Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Day After Mother’s Day???

Happy Monday! I was up way way too late last night partying with my Mom and now I am trying to pull myself together for Monday morning at work.

Here is where you ask me anything you want from “what is the best Mother movie in Indian film?” to “who is your favorite Mother character?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions!

Now, question for you! What did you do for Mother’s day (if anything)?

I went over to my parents’ for dinner where my mom had made her favorite meal for herself (pork roast and whipped sweet potatoes). I gave her presents and my sister called and I ended up staying until past 11pm. It was a Wild Time.

Bonus story, my sister’s Mother’s day started with this quote “Mommy you were right! You said it would break and it did! You were right!” The context is that he was taking a large heavy ceramic ornament and throwing it on the floor to which my sister gave Logical Consequences like you are supposed to do and said “If you do that, it will break”. Which of course he took as a challenge and by golly it DID break! Anyway, it’s always nice when your child tells you you are right about something.


15 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Day After Mother’s Day???

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  3. My sister-in-law and family decided we will go to Chinese/Japanese restaurant for Mothers Day. I wasn’t thrilled because it’s not my kind of food and I was wondering what my mother in law will eat there. But it turned out she ate sushi and other stuff and was happy. I , on the contrary hardly ate something, also because the service was terrible and many things we ordered didn’t come. Nevertheless it was an interesting expereince.
    And as a gift received a VIP ticket from my son. At first I didn’t know how I can use it, but later when I told him the usuall: “clean the mess you made in the living room”, instead of ignoring me, ha answered with a smile: “you have a VIP ticket so I will do it immediately” . Magic! I wish everyday was the Mothers Day.


  4. I love your sister’s ornament story!

    We gardened and went on a picnic walk with two other families. We were supposed to go on a steep one mile scramble to a place called Little Egypt, but the creek was too high and dangerous to cross, so instead we walked 3 miles along one of the LADWP water pipe lines to the most amazing view. There we made a fire and grilled hotdogs and sausages and drank mimosas (the kids got gaterade). It was awesome.

    Question: I got in trouble with students today because I asked them about race. We were reading the Young Adult version of Braiding Sweetgrass and the author refered to the four races. I had never heard of four races, and asked the kids what they were? And then when the kids looked it up and said there weren’t four but six and then I challenged what the concept of race actually was everyone got pissed of at me.

    So knowing that I have a very Westernized view of race / (I’ll be honest I don’t understand the concept, it doesn’t really make sense to me) and India has numerous ancient cultures that time-wise could grind my blended experimental and of less than 6 generations culture to dust, is there an Indian concept of race? If so what is it? And how many are there?


    • Oooooo, what an interesting question! I find the whole idea of “race” interesting because we in America have this very specific clear history and definition, but it’s totally different in other places! Like, different to the point that I don’t feel comfortable saying “Race” instead of “artificial ways of dividing humanity by birth community”. I’ve been listening to a lot of Agatha Christie shows lately and the way they deal with class is so similar to American “race”.

      I think I have some posts vaguely related to this? India has the caste system, and then they also have north/south divide of cultural traditions and language and everything. And they have the issue of the “Adivasi” people who are aboriginal to the subcontinent. And they have their very very tiny immigrant communities, African diaspora workers, multiple waves of Jewish immigration, and the Europeans. A phrase in India is “communalism” which I think works better than “race”. There’s loads of prejudice, but it’s against a whole variety of Communities based on everything from language to caste to religion and they all have essentialist prejudices.


    • Oh boy!!! You have Hulu, right? Let me see what they’ve got. SUCH a fun question for me.

      Whitechapel is fun, and kind of similar, upperclass inspector assigned to lowerclass precinct

      Line of Duty is REALLY good, but a lot more thinky than New Tricks

      If I’m not restricting myself to Hulu, then I recommend Agatha Raisin, Queens of Mystery, Madame Blanc, Death in Paradise, After Paradise, Midsommer Murders, MacDonald and Dodds, Shakespeare and Hathaway


  5. 2 important teasers/trailers came out this week:

    Sara-Vicky’s Zara Hatke Zara Bachke

    Karthik-Kiara’s SatyaPrem Ki Katha

    I’m not a fan of Karthik and I dislike Kiara, but I must admit, the teaser looks good and 100% my cup of tea. I hope it’ll be good.


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