Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Thinking and Watching and Listening To While I Freeze?

Happy Wednesday! I am up at the Lake House supervising cleaners and it is FREEZING. I feel so bad for them. And for Albie who is huddled up against me tight.

I’ll start!

Reading: There was a really good link in the comments about RRR and how the stars of the film come from old Film Families and it was partly a coming together of film followers:

Thinking: I am so cold! We had a bit of a heat wave the past few weeks so I scheduled cleaners for the house. And now of course it’s the day they are supposed to come and it’s SO COLD. I’ve got a sweater and a space heater, and I offered them a space heater and they turned it down. At least the hot water is on, so I guess they will be warm with the nice hot water? Hoping they finish soon enough that I can sneak home on a midday break and be all warm in my nice brick house.

Watching: Watched Gaslight, as you know. Watched Ek Villain Returns on a WatchAlong. And, VERY IMPORTANT, Polite Society is coming out next week! Very excited about that.

Listening: I cannot stop listening to the Shakira Sessions 53 song. It’s sooooooooooooo catchy. I had it on repeat on the weekend and managed to clean my whole house.

Okay, question for you!!!! Which is your favorite Woman Blossoming After a Toxic Break Up/Relationship Indian celeb story?

I love Preity and Goodenough after her sucky horrible Ness Wadia relationship. And Kareena-Saif after Kareena-Shahid is pretty nice. But the winner for me, I am torn between Kat and Vicky Kaushal and Dips and Ranveer. Thoughts?


24 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Thinking and Watching and Listening To While I Freeze?

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  2. I watched telugu movie Butta Bomma. It’s a remake of malayalam film Kappela. People in internet complain it’s unnecessary and not as good as the original but I liked it a lot. I have never seen Kappela nor wanted to see it , because it looked like not my kind of film. Butta Bomma on the contrary attracted me with the posters , Arjun Das and the other handsome hero. The first half is romantic and the second gripping. Recommended.

    I also saw Marry Me. I’m not sure if I liked it. On one hand it was ridiculous, but on the other very familiar and cute. I like Jennifer Lopez a lot and think she is gorgeous, but I can’t stand her voice and it was hard because she sings all the time in this film (+ the songs are bad)

    And I tried for the umpteenth time watching 99 Songs. I was very motivated this time, but I managed to watch only 15 minutes. It’s so bad I just can’t.


  3. Are you aware of/ planning to watch Jubilee? I’m one episode in and I think I’m going to enjoy this. Fictionalized movie stars created using actual stories and scandals about real stars from the beginnings of the Hindi film industry is such a delicious concept. Looking forward to seeing how many references I can get. So far the actor who is modelled on Prithviraj Kapoor is spot-on.

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    • Ooooo! You know what I should do? I should try to get a friend to watch with me. An hour long episode on a watch party sounds kind of fun!


      • I am sooo looking forward to Jubilee and so happy it’s on Prime Japan! Old timey movie stars and Motwane! It’s made for me for sure.


    • Kainaat – THANK YOU for introducing me to Dil Bekarar! It is fun and frothy but with enough substance to have lots to talk about and keep it interesting. How did this never come across my recommendations before?! Also, Akshay Oberoi… oooof!!! I now know what you mean. Also, I need more people to watch this show because I have so much to talk about. Can we please please discuss Sateesh (Esh’s “friend” from high school)?

      Margaret – could we please have another post asking for recommendations on new-ish fun TV shows/ movies? I would have never come across this gem if not for Kainaat and it makes me wonder what other shows I am missing.


      • Yay! Always happy to find partners in appreciating dishy men😏 I think I need to rewatch because I seem to have forgotten specifics like the friend. He had a crush on her but she didn’t reciprocate right?

        I must have talked about this when I watched it but can’t be sure.

        Looking forward to the recommendations post. Can we bully Margaret into watching this?


      • Maybe I need to give this one another try! I’ve read all of the Anuja Chauhan books and this tv series is based on one of them (as was the Zoya Effect). I watched the first episode and couldn’t get into it, must try again… The career of Akshay Oberoi has always intrigued me…I loved him in one of his first movies where he and the girl were in a college production of Taming of the Shrew…very 10 Things I Hate About You…it was called Isi Life Mein. I think he was almost too pretty when he was younger, but he may be growing into his looks even more as he ages.


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  5. I feel like we don’t really know Kat & Vicky. I mean we may have an idea of them as individuals but their unit chemistry has been hidden. But we KNOW Ranveer & Deepika, and he loves her even if she does still have her ex lover’s initials tatooed on her neck.

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  6. Ranveer and Deepika for me, although it’s always satisfying to see someone leave Ranbir in the dust and go live her best life.

    Pam Aunty died! I had so much respect for her after watching The Romantics. Very savvy and talented and seemed extremely kind as well.

