Dilwale Review 2: Spoilers Ahoy! Beware!!!

This whole thing assumes you have already seen the film!  Do not read if you want to remain unspoiled!  WARNING!!!  WARNING!!! WARNING!!

So, the first time I watched it, in the theater, the first half young love story for SRKajol felt really sort of overly dramatic and emotional, but shallow at the same time.  And the second half love story felt not dramatic and emotional enough, they’d been through so much, and now they were just sort of annoyed with each other.  And I thought “what an uneven movie!  This is a huge flaw!”

But then I watched it again, in my head while trying to go to sleep last night, and I think I see what they were going for.  Partly, this is because I am starting with the basic assumption that they actually were going for something, it wasn’t just that the movie was slapped together in 6 months and they didn’t really think it through.  I mean, it is a Shahrukh and Kajol film, they had to know the relationship between their characters would be scrutinized with a fine-tooth comb, if there was anything they were careful with, it would be that.

So, I think what they were going for is, the young love story is all a memories, and this is how they remember their youth.  In a series of moments of high drama and emotion, without taking a moment to think or talk or figure out that there might be predictable problems when you fall in love with your nemesis’ child.

More than that, this is how you remember yourself when you were young, as perfect and powerful and almost superhuman.  And the person you loved was the most beautiful, clever, talented, and powerful person in the world.


But when you are old (well, older.  I’m still young enough that in the second half they are oooooooooooold to me, but I realize that for some people they are in the prime of life), it all seems a little slower and calmer and deeper.  You don’t fall in love at first sight and passionately embracing in the rain, you meet in the rain and are polite and look at each other and think about each other, and then maybe a few weeks later you have a nice conversation at a wedding.


So really what the film is saying is “yes, this first half love story is ridiculous and unbelievable and over the top, and the second half is much sweeter and truer, and deeper, but that’s because young love is stupid and unrealistic, and old love is deeper and realer.”

13 thoughts on “Dilwale Review 2: Spoilers Ahoy! Beware!!!

    • Almost two years later…only one comment!!!
      I like your answer, The Watcher (Decaf?) 🙂 indeed, young love is “deep emotions”, candid emotions…and the way that young love ended determined every emotion related to that love…(like it would in real life).
      Honestly, concerning Kaali and Meera, I found the second half as dramatic as the first, only that the drama was internally (and internally inconsistent), but it was surely more light-hearted because of the new young love latter making a certain return to the first young love possible. While watching the movie I never thought in terms of mature or ‘older’ or “slower” or “calmer”…in the contrary! All the unspoken gave an energetic undercurrent I found very exciting.
      But I could have done without some comedy-elements in the second half which shot me out of the movie.


      • This was only a month after I started the blog, so not that many readers/commentators. I’m glad you found it now and are appreciating it!


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