What is happening that is not related to Dilwale?

Nothing!  Nothing is happening!  Well, that’s not true, obviously there are misguided souls who are going about their lives not aware, or at least not exclusively aware, that this is a Shahrukh movie opening weekend.  I pity them.

Anyway, here’s something interesting.  So, Akshay Kumar agreed to play the villain role in Endhiran (Robot) 2 opposite Rajnikanth.  The first Robot was that Rajnikanth movie that Aish used as her last role before baby, and which was referenced in Ra.One (clip after the jump).

(got hoots and whistles the first time I saw it in theaters, and nothing the other 3 times.  I think maybe my city happens to have a low number of southern immigrants?)

Anyway, that’s interesting, right?  Both that they were looking for a big name northerner to be in it, and that Akshay agreed to take the role.  Supposedly they were initially looking for Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I think that is a load of hooey and they just started that rumor to make it look like Akshay was a second choice and not that they had to convince him to go South.

I guess it makes sense, the first Robot did really really well, and it got a lot of publicity off casting Aish as the romantic lead.  The pivotal triangle of power in Indian films is of course hero-villain-heroine, and if they didn’t want to repeat themselves with another northern heroine, then that left a northern villain.

The Khans are all so big, it would be a insult to even ask them.  But then right below, you have Akshay and Hrithik and maybe Ajay Devgn, and a revolving assortment of others depending on how their last release went (Shahid, Ranbir, Ranveer, John Abraham, Abhishek, etc.).  So Akshay is a pretty good get.  And apparently he is making them pay through the nose, and getting a ton of publicity, so he’s not doing too badly in this deal either.  Plus, it’s Akshay, he just loves to work.  The only star of his caliber that is still cranking out 3 to 4 films a year.

There’s a meeting of the “children of two super respected and talented actors’ actors” coming up when Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak’s son acts opposite Kamal Haasan and Sarika’s daughter.  Just announced that they will be working together in an upcoming rom-com.  Not attached to one of the only reliable production houses, Yash Raj or Dharma or Excel or UTV, which means there is a good chance it won’t even get off the ground, let alone get a good release and promotion.  But still interesting to think about them bonding on set over how hard it is to be over-shadowed by a parent’s talent, and interesting casting decision on the part of  the filmmakers.  I guess they are trying to sweep the intellectuals-with-sentimental-attachment-to-80s-stars-of-indie-films market?

maxresdefault (11).jpg

Well, at least I am happy for Vivaan.  He was humble when I saw him live, and loveable in Happy New Year, and actually kind of good in a bit role in Bombay Velvet (not that it did him any good, since no one saw it).  So good for Vivaan, getting a few news articles written about him, suggesting he might be ready to be a legit romantic lead!  And I am also happy for his parents on his behalf, because I love them, because I somehow always picture their relationship in real life just like it was in Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na.  And I am happy because I like Shahid Kapoor who is his step-cousin.  Right?  Vivaan’s Mom is Ratna Pathak and her sister is Supriya Pathak who is Pankuj Kapoor’s second wife and Shahid’s stepmother.  So that makes Vivaan his stepcousin?  Indian film family trees are so complicated!


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