Dilwale Epilogue-5th time, All Has Become One

So, I just watched Dilwale for the 5th and final time (in theaters).  And I think I may have finally come around back to where I was the first time I saw it, when I was just experiencing, not analyzing.  Because, after 7 parts and 28 thousand words (or 28 hundred?  A lot, is what I’m saying), I have nothing left!

So, I think I’m done.  At least until I forget some of the thoughts I thought, or thought I thought, and I can see something new again.  Luckily, we will probably have to wait about 3 months for the DVD, which should be about right.

Oh! There was one thing I noticed for the first time, this time!  In ‘Gerua”, at 2:43 in this version, Shahrukh’s glasses match the color of his jacket.  But!  At 3:54, his glasses match the color of KAJOL’s top.

What does this mean?  Is there some sort of slow development where they become one of the course of the song and therefore Shahrukh sees coordinating with Kajol’s outfit as equal to coordinating with his own?

Or, does it mean that I need to take a break, read a book, talk with friends, eat food besides theater popcorn, and try to move past obsessing over this movie?

2 thoughts on “Dilwale Epilogue-5th time, All Has Become One

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