Silly Sunday: Quickie Bonus FanFics! Snowed in with SRK

My first fanfic post was very long, had no SRK, and only had one story option.  All of these things have resulted in the past in a lack of interest from the readership.  So to make it up I am going to do something short, with a lot of options, and lots of SRK.

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Fitoor Full Summary! All Spoilers Here! Right up to the End! (It’s mostly Montages)

I already posted a quick spoiler-less review, and another spoiler-full review.  Now it’s time for a full summary!  Which will probably be my shortest one yet, because this thing was like one third musical montages.

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Fitoor Review: Spoilers! Politics Over Character Means We All Lose!

I saw Fitoor!  Opening night!  With 20 other people!  It was not a good film.  It was also not a very good political statement.  And it kind of felt like the main goal was more the political statement than the film.  But it turned out to be a pretty simplistic political statement and a pretty bland film.

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Happy Martin Luther King Day (a day late): Warning! Downer post!

Happy Day After Martin Luther King Day!  I celebrated Javed’s day a day late, and now I am celebrating Martin’s day a day late too.

To celebrate, I’m going to post some of the protest and social justice songs that have made their way from south asia to the internet.  Brace yourself, they are all really good and really inspiring.  By the end, you will be in tears and also angry about the state of the world.   The proper holiday spirit!  At least, for this holiday.

(Or, you can skip this post and only read the fun stuff, I won’t judge.  I’m actually expecting almost no views, but I still felt like I should put it up.)

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Fitoor Trailer-Kashmir and Ethan Hawke

So, the first Fitoor trailer is out, and it is very very pretty.

And very very location based.  And very very “fiery young sensitive middle-class men!”  None of which are bad things, but they are very Abhishek Kapoor-y.  Which makes sense, since he is the director.  And it has that pretty pretty gloss that I’ve come to associate with the official Disney co-productions (as I mentioned in my post on the first look).  And, as I also mentioned, I expect it to be an “official” adaptation of Great Expectations based more on feel and look than on plot, just like Khoobsurat was a remake of Princess Diaries.

So I dug up a copy of the trailer for the most recent Hollywood version, and yep!  Definitely more Ethan Hawke than Charles Dickens.


But what I am more interested in is the possibility of a political message being buried within it.  there are three reasons I think this is just barely possible.

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