Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me as I MAYBE Get a Sink Installed?

Happy Monday! Today, for the 3rd time, the same fixit lady has come out to try to install a sink for me. First time, not all the parts shipped together. Second time, delayed in shipping but I still had her remove the old one. This time, not really the right size but we are going to make it work because I am SICK of not having a sink!!! (Update as I am writing this, just learned the drain pipe literally rotted through so this job is more complicated)

Here is where you get to ask me anything you want from “Hey! Why no new reviews?” to “what’s your favorite photo from the NMACC event?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions!

Now, question for you! What did you do for Easter?

I was supposed to have a larger family Zoom call in the morning, and then dinner with my parents in the evening. But I was so totally exhausted that I blanked on the morning call and was a BAD RELATIVE. On the good side, my Dad made an enormous ham for dinner, I got a whole collection of “cute Easter photos” of various children (FilmiKudhi’s Mr. Toddles wore sunglasses and a jean jacket and looked and a tough guy), and I acquired many many chocolate bunnies which I will be slowly eating over the next few weeks. Only remaining question, I didn’t get Albie Dog a new outfit this Easter, is it too late to buy it and do photos? Or is it never too late?

Oh, and HAPPY EASTER!!!!


30 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me as I MAYBE Get a Sink Installed?

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  3. Question: What is the best Jahnvi Kapoor movie to see?

    I saw her and Sara on Koffee with Karan and I I need to see her in a movie. She was VERY sexy on the show, but of course Sara was wittier and funnier and in general just MORE. Those two need to do a lesbian romance, their chemestry was fantastic!

    For Easter I hid eggs in the playroom, then we had a scavenger hunt to find the basket – the scavenger hunt included climbing onto the roof and into trees. And then friends came over and we all had fruit and cheese and meat and mimosas and sodas in the back yard for four hours and had more easter egg hunts. I still owe Grandpa an easter egg hunt for mochi balls, that might happen tonight. Oh, and my children did not look cute. I thought about making them put on their suits, but I had enough other stuff to do so I didn’t. The night before I made dinner for 12 people for a friend’s birthday so my energy was not at maximum.

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    • I think the only Jahnvi movie I’ve seen is Roohi? So watch that one! It’s fun and funny!

      Your Easter sounds way more intense than my easter. I didn’t find a single egg.


    • I thought she was really good in Gunjan Saxena but the movie itself is your standard war hero biopic so I thought it was kinda boring. But I remember being impressed by her performance in it.

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  4. So I saw Sleepless in Seattle for the first time this past weekend because it was on netflix and I didn’t really like it much. I think what bothered me was that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan don’t really interact with each other until the ending. Like they see each other throughout the movie but they never have a single conversation and it just didn’t work for me. What do you think made the movie such a big deal? Other than Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks being charming of course..


    • I was just old enough to remember when it came out. I think what made it such a big deal is that it was so realistic. That is, the way people talked and acted and lived and all of that was the way middle-class/upper-middle-class thirty-somethings actually behaved at that one moment in time. Kind of a Dil Chahta Hai moment. Plus, that was the baby boomer generation, so massive audience base of people who weren’t really connected to romances about college grads and dumb young people.


      • Ah gotcha, that makes sense! Tbh I never really thought of Dil Chahta Hai being that great either which is also probably because it didn’t feel revolutionary for me. I think I was just expecting something much more different than what it actually was.


      • I remember when it came out! I was a Junior in High School. I saw it in the theater. Everyone loved Meg Ryan, she was America’s Sweetheart. And everyone loved Tom Hanks. People still love Tom Hanks. And there was a houseboat, and it wasn’t set in LA or NYC. And Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks were friends in real life so that their on screen kissing didn’t bother his wife, as much. And it was just different enough to make us feel like we were smarter for watching it. Sure it was a romance, but he had a kid, and he lived on a houseboat, so it was MORE than a romance. It was like maybe because of who the actors were, and the fact that it was on a houseboat, maybe that made it special.

        But I have no real interest in seeing it again, so it wasn’t that special.


  5. Unni Mukundan Films are searching ideas for new movies Margaret. Please send them one of your great stories


  6. It’s never too late for Easter photos of Albie Dog! I want to see Albie Dog wearing floppy ears and looking for eggs!

    And congrats on the sink! You should post a photo of it also.

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    • This may not be my final sink, STILL. It’s really poorly made, I may need to get another one. And I think it is too late for Easter Albie, but there are other holidays coming up.


  7. Good luck with the ever-unfolding sink situation!
    I went away for Easter, only to another UK city, and actually not really for Easter but just because I was desperate for a break and that week was the best. I had fun, but now I have the post holiday blues. And it will NEVER be too late for those Albie Dog photos!


  8. Thinking of your final sink, in my dream you would have a lavendar sink. I don’t know why – well I know I love colored porcelain and for an unknown reason I think lavendar would suit you. I found a pricy one on Wayfair, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind spending over $1K on a sink! I would, which is why I don’t buy anything and when I do get stuff I get it from a thrift store; even if I won the lottery guilt would still force me to buy my stuff from thrift stores. But I like to dream about what OTHER PEOPLE could buy.

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  9. Ooh, I like the idea of Albie Dog in Easter Bunny ears. Although, he kind of already has those, I guess.

    Since there was no Wednesday thinking post, I am going to add my random thought of the week here. Randal Kleiser has been in the news recently because of Brooke Shield’s documentary. And it made me think, I really don’t like Grease. I never did. Not when I saw it as a kid. Not when I saw it as a teenager. And I still don’t. The thought that Sandy had to change for Danny and go from good to bad just didn’t fit well with me. I know he changes too, but to me, he was kind of a jerk and needed to change. This made me think what are famous movies that everyone likes that you or other DCIB commenters don’t?


    • Oooo, good question! I hate Devdas. I know I’ve kept it from y’all, but I really REALLY do.

      Also, I acknowledge the brilliance of The Seven Samurai but I find it really boring.


  10. Is it a secret? I knew about your dislike for Devdas (I’m not a fan either)! For me it’s got to be Kal Ho Na Ho. I cannot stand Shahrukh in it, and as the entire film is only interested in venerating him, it doesn’t work for me.


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