Sunday WatchAlong: Ek Villain 2!!! For ANGIE’S BIRTHDAY!!!!

Yes, it’s ANGIE’S BIRTHDAY again!!! So we get to watch a movie with a nice fluffy Arjun Kapoor in it, and even if she can’t attend, she can read all our comments later saying “he shouldn’t be that charismatic, but he IS!” Oh, and it’s on Netflix, so that’s nice and easy.

Ek Villain 2!

Angie approved, which means it is not super dark, and fairly romantic. She also said that Tara Sutaria is Not-Terrible. And that Arjun and John are sweet and sexy and bulky.

Now, timing has been difficult lately for Sundays. So I’m gonna throw a bunch of times out there.

8am Chicago Time

7am Chicago Time

9am Chicago Time

What’s your preference?


13 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: Ek Villain 2!!! For ANGIE’S BIRTHDAY!!!!

  1. YAY It’s me!
    Ek Villain 2 is not a perfect choice (because it’s a little dark) but being honest I don’t know what other Angie/easly available movie I can recommend.

    As I said, it’s dark coz it’s still Ek Villain and there are murders but there are also some tender scenes, virgin John, many ridiculous moments and a fake tiger. We can also drink everytime they say “villain” or “hero”.
    I’m not sure if I can join because it’s Easter, but maybe if you start at 9.00 a.m Chicago time (4 p.m here) I’ll be able to watch.


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  4. Happy birthday, friend Angie!!! I hope I’ll get the chance to say it on the day, but declaring myself available for watchalongs recently has had the effect of jinxing myself into a series of colds, so no promises : P


  5. Happy Birthday Angie! Sunday is Easter, I gotta create a scavenger hunt for easter baskets (not to mention put together 7 because I make them for my in-laws too) and make sure all the eggs are set to go and well, I probably won’t be able to attend, but I look forward to reading the comments! I have seen half of the movie, so maybe I will be inspired to see the other half!

    Incedentally, with Grandpa here, and his love for icecream, we may be searching for easter eggs with mochi balls in them while you watch evilness. This could be interesting.


  6. Happy happy birthday, Angie. I really want to watch this movie with you but I am not sure how the timing will work out. We are spending Easter with my sister and her in laws and will likely be doing an Easter egg hunt around that time. I’ll keep you posted though because I’d love to join you for even part of it.

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