn’t want to look at it either. She looked like a little girl with dirty hair who tried her mom’s clothes.


      • I agree about Arjun’s hair…it is getting a bit too poofy or something, but he’s still sexy as hell. I like when he pulls back his hair into a pony tail on top…he should go with that look more. I think the jacket was a bit too rhinestone cowboy/Grand Ole Opry for me. I don’t think Malaika has the best taste in clothes and I think she’s clearly dressing him. Overall, the dresses on everyone were amazing…I particularly liked Kriti Sanon and Kareena Kapoor Khan in red the first night. Saif and Kareena both looked great both nights.


        • Oh oh! I was hoping you’d comment! I have a movie for you. My parents just watched Rye Lane (it’s on youtube), really smart sweet Indie rom-com. Check it out!


        • My favourites were: Rashmika’s black dress (she was perfect – the hair, make up and dress, all awesome, the same with Suhana) , Priyanka’s first gold outfit, Shweta Bachchan, Karisma 2nd day dress (I hate her hair and make up but the dress was great)


      • Not quite recovered but a lot better, thanks!

        You know, you might have a point with the beard. It IS not the best shape. Not that it bothers me, I was dazzled by the glory of his mullet.

        Oh man Tammannah’s dress is bad but so funny I can’t hate it. Genuinely laughed. Gigi looks eeeeh. I think the clothes really wear her, she needs something a LOT simpler. I’d probably like that on someone with more personality.

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  4. Happy Anniversary to your parents!

    Fiction: Rani and Abhishek in Bunty aur Babli 1. And I don’t even like Rani that much, but those two together, married and pulling off capers. That was fun.

    Nonfiction: Deepika and Ranveer

    What is your favorite SRK movie? MIL has seen DDLJ, JHMS, Baazigar, Darr, Zamaana Deewana, Paathan ( and BAng Bang and Jodhaa Akbar for non SRK films). DDLJ is her favorite.


  5. Okay, so I tried very hard to brainstorm favorite couples, but I couldn’t think of very many! Unless you count my cliché Rahul Raichand and Anjali Sharma.

    BUT I did come up with a couple that gives me the ick. And it’s Ajay Devgn and Aishwarya in HDDCS. The intro with Nimbooda makes me feel like he sees an object and wants to own/tame her, rather than let her be the person he admires, which squicks me out.

    Funnily, Naseerudin and Padmini DON’T give me that feeling in Woh Saath Din, the source for HDDCS. It truly seems like Naseerudin’s point is, “She’d be happy with someone else. Cool.”


  6. Saif and Kareena are definitely my fave IRL married couple and the old couple from OK Kanmani immediately came to mind for fictional married couple in Indian films.

    Speaking of Saif, I’m back to my old plan to watch all of Sharmila Tagore’s films…she fascinates me and she doesn’t seem to get enough attention as a living legend…or is just me? Even her recent movie Gulmohar went mostly under the radar. I hope she’s writing her memoir!

    What are your favorite Sharmila films? Question for everyone, too, since I’m trying to figure out what to watch next. I own and love Amar Prem, Aradhana, An Evening in Paris, and I’ve seen a couple of more like Waqt.


    • I think my favorite is An Evening in Paris, but Chupke Chupke is also DELIGHTFUL. It’s more of an ensemble than a “Sharmila movie”, but she’s still great in it.


      • I have seen Chupke Chupke and I wasn’t sure about it. I’ll need to rewatch it to see if I did like it. I was in an Amitabh phase and maybe too into the angry young man stuff and this was too jarring. I know it’s a MAJOR classic that I should appreciate so I’ll try again.

        But at least at this point it is An Evening In Paris for me, too! But maybe because it was the first movie of hers I saw?

        Started watching Chhoti Bahu last night and that is a strange but fascinating character for her.


    • She is so great in literally everything, but I also thought she was great in Aa Gala Laag Ja and especially Faraar. That last one is just amazing all round. I also really like Paap aur Punya even though I guess it’s strictly speaking kind of bad.


      • I like Sharmila more in her Bengali roles, but I really love Amar Prem for her Bengali roles, and she is fantastic in Abhimaan but it’s a heavier role. Also, if you liked Aradhana you will like Daag–it’s pretty much the same film with wilder costumes.


        • I just moved Daag up on my list because “wilder costumes” always appeal to me. I did love the tragic romance of Aradhana and that sexy song!


    • Ooh I adore Sharmila so this is such a fun discussion topic! Since you have already mentioned the big ones, here are some others that I recommend:

      1. I definitely second Chupke Chupke and Aa Gale Lag Ja. I adore AGLJ but you will have to get past the weird sex scene in the beginning. You will know what I mean when you see it.

      2. Aamne Saame – Shahi/Sharmila thriller /romance. Probably one of my favorite Sharmila movies. Both she and Shashi are stunning in it. It is just such a fun movie.

