Fitoor Trailer-Kashmir and Ethan Hawke

So, the first Fitoor trailer is out, and it is very very pretty.

And very very location based.  And very very “fiery young sensitive middle-class men!”  None of which are bad things, but they are very Abhishek Kapoor-y.  Which makes sense, since he is the director.  And it has that pretty pretty gloss that I’ve come to associate with the official Disney co-productions (as I mentioned in my post on the first look).  And, as I also mentioned, I expect it to be an “official” adaptation of Great Expectations based more on feel and look than on plot, just like Khoobsurat was a remake of Princess Diaries.

So I dug up a copy of the trailer for the most recent Hollywood version, and yep!  Definitely more Ethan Hawke than Charles Dickens.


But what I am more interested in is the possibility of a political message being buried within it.  there are three reasons I think this is just barely possible.

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