NMACC Parties: This is the Strangest Event

I kind of understand what this is about, the Ambani’s are almost infinitely powerful, they want their new cultural center to be a really big deal, so they pulled ALL the strings and got everyone to come. But then I start thinking about Shahrukh, Zendaya, and the French Ambassador all at the same party and it’s just, like, TOO STRANGE.

Gonna keep this simple, I will only put up photos of people with Shahrukh. Not gonna kill myself finding everyone from every day of the event. Oh, and I do like that SRK was the big centerpiece performance!!! A nice nod and acknowledgement by the Ambanis of his global power.

Shahrukh with a German Blogger Caroline Daur

Shahrukh dancing with Varun and Ranveer (I think)

Shahrukh and the French Ambassador to India

Shahrukh with Zendaya and Tom Holland

Shahrukh with Gigi Hadid

Shahrukh NOT with Priyanka and Nick

Shahrukh NOT with his family and Salman

Shahrukh’s family with Penelope Cruz (???) and Ananya Panday

Shahrukh with Paralympian Deepa Malik

And finally, Jackie. Being EVERYTHING to EVERYONE and bringing a plant

Okay, now y’all talk. You can post images in the comments by going down a line, posting the link to the image, then down a line again.


14 thoughts on “NMACC Parties: This is the Strangest Event

  1. Very strange! highlight the beautiful and elegant outfits of most of the guests. How beautiful they dress for the galas. Unfortunately, we had to put up with Priyanka.


  2. I enjoyed all of the outfits and seeing the clip of SRK dancing. Was it just me or was everyone told to wear gold bronzer the second day!!! Everyone was so heavily bronzed in their makeup! I did think Suhana Khan looked absolutely gorgeous though in that one bronze colored dress.

    Jackie showed up to Chulbul Pandey’s marriage renewal on the Fabulous Lives show with a plant. This must be his usual hostess gift? I suspect he is absolutely stoned out of his mind usually and I love it!

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    • Yes! I also remembered the plant gift. But that was at a house? With a host and hostess? This is a museum opening. OH! Do you think if we go to NMACC years from now in some corner somewhere will be a plant with a plaque “gifted by Jackie Shroff at opening”? Or did the Ambanis take it home with them?


  3. Has anyone noticed SRKs energy during his performance? In my second life I’m going to ask for that kind of energy.

    The outfits were just wow 🤩

    I was hoping for a miracle to put PC and SRKs in one frame. Not that I’m a fun of PC – Just to sent social media into overdrive but alas.

    Then PC hugs KJo. The beef suddenly vanished 🤷🏿‍♀️

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  4. Why the French ambassador and not other ambassadors? Is the French ambassador extra sexy or something?

    And was Jackie gifting a plant to a cultural center? And not a special plant (I mean except that it came from him), but a common easy to grow & hard to kill spider plant?

    As for the US stars – wasn’t that last Spiderman move exceptionally huge internationally? Would that be why those stars in particular were invited (or even paid) to attend? I do like that Tom Holland is actually shorter than SRK.


    • Maybe the french ambassador is extra Cultural?

      And yes, Jackie absolutely just gives spider plants to everyone. Probably has a whole gift room full of them.


      • I am assuming that Jackie has learned how to cultivate the spider plant babies (the rocket science of cutting them off and sticking them in dirt), and then just has to share whenever he gets a new one. He probably started with one spider plant 10 years ago and now has a room full. I also like to think that he might be a bit plant obsessed. I like him better if I think he is plant obsessed, seeing as I love watching things grow myself.


  5. Shah Rukh was in a photo with his family. I have a copy, but cannot figure out how to add it here. As one analyst noted, Shah Rukh avoids the media ever since their coverage of Aryan’s arrest. It seems he travels separately from his family. I enjoyed the photos and “stories” posted about the event on all the social media forums. Shah Rukh on stage was the highlight for me along with his conversation on CNBC (YouTube): https://youtu.be/sOmKZjlGoGk
    Great comments by all on this topic.


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