      3. Kashmir Ki Kali – Sharmila’s first hindi movie. Its fun and frothy.

      4. Anupama – another very early Sharmila-Dharmendra movie and a stark contrast to Kashmir Ki Kali. She is excellent in it.


  7. I watched the two mardaani movies this weekend and I’m a fan of Rani and her husband in the movie. The husband who doesn’t complain about her job and it’s clear that they are close and talk a lot and rely on each other even though it’s not shown in detail on screen.


    • Oooo. A moving target! Sort of depends on what I’ve watched most recently. Gully Boy made Ranveer my fave for a several months, and Prithviraj was my second fave for well over a year. Right now…I don’t know! I need to watch more movies. Maybe Hrithik?

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        • I like him when he is in a Hrithik role. He is great at flirting with the camera, fabulous dancer of course, and I find his bad acting endearing usually rather than irritating.

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        • I agree with Margaret’s two choices. While, I don’t consider myself a fan of any factor any actor, there is something about Hrithik in Hrithiky roles that just draws me in. In those roles I don’t even care if he overacts. Some of his Hrithiky movies I have probably watched more times than I can count, including Bang Bang, Jodha Akbar, Mujshe Dosti Karogi (Margaret’s spoiler review of that movie is probably one of my favorite reviews of read— especially when she describes how he’s being a psycho-weirdo in it).

          However, as much as I adore Hrithik in Hrithiky roles, I equally despise his movies when he actively downplays his looks. They just do NOT work for me. Then I start noticing his ticks and bad acting too much.

          Ranveer is such just versatile actor and he is one of the few actors again who can turn on the charm or downplay it as the role requires. I also think he’s just so much smarter than anyone gives him credit for (besides the DCIB community).

          On to add a third one. I think the closest I have come to being a fan of any actor (and I am using the word fan to indicate that extra factor where there is something about them beyond the roles they play or even the gossip. Something that draws me in and frnakly likely clouds my judgment a bit) would be Fawad Khan! I absolutely love his acting, his voice, his interviews. He might be one of the few actors that I would be equally excited to meet and also nervous about meeting because I wouldn’t want to be disappointed. He was on screen for approximately 3-4 scenes during one episode of Ms. Marvel and I might have seen that episode probably more times than I care to admit and I’m pretty sure my ovaries explode every time I see him in it. Oh and Khoobsoorat is up there as one of my top comfort movies.

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          • I didn’t realize that Hrithik was your second fave, Margaret! And I think filmikudhi definitely describes his appeal (and problematic acting well here!). I came to Bollywood movies through Hrithik, so he will always be my first fave. Mujshe Dosti Karogi is the perfect movie to show how he is endearingly ridiculous acting-wise but that in the right role you’re willing to forgive anything. Saif is my second favorite (and probably now my 1st favorite really in terms of percentage of his films that really work for me and my respect for his actual film/tv choices). Arjun Kapoor is, of course, my guilty pleasure:)


          • I am so glad you mentioned Saif! I am been on a huge Saif kick recently and reworking my way through his films. I love that he always had the confidence to do dual hero films and continues to do do them even now!!! His movies are just so fun to watch. And he has such great chemistry with both his male (Akshay, Suniel, Sunny, Salman, Arjun ) and female stars. I know we have had multiple discussions on this site about how wonderful Abhishek is in dual/multi hero roles but I think after watching Saif’s movies again, he beats Abhishek with his consistency, charm, chemistry in dual hero movies. I don’t think there is a single male actor that he does not have ridiculous chemistry with on screen.


          • Agreed, filmikhudhi! Saif had the confidence to be in multi-starrers from day one and it’s only made him a better more well-rounded actor today (just like Abhishek). He also did that one really silly romance with Hrithik and Esha Deol and he had more chemistry with Hrithik than she did!

            I could sing the praises of Saif forever. He’s made some bad film choices, but they are never not interesting from Chef to Laal Kaptaan to even Adipurush (which will probably be terrible but he will be the best part!). And I haven’t even seen some of his more unique films like Being Cyrus which I’ve been meaning to get to for years. And as an added bonus, I find his off-screen appearances just as interesting. He’s smart but also oblivious. And he’s aging really well!


          • Yes! He is aging so well. Probably one of the best aged actors in my opinion. Also, you and I might be the only two people who have watched Na Tum Jaano Na Hum and yes, Hrithik and Saif have such great chemistry in it. Way better than Hrithik and Esha. He also just feels like someone who has lived so many lives and I kind of like that he is unapologetic about most of it. I am hoping as he gets older he continues to be brutally honest in his opinions even if they are controversial because I need someone like that in my life after Rishi’s death. Even if I don’t agree with him, I enjoy listening to him. I think you put it perfectly when you said he is clearly very smart and yet completely oblivious. Also, if you haven’t seen some of Saif’s more obscure 90s movies, I highly recommend them for entertainment value.


