Happy 70th Birthday Vinod Khanna!

Vinod Khanna!  I am conflicted about him.  But it’s his 70th birthday, I will see if I can come up with a dozen reasons to love him.

1.1. I love you because you were an outsider, from a business family, who worked your way up from supporting to lead roles.

2. I love you because one of your first big breaks was in another film based on the Nanavati case, Achanak, which was favorably mentioned in all the Rustom coverage.

3. I love you because you left the industry at the height of your success in 1982 to go live in in an Ashram in Oregon for 5 years.  A decision so strange that it kind of delights me. (also delightful, the INCREDIBLY SCANDALOUS AND INSANE stories that came out of that Ashram.  Really, click this link, you won’t regret it. There’s a bioterror attack!)

4. I love you because you returned in 1987 to pick up right where you left off, including a great role in Chandni.

5. I love you because even though your first wife divorced you and you married again, that has not seemed to affect your relationship with your sons (the running off to Oregon for 5 years on the other hand, THAT affected them!).

6. I love you because you were sooooooper handsome in your early films.


7. I love you because you were in Qurbani, which is amazing.


8. I love you because you were in Amar Akbar Anthony, which is also amazing.


9. I love you because you were in Parampara which is amazing….ly BAD!!!  But that wasn’t your fault.


10.  I love you because you were in Chandni, which is amazingly good!


11.  Speaking of good, I love you because you have returned to film in father roles, and are doing a stellar job in them, from Dabangg to Dilwale.  Even in roles so small they don’t even include you in the trailers.


12.  And I love you because your Cinthol ad is EPIC!


BONUS 13th REASON: Both your sons are really cute!


9 thoughts on “Happy 70th Birthday Vinod Khanna!

  1. Number 6! That’s the only reason you need. 🙂

    Are you sure he went to the Rajneesh ashram in Oregon? Other news reports I’ve always read that he went to the ashram in Pune, which is actually their headquarters, and where the movement started.


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    • I still haven’t seen it! But taking a quick look at the wiki entry, it looks interesting, a little bit related to Awara, but different.

      More importantly, looking at the poster, Vinod’s looks were in that handsome sweet spot.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Then put it on your ‘to-see list’. You will have a lot to write about I am positive. It is a Manmohan Desai movie after all. This and Do aur Do Paanch are two movies I can watch any day, any time. ❤


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