Fitoor Trailer-Kashmir and Ethan Hawke

So, the first Fitoor trailer is out, and it is very very pretty.

And very very location based.  And very very “fiery young sensitive middle-class men!”  None of which are bad things, but they are very Abhishek Kapoor-y.  Which makes sense, since he is the director.  And it has that pretty pretty gloss that I’ve come to associate with the official Disney co-productions (as I mentioned in my post on the first look).  And, as I also mentioned, I expect it to be an “official” adaptation of Great Expectations based more on feel and look than on plot, just like Khoobsurat was a remake of Princess Diaries.

So I dug up a copy of the trailer for the most recent Hollywood version, and yep!  Definitely more Ethan Hawke than Charles Dickens.


But what I am more interested in is the possibility of a political message being buried within it.  there are three reasons I think this is just barely possible.

1. At about 1:35, Aditya cries out as she walks away from him “Khoon mangoge kheer denge, Kashmir mangoge toh cheer denge.”  Which is an old patriotic slogan against India giving any part of Kashmir territory to Pakistan.  Well, not that old, it still has a Facebook page.  So, what is up with that?

Well, it’s definitely a Kashmir movie, very pretty, very snow-y, very pale.  But then I think they meet again as adults somewhere else, somewhere more city-like?  And then she leaves him and he follows her to Kashmir.  I think.  So Kashmir is the place of true love, beauty, and so on and so on, and the slogan he chants is calling out to her as a fellow Kashmiri, and calling out the guy she is with that he will not get his “Kashmir”.  Which is all very nice and romantic and not political.  But there is at least a slight chance that something actually political will slip in!  Since we are spending so much time hanging out in a super disputed territory in the middle of our love story.

2. Abhishek Kapoor is directing, and he made Kai Po Che!  Remember, the Kai Po Che trailer barely looked political, just like the occasional splash of saffron and a gun, and it turned out to be so freaking political that it’s too depressing to watch.


3.  And then the one other small reason I am open to the possibility that there will be a political element is the release date.  Valentine’s Day is a political hot potato in India, not a day when you go to the theaters with your kids.  So you either release something super political (My Name is Khan), or super romantic and sexy (Roy, last year’s flop).  So it’s definitely sexy, Katrina is apparently using up her one last fling with explicit sex scenes before marriage ticket.  But maybe also, just possibly, political?


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