  8. My favorite real life couple is probably Dips and Ranveer for how beautiful they are, or maybe Madhuri and Dr. Nene for how he lets her shine.

    Movie couples, I don’t know. I’m stuck on Shahrukh this week and thinking about Rab Ne or Chalte Chalte.


  9. Non-fictional right now I am a bit obsessed with Ritesh Deshmukh and Genalia Desouza. Their Instagram is just so entertaining.

    Favorite fictional couple – ooof this is way too hard! I am also going to be boring but honest and say Rahul Raichand and Anjali Sharma from K3G. Oh also Naseerudhin Shah and Leela Samson in Ok Jaanu.

    Ayan just announced the new timeline for Bramastra. He still needs more time to finalize the script. Eye rolling so hard right now since he took over 7 years to make the first movie and the dialogue could have been written by a first grader. Anyways, no one believes him and I doubt many of us care. Blah blah.

    However, what we do care about is that when I was discussing this with Kirre, she informed me that there have been news articles, including in Variety (which I consider somewhat trustworthy) that Ayan is directing the new War 2!!! What do we think about that??? I am really really worried! Hrithik needs a strong director who understands his specific strengths and weaknesses and capitalizes on it. The only person Ayan has been in tuned with since he started directing has been Ranbir. You can’t give Hrithik a wide rope because it leads to a complete overacting disaster. Hrithik is also such a physical actor but much of his physical acting is the same. What I mean by that is that he basically acted the same in Koi Mil Gaya and Super 30 and they were poles apart as characters.

    Here is an interview by Abbas Tyrewala – the script writer for Pathaan- that maybe better explains what I am trying to say. The interview goes into Siddarth Anand’s vision and dialogue for Shah Rukh in Pathaan vs Hrithik in War and the types of actors they are. Sid understood the difference and finely tuned the movies to the stars’ strengths and weaknesses.

    I cannot see Ayan being capable of doing the same. I really really hope I am wrong about this, but right now, I am really worried about Ayan directing War 2.


    • Ayan’s announcement really made my day. I especially liked how he had this great idea of filming both Brahamastras together. For years we have been thinking he is making 3 movies together only to discover he made one, and now he is like: Oh guys I have an idea! And the movies will be bigger and more expenisve and they have dates already but not the script. And in the meantime he is going to direct War. What a lovely disaster 😉

      Why Siddharth Anand won’t direct War 2?

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      • Lol, I think Ayan wants to do some non-brahmastra stuff for a while and is using “writing” as a reason why Brahmastra is getting pushed back.

        I’m assuming that YRF is trying to get another director to make the rom-com to action director leap that Sid Anand did with Ayan now. Also with the rumors about the Tiger vs Pathaan film starting next year and the Prabhas film, Siddharth Anand is probably too busy.

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        • Oh completely agree. They are definitely looking another Sid Anand but Ayan is not it. Or if they were to pick Ayan, they should have had him either direct someone like ShahRukh who would be able to guide him, or alternatively work closely with Aditya Chopra and pick someone that can easily play across multiple genres like Ranveer and can pull off the goofy overacting. But Ayan directing Hrithik when he has not had experience with directing anyone besides Ranbir who he has a close and personal relationship with is just not a good idea. Maybe Ayan can do a big spectacle but Hrithik needs someone who keeps him on a short lease and has a very specific vision and plan of execution.

          Ayan wanted to direct a trilogy without even a full plan in place for what the next two movies would look like. And clearly has no attention to detail when it comes to the script. I just cannot see how Hrithik and Ayan would be a good fit.


          • Yeah, I wasn’t sure why they picked Ayan either but I was wondering if maybe it was Hrithik’s choice? Like it seems like Hrithik chose Sid Anand for Bang Bang and maybe he sees something in Ayan as well? Idk, I do agree that it doesn’t seem like a good idea. But I do feel like Aditya Chopra is gonna keep a pretty close eye on all these YRF spy films.

            The whole Brahmastra thing is pretty surprising to me though. I was under the impression that Ayan was already ready with what he wanted to do with the trilogy and also shot some portions of the next movie. But it seems like that wasn’t really the case.


      • I know, right?! What a train wreck! Who starts directing a trilogy without a plan?!?! And at what point does Karan learn his lesson?! There is no way Brahmastra made a profit. And it seems like they are still letting Ayan loose like he is playing with Monopoly money. Someone rein him in!


  10. What do y’all think of Vikramaditya Motwane’s new series, Jubilee? It comes out this weekend and it looks pretty interesting.


    • Oh wow, it looks so beautiful I don’t think I can handle it. Motwane films almost kill me with emotion anyway, and bringing in a studio setting?


      • Hmm, I’ll admit that I’ve never really been a fan of Motwane’s work but this looks quite intriguiging. Also I’m glad that Aparshakti Khurrana is finally getting to be a lead in something, he’s a really good actor.


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