Sunday WatchAlong: Anyone Up For It? For Eid, Has to Be Pakistani Rom-Com!

Happy Eid! Which means, time for a dip into the Pakistani waters! They are just like Hindi films, but lower budget, hotter dudes, and better music. Oh, and way way fewer of them.

Teefa in Trouble

It’s on Netflix, I love it, it’s totally silly and has great songs written by Ali Zafar himself

Dino Ki Dulhania

On Prime, shorter than Teefa, I haven’t seen it, but classic rom-com plot (man hires actress to pretend to be his fiance and fool his Grandma).

Actor in Law

An actor pretends to be a lawyer, and Om Puri is in it!


On vacation in Mauritius, a bubbly young woman gets caught up in trouble and has to rely on a fast talking cab driver to save her (and they fall in love).


Young Fawad Khan is in it


18 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: Anyone Up For It? For Eid, Has to Be Pakistani Rom-Com!

  1. Gahhh my sister in law is in town with her family and it might be a bit crazy on Sunday. But I want to participate in this watchalong so badly! Obviously, feel free to ignore my votes since I am a maybe but obviously 1. Armaan. Fawad is gorgeous and goes great things with his eyes. Amina Sheikh is fantastic! And it is a bit of a Cinderella story. 2. Dino Ki Dulhaniya or Actor in Law but only because I have not seen either movie. 3. Bachaana because I bet most other people haven’t seen it and it is really cute. 4. Teefa. I like it. It is silly and fun. But for some reason, I don’t love it as much as the other movies.


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  4. I don’t think I can make it but just wanted to share some low-stakes gossip I just learnt about some of the actors featured here. The lead actors of Bachaana, Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza, got married recently. Mohib used to be married to Amina Sheikh, the actress in Armaan. Also, Sanam and Amina played sisters in Cake, which I know a few of us here like a lot. I just learnt about the marriage and had fun figuring out the connections! I’ve only seen Armaan and Bachaana so those are my votes.

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  5. While we are talking about pakistani movies: Have somebody here watched Mahira Khan’s Superstar? I was so excited years ago when I saw the trailer and I was looking for this film for months. Is it available somewhere?

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    • I just realized that I never answered your question. I watched it a long time ago on Facebook. I found it through Google search. I looked again today and it’s available in Dailymotion, but unfortunately there are no subtitles. I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know if I find it with subtitles anywhere.


      • I’ve also been waiting for this one to appear somewhere. I remember it was at my local movie theater and I meant to go see it but it didn’t stay more than a week or two and I missed it. I really wish the Pakistani films had better streaming distribution! Even the ones that used to be accessible are gone (Cake, Ho Mann Jahaan).


  6. Oooh, exciting! I haven’t seen a single Pakistani film, I don’t think. I can make it if it’s Sunday. They all sound fun, but I’m going to vote Teefa in Trouble cause the lead looks cute or Bachaana, cause the plot sounds fun.


  7. I invited a friend to come watch a movie this weekend. The movie I was planning to watch – turns out DVD has no subtitles. He liked Pathaan and dislikes emotional dramas. I’m at a loss for which movie should we watch. Any recommendations?
    Right now I can only think of Dabangg


  8. I saw Baachana! It was fun. The actor was very good at giving “I love you” eyes. The heroine was less great at eye acting, which was surprising because her eyes covered half her head.


    • oooh Gossip – I was looking up the name of the hero and discovered that he divorced his wife and married the heroine in 2021! So this movie may have the roots of real life love! And real life heartbreak!


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