Shahrukh and Bahubaali: Their surprising connection

I love Bahubaali.  And I love SRK. And I thought these two loves would never intersect, but a close checking of cast lists reveals that they do!  But probably not in a way you would expect.

This woman:

And this woman:



Apparently, the actress, Ramya Krishnan, is so good and so big that she has moved between the southern and northern industries for years.  And back in 1996, she got to be in Chaahat opposite Shahrukh.

(totally worth watching the whole song.  She’s so calculating and he’s so innocent!)

Now, you could say, that the two roles are totally different.  In one, she plays a noble queen mother.  In the other, a skanky sister of a nightclub owner.

But actually, they are kind of the same!  In both, she plays a woman who controls men’s lives, either through love or power.  In Bahubaali, she is the beloved queen mother whose sons obey her unquestioningly, while the nobles of the kingdom obey her out of fear.

In Chaahat, she plays a wealthy society woman whose brother, Naseeruddin Shah, loves her so much that he will do anything to make her happy.  Meanwhile, innocent young performer from the country Shahrukh Khan obeys her out of fear of what she may do to him if he refuses her.

The big difference is, in Bahubaali, her relationship to the hero is maternal and controlling.  In Chaahat, it is controlling and sexual.  So, what I’m saying is, don’t watch them back to back, because one or the other of them will end up being super creepy.

(for more on Bahubaali, check out my best of 2015 post.  For more on adorable young SRK, check out my posts on Karan-Arjun and Baazigar.

8 thoughts on “Shahrukh and Bahubaali: Their surprising connection

  1. Ram ya Krishna also did an item song in one of Prabhas’s early movies…I think it was Adavi Ramudu…and then she played his mother in Bahubali lol.


    • Ha! The dangers of having a long and varied career! These things are going to happen. But probably should try not to watch those back to back either, it would put a whole new Oedipal spin on their relationship!


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