    Not watching anything because I’m exhausted from orienting my students for two solid weeks, and I’ve got to go orient them some more this weekend. But next weekend is Bang Bang in the theater!


  7. Pam Chopra passed away. Seeing film people go to pay their last respects. Feeling glad that she got to be a part of the romantics and have her contributions known. Confused how some outlets say she was 74, others that she was 85. Yrf Twitter says 74 so that must be it.

    Waiting for Jawan with bated breath. Waiting for news on my promotion at work, expected next week.

    Watching New Tricks on Hulu. Also rewatched parts of Pathaan. Watched some old episodes of the Kapil Sharma show. Oh and also watching highlights from Stuttgart Open tennis tournament.


  8. Kat and Vicky for sure. Maybe Vidya meeting Siddharth Roy Kapur after Shahid’s crap. Alas, I always hoped she’d end up with John Abraham and there were a couple of rumors there during Salaam-E-Ishq, but I think she seems like a very happily married woman now. But honestly, my favorite may be when Alia meets her second husband;)

    Read and watched Heat and Dust, the book by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala and the Merchant-Ivory movie version with Shashi Kapoor. Meh on both…the British Raj stuff from the colonial perspective is always hard to like for me, especially when it so obviously romanticizes things or is still blatantly racist (though there are moments of subtle satire in both the book and film). Kapoor’s collabs with Merchant-Ivory are intriguing to me, but I’ve only ever brought myself to watch this one (partly because I had just read the book). Interesting to see Ratna Pathak in it (she was really good in a small role and looked so young) and, of course, Jennifer Kendall was also in this one but in a small role.

    A Room With a View is probably the only Merchant-Ivory film I’ll ever be able to enjoy fully…of course, because there’s a charming and sexy romance!

    Been contemplating watching Jubilee in a binge…just can’t settle on what to watch lately and instead I’ve watched two full seasons of the British trivia show, University Challenge lately.

    Went to a great Nickel Creek concert here in Philly the other night. I forgot how much I liked them when they came out over twenty years ago. Chris Thile really is a genius on the mandolin.

    For those romance readers amongst us…just found out that Harlequin Desire is publishing a f/f romance with a Bollywood actress character later this year. It’s called Tempted by the Bollywood Star by Sophia Singh Sasson. I’ve read some of her other m/f books and it should be good! Tara Pammi has a trilogy for Harlequin Presents based in Bollywood that I can also recommend if you want some silly fun. Mona Shroff’s Once Upon a Wedding series beginning with The Five-Day Reunion for Harlequin Special Edition is pretty good so far. Great covers on these ones…honestly these books are what get me through when I can’t find any new and exciting Indian rom-coms to watch!


  9. Today, absolutely by accident I discovered that Dear Dia, the movie I was waiting for and searching for months is on youtube since November (and with subs !) I’m so happy, because I was obsessed with finding this film, but on the other hand I’m angry that I discovered it only now. And I was really looking for this film on all streaming sites except YT, and writing to all those people who monitor every streaming release and stuff. Nobody knew. Looks like the producers just dumped it there without saying a word. The funny thing is that only the other day I finished watching Dear Megha, telugu verson of Dia, I was also desperate to find. Looks like it’s a good time to look for other obscure movies from my watchlist like Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna or Kamala.


      • I finished Dear Dia, and I must share my thoughts. OMG, I just can’t with this film. I absolutely love Dia. It’s one of my Top 3 Indian movies and the third one I love so much I track and watch every remake (after 96 and #RX100). Man, this film and Tadap are the worst remakes ever. Both are hindi, so it makes me think Bollywood really doesn’t understand films and how to recreate the magic. They buy those successful scripts, remove all the parts that made the movie famous and substitute with some generic stuff and bad acting.
        #RX100 ‘s assets were: sexy scenes, colours, strong heroine and good music.
        Tadap has: blue/cold colours, so-so music, almost no sexy scenes and TARA SUTARIA

        Dia has: Very good actors,that make everything look natural and real , freshness, no songs
        Dear Dia: an unexperienced model with no talent playing the protagonist, songs and a lot of cringe.
        It’s a story about a timid girl and her feelings, how could they cast a girl who has only one facial expression? It was obvious it won’t work! I’m angry because both Dia and the remake have the same director, who also wrote the movie. How could he destroy his own film like that? And he also brought my favourite Pruthvi Ambaar with him, who was in the original movie. Poor Pruthvi, was doing his best (and he was awesome) but he was the only peron in this movie who can act. (BTW he is my new crush. I officially disassociate myself from Unni Mukundan)

        And now when I finally was in peace because I watched all 3 Dias, I discovered that next week the marathi version comes out. And it has the same director and Pruthvi in the same role. I’m not sure if I like it. He is too good to play the same role again and again. I want him in something new. But at least this new version looks better than Dear Dia.


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